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    Default Kurisu313's Battle Reports

    Kurisu313’s Battle Reports


    3rd Edition games start from post 529

    Protectorate of Menoth

    Amon vs Gunnbjorn: Page 3, Posts 90-92
    Durst vs Irusk2: Page 8, Posts 301-304
    Durst vs Stryker2: Page 9, Posts 326-328
    Feora1 vs Borka1: Page 1, Posts 21-24
    Feora1 vs Borka2: Page 9, Posts 356-358
    Feora1 vs Zerkova2: Page 7, Posts 159-161
    Kreoss1 vs Grim2: Page 1, Posts 11-13
    Kreoss1 vs Gunnbjorn: Page 3, Posts 86-87
    Kreoss1 vs Garryth: Page 6, Posts 226-227
    Kreoss1 vs Lylyth1: Page 7, Posts 273-274
    Kreoss1 vs Thexus: Page 12, Posts 458-460
    Kreoss3 vs Butcher1: Page 5, Posts 161-163
    Reznik2 vs Borka2: Page 11, Posts 416-418
    Reznik2 vs Vyros2: Page 9, Posts 339-341
    Severius1 vs Butcher1: Page 5, Posts 166-169
    Severius1 vs Cyphon: Page 13, Posts 492-494
    Thyra vs Thyron: Page 10, Posts 380-382
    Vindictus vs Stryker2: Page 2, Posts 50-53

    Circle Orboros

    Baldur1 vs Borka1: Page 1, Post 3
    Baldur1 vs Irusk2: Page 7, Posts 264-266
    Kaya1 vs Borka1: Page 5, Posts 191-193
    Kaya1 vs Irusk2: Page 8, Posts 288-291
    Kaya1 vs Nemo3: Page 5, Post 189
    Kaya1 vs Vyros2: Page 9, Posts 351-353
    Kaya2 vs Borka1: Page 5, Posts 194-196
    Kaya2 vs Doomshaper3: Page 13, Posts 510-512
    Kaya2 vs Garryth: Page 9, Posts 335-339
    Kaya2 vs Irusk2: Page 13, Posts 501-503
    Kaya2 vs Rahn: Page 6, Posts 216-219
    Kreuger2 vs Nemo3: Page 10, Posts 398-400
    Kromac1 vs Borka2: Page 1, Posts 32-34
    Kromac1 vs Borka2: Page 3, Posts 94-98
    Kromac1 vs Borka2: Page 3, Posts 104-107
    Kromac2 vs Borka2: Page 10, Posts 368-370
    Kromac2 vs Thexus: Page 12, Posts 446-447
    Kromac2 vs Vlad2: Page 11, Posts 405-407

    Blindwater Congregation

    Barnabas vs Agatha: Page 11, Posts 529-531
    Barnabas vs Borka2: Page 2, Posts 55-57
    Barnabas vs Butcher1: Page 10, Posts 390-392
    Barnabas vs Doomshaper3: Page 14, Posts 524-526
    Barnabas vs Grim2: Page 4, Posts 121-123
    Barnabas vs Grim2: Page 9, Posts 330-332
    Barnabas vs Kaelyssa: Page 11, Posts 419-421
    Barnabas vs Vryos2: Page 1, Posts 38-40
    Calaban vs Borka2: Page 9, Posts 343-345
    Calaban vs Butcher1: Pages 6/7, Posts 239-241
    Calaban vs Kraye: Page 11, Posts 428-430
    Calaban vs Morvanha2: Page 4, Posts 153-155
    Calaban vs Vayl1: Page 8, Posts 296-298
    Rask vs Jarl: Page 5, Posts 177-179
    Rask vs Rahn: Page 8, Posts 317-320
    Rask vs Siege: Page 4, Posts 127-12
    Rask vs Thexus: Pages 12/13, Posts 480-482

    Thornfall Alliance

    Carver vs Agatha: Page 14, Posts 540-542
    Carver vs Caine2: Page 14, Posts 558-560
    Carver vs Thexus: Page 15, Posts 565-567
    Helga vs Sturgis2: Page 14, Posts 554-556


    Asphyxious1 vs Jarl: Page 2, Posts 61-63
    Asphyxious1 vs Vlad2: Page 5, Posts 170-172
    Deneghra1 vs Borka2: Page 2, Posts 72-73
    Deneghra1 vs Irusk2: Page 4, Posts 134-136
    Deneghra1 vs Sloane: Page 7, Posts 150-151
    Deneghra1 vs Sloane: Pages 9/10, Posts 360-362
    Venethrax vs Borka1: Page 8, Posts 305-307
    Venethrax vs Borka2: Page 2, Posts 68-69
    Venethrax vs Butcher1: Page 7, Posts 278-280
    Venethrax vs Cyphon: Page 12, Posts 476-478
    Venethrax vs Kaelyssa: Page 6, Posts 202-204

    Blighted Trollkin

    Madrak1 vs Vlad2: Page 4, Posts 141-142
    Madrak1 vs Vlad2: Page 4, Posts 150-152


    Morghoul1 vs Lylyth1: Page 6, Posts 208-209
    Xerxis2 vs Borka2: Page 7, Posts 270-271
    Xerxis2 vs Borka2: Page 12, Posts 463-465


