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    Default How to paint the Standard Legion of Everblight paint scheme

    Hey so I am really curious, how do you paint the studio scheme for legion of everblight I can not figure it out, or find anything in this forum or on the web. Can someone give a very detailed walk through on how to paint the legion? I do not care about how to paint cloth or metal, I know how to do that, I just have no clue on how to paint the beasts. I have a Carni, Typhon, Raek, 4 shredders, 15 Warspears, 5 Warmongers (converted from warspears), pLylyth, and a warmonger chief that are waiting to be painted. So basically my real question is:

    How to paint:

    Carapace/hornes and stuff of the beasts?

    Skin of the Beasts?

    I have done the pink stuff around lips before, but how do you all do that?

    Thanks all.

    I have legion of everblight paint set thing. btw, and a ton of other paints. I am fine hearing not just real simple methods, I a fully painted skaven, tyranid, sisters of battle tau and a ton of man-o-war(the old GW game) and some battle fleet gothic armies.
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    I've painted a LoE battlebox, full Raptor unit, and Thagrosh. Here's how I got decent results that compared to the studio set:

    1. Whether you prime in black or white, you'll want your skins to be white and your plates to be black. (It's easier to paint black over white, so I'd advise priming white. I prime in gray, then do white and black basecoats, which takes more time.)

    2. Skins get a wash of Coal Black + Mixing Medium + Water + a little Frostbite. You'll want this to be very thin. If the recesses aren't dark blue enough, hit em with another wash.
    3. Start layering! skins start with Frostbite mixed with a tiny bit of Coal Black, then just Frostbite, then Frostbite with a little Morrow White, then the final coat of ultra super highlights is just Morrow White. That last layer should be VERY minimal to maintain the blueness of the skin.

    Plates are layered Thamar Black in the darkest crevices to Rucksack Tan at the lightest points. I did two intermediate layers (2:1 Black:Tan, then 1:2 Black:Tan) and had good results. Check the PP Gallery for hints as to which pointy bits should get the full highlight and which should stay a darker brown.

    4. Once the blues of the skin are done, thin down some Carnal Pink + Murderous Magenta (or some other red tint) to a nice reddish purple wash. This goes in thin layers over the "flexible" parts of the skin. Again, see the Gallery for hints as to how sparingly to use this.

    5. Teeth. Layers like this: Bloodstone>>Menoth White Base>>Menoth White Highlight. You could also use some bonejack color, I'm sure, but I have the Menoth faction colors.

    Here's how mine turned out. The colors are sort of washed out by the camera's flash, but you get the idea.

    My painted models (The studio is for music.)

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    I had great results with this paint sheme!Thx squidstudio!

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    The P3 Core DVD goes into detail on a Shredder that would teach you everything you need to know.

    It is well filmed and a great intro to painting as well.

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    This should all be covered in the Legion faction book. Also, try the Brushthralls tutorial here: Legion Box in 10 Days
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    Im going to try this paint scheme on my archangel, looks good!

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