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    Default New year, new league - new circle! Battle engine army

    So we are going to have a league beginning at 15p and ending at 35p next year and i am looking to make an army with the battle engine as my centerpiece.. the rest being different stone beasts/troops with stone theme, maybe blood weavers but not trackers or wolfriders..

    Im looking into either baldurs or krugers.. will use same caster all league.

    which of these 4 casters work best with it?

    Some ideas would be helpfull, when would it be okay to throw a battle engine into the mix?
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    I would go p baaulder. As for the battle engine put it in at 35pts.

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    Agreed 35pts for the battle engine. eKrugar as the caster, he has so many nice tricks for board control and assassination.

    I recall our own escalation league out here I took Kromac, a Stalker and a Pureblood for my 15pt list. My buddy had this pVlad list where he was just adding bezerkers to the list as points increased (so nice when there's money to burn on ridiculous list concepts). He charged his warcaster in, blood of kings on and talking trash about watching kromac die. I slapped the animus from the PB on the stalker walked up and kill Vlad in I think two attacks.

    His response was, "the pureblood's animus is wraithbane?"

    "It sure is, good game."

    Kromac was just a lot of fun from then on out. I'd recommend him as top 'lock for smaller games. But whoever you choose come back and let us know how it went.

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    EBaldur supports the Fulcrum better than any other lock we have. Some might argue pKaya for occultation, but it needs armor so bad...

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    I agree that both eKrueger and eBaldur are good choices. Krueger can stay at the front of his army and protect the Fulcrum by shortening the RNG of enemy attacks or feating to deny charges. eBaldur can buff its ARM and it can be played in front of him to block LoS while Rock Wall makes it more difficult to get to the Fulcrum.

    As for when to add it, I suppose you could argue that the Fulcrm is needed as soon as you have problems clearing enemy infantry.

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