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    Question Are there any active Online Grind Communities out there?

    This subforum is dead and the forum on BoardGameGeek for Grind is just as much of a GhostTown as this place. If there are any lurkers here can you let me know if there are any places that still discuss this game and it's strategy or make home-mods/rules for the game? Its sad that this game died, I just picked it up to play with my buds after enjoying bloodbowl and Warmachines individually. I figured this was a no brainer except I didnt realize there was no community or developer support.

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    Ah, well. Yeah. There isn't much community on the intertubes.
    The thing is, it is a good game, it's almost as good as monsterpocalypse.
    It's a standalone game, it doesn't really require any more developper support. There's the base game, and the free downloadable league rules and the multiplayer arena, where you have loads of upgrades for your steamjacks and damage, repairs etc.
    If you get your friends playing then that's all you'll ever need really.

    In my personal opinion, the rulebook isn't the clearest or most concise of all, but there are other versions you can find, for example on BGG.
    The only bad thing about Grind really, is that it would be great to see more teams, more steamjacks, more fun.
    It's the kind of thing I'd love to do, but we'd still be missing the models.

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