Purpose of the Retailer Outlet Forum:

The purpose of this forum is to help Retailers spread the word of Privateer Press related events and activities. Retailers are encouraged to use this forum to make hobby and game announcements in order to expand and improve their player community.
Terms of Service:

We reserve the right to alter or add additional terms of service. Privateer Press may choose remove any posting to this forum for any reason.

1.) Pricing may NOT be listed.

2.) Discounts, specials, or product give-aways may NOT be listed or announced.

3.) ONLY Privateer Press merchandise and Privateer Press liscensed merchandise may be advertised on our website, including any forum,your signature file, and any posted images.

4.) These forums,including any services provided by Privateer's website such as PMs and email, may NOT be used for communication regarding the receipt of purchase or sales.

5.) The general forums terms of service apply here as well.