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    Default Video Game version please!?


    I'm sure some of you have seen the 1 minute trailer video for the Grind board game, it had animation that would look cool as an opening sequence for a video game.

    Now i know PP is making a video game on Warmachine, but i also think they should also make a game for Grind as well.

    Just like the blood bowl Video game, you can play one-off games or play leagues, and also you can play it either turn-based or real time.

    And i don't think it would hurt to add a bit of variation to the factions as well (menoth, cryx and mercenary jacks as well as cygnar and khador). And maybe this can even open up to having faction specific rules/weapons and upgrades.

    Of course all of this is down to PP, since they are more focused on Colossals for Warmachine and (quite soon) Hordes, but after the dust has settled on the new toys for warmachine/hordes and the IKRPG, certainly there would be time to have a look into grind again, just as they have for their Bodger game series.

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    I'm surprised PP hasn't jumped at the chance! Think about GW's "Blood Bowl" and its success, for example.

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    the thing is GW doesn't even support blood bowl anymore, they make the mini's but the rules have gone to the community, I don't know how much if anything GW makes from the video game

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    Rumor is that Bloodbowl is going to GW's December/holiday release this year.

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    a videogame version would be awesome, and since theres already some work done on a warmachine game, it wouldnt be too big of a stretch to see a grind game at some point.

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