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    Default Gamerz in Greenwood, Indiana Slow tourney event

    The group in south Indianapolis is hosting its second wave of its Slow Tourney.

    Our group is consisting of largely older players with families that just cannot always get out to a play on a weekend event. With that in mind we came up with the Slow Tournament. This event also helps newer players figure out how to play in Steamroller events.

    What it is: Each player creates two character restricted 50 point lists at the beginning of the event. From there we post the lists online for all player to see prior to the first day of playing. We then also post what scenario we will be using for that round.

    This helps in allowing th newer players time to look at the scenario and opposing lists to develop a plan. This is done each week prior to the day of playing. We play one game round per week.

    How can you join? Come to Gamerz with $10 on Tuesday April 24th at 6:00 to register. Playing will begin the following Tuesday night. All of the prize money goes right into the prizes. First and second place get a gift card and the best painted battlegroup gets a $10 card as well.

    We plan to keep this event rolling on a regular basis. SO, if you enjoy the idea of this and cannot make it this time keep checking in on us. We will run another soonish.

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    Next week is the first round of this event. If you are not a store regular and would like to participate please PM me so that I can guide you towards the match ups and scenario list.

    I will be posting these this weekend.

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    The lists are in. Here is the run down.

    14 players (pretty good response to this).

    Matt S.
    Rahn and Ossyan

    Grim and eMadrak

    pMorghoul and Zaal

    eDoomy and eMadrak

    Harbinger and eKreoss

    Harbinger and Vindictus

    pSkarre and Scaverous

    eKrueger and Kromac

    eVayl and Saeryn

    eMadrak and Calandra

    Absylonia T4 and eLylyth

    eHaley and eCaine

    eHaley and eCaine

    Late arrival but wanting to play I will update lists when I get them.

    If you want to see the specific lists feel free to go to I feel it will be a lot less of a cluttered thread this way here and if anyone really wants to look they are available.

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    Match ups for round one.

    Scenario. Incursion (Three Flags or "Half as good as Six Flags").

    Eric(legion) vs Sean "Buttercup" Beck(cryx)
    Rob(cygnar) vs Jason(Trollbloods)
    Jose(Menoth) vs Chris Watson(this is the not 100%, I'll find out before tuesday and isnt there was someone else who would round out the odd number)
    Matt S(Retribution) vs Dominic(Trollbloods)
    Paul D(Cygnar) vs Brad O(Trollbloods)
    Cory Dawson(Skorne) vs Brad T(Legion)
    Corey O(Circle) vs Rusty(Menoth)

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    Results for round one

    Buttercup wins pSkarre caster kill on eLylyth
    Jason wins pMadrak v eCaine death clocked
    Chris subbed out for Erik playing Khador pButcher scenario wins against eKreoss (Jose)
    Dom wins eMadrak scenario over Rahn
    Paul wins eCaine caster kill on eDoomy
    Cory wins pMorghoul v Saeryn death clocked
    Rusty wins Harbinger v eKrueger death clocked

    Sets up round two

    Scenario Bunkers (reinforcements)

    Dom (Trolls) v Rusty (Menoth)
    Buttercup (Cryx)v Paul (Cygnar)
    Cory D (Skorne) v Erik (Khador)
    Jason (Trolls) v Eric (Legion) Jason paired down
    Brad T (Legion) v Corey O (Circle)
    Rob (Cygnar) v Matt (Retribution)
    Brad O (Trolls) v Jose (Menoth)

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    Results for round 2

    Dom (Calandra) scenario wins against Rusty (Harbinger)
    Buttercup (Scaverous) scenario against Paul (eCaine)
    Cory D (Zaal) caster kill against Erik (Harkevich)
    Eric (eLylyth) deathclocks Jason (Grim)
    Brad T (Saeryn) deathclocks Corey O (Kromac)
    Rob (eCaine) scenario win against Matt (Ossyan)
    Jose (eKreoss) caster kill? against Brad O (eMadrak?) sorry missed this game for the most part.

    Sets up...Round 3

    Scenario is #18 Sacrifice. This is a radial scenario!

    Buttercup Cryx (2-0) vs Cory Dawson Skorne(2-0)
    Dominic Trolls(2-0) vs Jose Menoth(1-1)
    Paul D Cygnar(1-1) vs Brad T Legion(1-1)
    Erik Konrad Khador(1-1) vs Rob Cygnar(1-1)
    Rusty Menoth(1-1) vs Eric Legion(1-1)
    Jason Trolls(1-1) vs Corey O Circle(0-2)
    Brad O Trolls(0-2) vs Matt S Retribution(0-2)

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    Round Three results

    Cory D (Zaal) caster kill against Sean (pSkarre)
    Dominic caster kill against Jose (eKreoss)
    Paul (eHaley) death clocks Brad T (eVayl)
    Rob (caster?) defeats Erik (pButcher)
    Rusty (Vindictus) defeats Eric (eLylyth)
    Corey (caster?) caster kill Jason(caster?)
    I did not catch Brad and Matt's game.

    This lets me know that I need to get more into the games to report back to you all...

    Final round

    scenario Outflank, Outfight, Outlast

    Dominic(6 cp) vs Cory Dawson (3 cp)
    Rob(5 cp) vs Sean "The Artist Formerly Known As Big Dog" Beck (0 cp)
    Rusty (1 cp) vs Paul D (3 cp)
    Corey O (0 cp) vs Erik Konrad(3 cp)
    Jose(2 cp) vs Eric (0 cp)
    Brad T(4 cp) vs Matt S(2 cp)
    Brad O(1 cp) vs Jason (0 cp)

    It has been a nice paced event with quite a few of our players getting some "aha moments". If you have a newer player base I would recommend this format to encourage them to grow into SR rules. It is not as crazy as trying to figure it all out in a very short and fast before the game round type of format.

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