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    Default Journeyman league

    So I am doing a small journeyman league with 2 other friends who are starting with the 2 player hordes starter box. I was curious what would be a good equivalent to the contents of the legion and circle armies that come in the box out of Thornfall Alliance? Any ideas would be great thanks!

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    The official privateerpress rules for a Thornfall Journeyman are Lord Carver, War Hog, Gun Boar x2. If you're not doing an official journeyman league, you could certainly tweak it some if you'd like.

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    In addition to that what would be a good unit that would match the skin walkers and the wars pears that they get in the 2 player starter box?

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    It's a shame we don't have any gator posse but that's for the reptiles. Until we get some heavy piggy infantry you might have to make certain concessions. If they are already damaged (the skinwalkers/warspears) a unit of slaughterhousers would wreck them on the charge especially under Carvers feat turn. It's a tough situation you are in brother.
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