Dear friends!!!

We invite you to take part in Third Annual Warmachine/Hordes Championship ? Kiev Open 2012.

Dates of tournament ? 19th of May (Saturday) and 20th of May (Sunday) 2012.

( better ask all question there - we will not visit this brunch every day )

Tournament overview:

Day 1 is a qualification. All participant should play 4 games for 35 points (two with reinforcements, two ? without reinforcements).
Upon the results of Day 1, all participants are divided in two equal groups in dependence of their standings and the number of participants. The First group, where players with top results are assigned, shall continue battle as ?Top branch? and shall struggle for main prizes. The second group shall compete for additional smaller prizes as ?Lower branch?. All players shall begin Day 2 with all points they got in Day 1 in all tiebreakers.
Day 2 is the championship itself. All participants should play 3 games for 50 points without reinforcements. Top 3 of ?Top branch? shall receive main prizes, top 3 from ?Lower branch? shall receive additional prizes.
In case two or more of the participants will have equal number of points while determining which branch they go or their final standing we using steamroller tiebreakers.

scenarios for each round of the tournament (Steamroller 2012):

Day 1, qualifications
Game 1, 35 pt with reinforcements ? scenario №11 Bunkers
Game 2, 35 pt ? scenario №6 Destruction
Game 3, 35 pt with reinforcements ? scenario №9 Outflank
Game 4, 35 pt ? scenario №16 Comand and Control

Day 2, championship
Game 1, 50 pt ? scenario №13 Demolition
Game 2, 50 pt ? scenario №15 Restoration
Game 3, 50 pt with killbox ? scenario №3 Overrun

ATTENTION!!! Caster kill does not win the game if you have not fulfilled scenario winning conditions for all games except the scenario with killbox.

Requirements for participation:

For Day 1 ? two lists for 35 pts with reinforcements, for Day 2 ? two lists for 50 pts of the same faction. Participant is obliged to use each list at least once during the tournament. Participant can decide to have only one list for each of the tournament Days. Warlocks/warcasters can be different for each day and each list.
Time limitations:
For 35 points game ? 10 min per round + extra time 5 min once per game.
For 50 points game ? 12 min per round + extra time 6 min once per game.

How to register:

You can registrate through web-site ( by filling the registratin form ).
Registration has started 27 of February 2012 г. Deadline for registration is 5th of May 2012. Number of participants is not limited.

After 5th of May 2012 every application for participation will be considered by organization team in dependence of how many people are already registered.
Registration is performed on abovementioned site in two steps. First one ? you should indicate your Name, City, Country, Faction, Army name. Second step ? by the registration deadline every player should download all lists he wants to use on the tournament. Lists will be revealed on the website after 5th of May. A person who has performed both steps is a legal participant of the tournament.
ATTENTION!!! By registration every player confirms that he agrees to participate in tournament on conditions declared by organization team, understands them and he is ready to follow all decisions made by judges and organizers during the tournament.

Painting and conversion requirements:

All participants should have fully painted armies. ?Painted? means that each miniature should have at least three colours, be based and have clearly marked front arc. Organization team can exclude participants with badly painted armies from the tournament. Every conversion must be accepted and approved by organization team no later than a week before tournament. To get an approval e-mail a photo to organization team.

Additional contests:

1.Best army painting. Winner is determined by organization team. Prize - see below.
2.Best knowledge of background. Every participant can answer 20 questions regarding the world of Iron Kingdom, arranged as a test. Winner is determined by amount of points for right anwers. Prize - see below.

Fee ? 40$


«Top branch»
1 place (winner of the tournament) ? memorable prize, a cup, certificate* for 300$ .
2 place ? memorable prize, a cup, certificate* for 150$
3 place ? memorable prize, a cup, certificate* for 50$

«Lower branch»
1 place ? a cup, certificate* for 100$
2 place ? a cup, certificate* for 50$
3 place ? a cup.
Every participant get a souvenir for participation in tournament.
Best painting prize ? a cup, certificate* for 50$
Best background knowledge prize ? cup, book.

* certificate - coupon that allows winner to purchase any available Privateer Press goods from the local store ( "Avatar" ).

ATTENTION!!! All declared prizes are legal on condition of 20 or more real participants of the tournament. Otherwise prizes can be changed. If prizes will be changed organization team shall inform about it no later than in a week before start.

Organization team:

1.Igor Skrypov «eskyer» ? project manager, judge.
2.Andrey Nujniy - Judge.
3.Fedor Shevcov - Judge.
4.Oleg Belotelov «belotelov» - PressGanger, chief designer, judge.
5.Sergey Ponomarenko - Organizer
6.Vitalyi Borkovsky «The Beard» - Organizer