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    Default pre-made board game or make your own board?

    I remember years ago that PP gave you the size and option to build your own Grind board. Me and a friend were thinking building our own. Even may theme it after our favorite college teams. So my question to you all here is, is it better to just by the board game or build our own? We got the models in multiple qualities and even have things to be field equipment for the game. What do you say?
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    The grind in the Box is completely different that what was released in the magazine years ago. So you might be confusing the two. The boardgame from PP direct is like $25USD + shipping (and if it is not currently it will go on sale again some time this year, just keep a look out for it on PP's site). I would probably just buy the game if I were you 10 awesome models, lots of arms and a premade board and rules, well worth the small investment.

    here is the link to the PP storefront with grind.
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