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    I'm about to start painting my Protectorate of Menoth army and I think I'd like to use a mostly black theme, with white, gold and (very little) red trim. Has anyone out there tried a similar scheme? And if you do, do you have pictures? I'd love to see how they turned out.

    This will be my first mostly black army, and I'm a little worried about highlighting the black. If you've done black before, do you have any suggestions? Right now, my plan is to start with a black base coat, then use zenithal airbrushing to highlight it with a charcoal/black mix. In theory, that should give me a nice blue-black base. Or I could start with black and highlight it with a grey/lack mix (for neutral highlights) or a cryx bane base/black mix (for a slightly warmer tint). Again, if you have experience with this, I would love to hear some suggestions.
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    Black is a little bit tricky to shade well. You're better off doing a dark grey theme, VERY dark grey though.

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    There has been a few black schemed menoth and they look quite nice

    For painting black I recommend handcannononline. They have at least 2 articles on how to paint black cloth and black armor with many pictures ! .. and just generally good site for all things painting.

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    I have a small Menoth army I painted in black with white/burgundy snd silver for a journeyman league. I don't have pics, but I can try and take some later.

    I started with Thamar black and then for highlights I mixed in some exile blue, then Cygnar blue and finally Cygnar Blue highlight for the edges. After that wash with Black and it comes out pretty decent. I like highlighting with blue rather than grey simply because it add a little more pop than grey.

    If I had to do it again I would probably start with Coal Black instead of Thamar Black to keep it all in the blue family. The black wash would keep it dark enough to look like black.
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    I did something really similar:

    I used this method for the black:
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    I liked the way this turned out so well that I started incorporating it slowly into the rest of my forces. Also, this pic makes it look a little more blue than it actually is.

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    If you have access to the "Forces of Khador" book, the recipe in there for painting black is probably the most simple I have seen and used. I recently painted up eFeora in a black scheme. I am thinking about doing it for the rest for the rest of the army. Black armor, red cloth, gold trim and blue glows and accents. Here is how it turned out;

    Here is another photo, gives you an idea a bit better of the shading;

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    Blue gas fire, I like it!

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