    Kreoss3 and Borka2 vs Strakhov and Sloan: Page 2, Posts 43-45
    Kaya2 and Baldur 1 vs Borka2 and Grim2: Page 11, Posts 437-440
    Kromac2 and Krueger1 vs Vlad2 and Sorscha2: Page 13, Posts 517-520

    Tournament Reports
    Tides of War, Winter Tournament report: Page 2/3, Posts 77-82
    Tides of War, Spring Tournament report: Page 3, Posts 114-119
    Tides of War, Summer Tournament report: Page 6, Posts 232-236
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    1. Geomancy cannot cast spells with a range of "CTRL", it specifies this in the geomancy rules. Megalith is still the one casting the spell so things that prevent/trigger on spells being cast will effect him. The line of texts that says "It's controlling Warlock is considered to have cast the spell" if for the purposes of upkeep spells(previous versions will be removed as normal) and for spells that can only be cast once per turn. Unlike channelling or using an arcnode geomancy doesn't actually have your warcastor cast the spell. Megalith does and is the origin.
    2. Storm troll can be forced to charge(while inside Borkas Control) as normal but if his charge move takes him outside the CTRL he won't be able to force further. He can still resolve his combat action as normal other that(charge attack, other initials, etc).
    3. Units under half strength still contest zones. The only enemy models that don't contest are Warcasters/Warlocks, wild warbeasts, inert war jacks, fleeing models, and models out of formation. Enemy objectives can also contest. Units with less that 50% cannot control zones you were probably thinking.
    4. Less a rules issue but you don't need an action to cast spells to Baldur could have nuked that long rider, and then walked away and taken his combat action as normal saving him a free strike.

    Other than that nice Battle report, I would have liked embedded pictures but I understand there is a data limit on the forums.

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    Hi there all you beautiful people! So, I’m pretty new to Warmahordes. I’ve got sizeable Menoth and Circle forces now and have played about fifty games, but I’m definitely a newbie to this game, and still not playing very well, so I hope you leave constructive help for this report!

    Coming from Warseer and 40k, I’m no stranger to battle reports, but again, let me know if what I’m writing here is a fun read. I’m overall a narrative sort of player, but I have fallen in love with Warmahordes tight gameplay.

    This is my second time running Baldur, and I’m still getting used to him. I miss Kaya’s lovely MAT buff for all my warbeasts, but alas. My opponent, Ashley is my regular opponent, and we’ve had some cracking games. Hopefully this one will count! He runs Trollbloods exclusively.

    ”We’re lost,” Skaldi stated prosaically.

    “We are not lost,” Borka replied firmly, looking at his map with a furrowed brow. The constant mild intoxication he felt made all the lines sort of blur together a little. He could really go for a beer right about now. Nearby, the mighty Rok briefly got up off of the ground to break wind. This made Borka chuckle. Suppressing his annoyance, Skaldi tried to bring the subject back to their conversation.

    “If I recall, you stated last night that you wanted to ‘go and bash some of those poncy Menoth heads in’. But, if you notice, we’re heading deeper into the woods. The Protectorate don’t live in the woods.”

    “I was drunk,” Borka replied defensively. And reflexively. After all, those three words explained most of the bad decisions in his life. “What I meant to elaborate on is that we needed lumber for the journey, so that we may build fires and erect shelter as we go.”

    “So, you’re not lost then?”


    Skaldi sighed and shook his head, but decided to let the matter drop. “These lands belong to the Circle. I would be wary of trying to gather resources here.”

    “Nevertheless, we shall be swift. Now, someone get me a beer. I’m thirsty.”

    ”Interlopers.” A deep, resonating growl rose from the pack of Skinwalkers as they sensed the disturbance to their territory. The Alpha brought his lips back to reveal six inch long canines in an angry snarl. “Come. We hunt.”

    As the lupine beastmen began to prowl through the trees, they could sense magic stirring within the forest. Druids began to rouse inanimate structures that floated alongside them with their glassy lenses. A larger Warpwolf joined the hunt as they went.

    And at last, a very powerful construct waded through the trees – Megalith was roused for war. Pulling his hood down over his head, Baldur cracked his knuckles. “Aye, Borka Kegslayer. It’s been a while. The forest will run with troll blood.”

    Circle Orboros

    Baldur Stonesoul
    Feral Warpwolf

    5 Warpborn Skinwalkers with Alpha
    6 Tharn Bloodpack
    Shifting Stones with Overseer

    This is only my second time running Baldur. I’m still getting to grips with this warlock. The main plan is to use rapid growth and his feat to stall the enemy while I pick at them with my shooting attacks, backed up by a couple of heavy hitters. I don’t think the stones fit in this list, but they’re new and I’m gonna try and use them with Megalith.


    Borka Kegslayer & Pyg Keg Carrier
    Dire Troll Blitzer
    Slag Troll
    Storm Troll

    Krielstone Bearer, 3 Stone Scribes and Stone Scribe Elder
    3 Long Riders
    Trollkin Champions with Skaldi

    (Ashley) I’ve run Borka a lot, and know that he’s kinda Chris’ white whale! In typical Borka fashion, the style of this list is to run headlong into the enemy and start cracking skulls. It’s a plan that’s every bit as subtle as my warlock.


    We are playing at 50pts, since we feel that’s where you get the most bang for your buck. We rolled up one of the Steamroller missions (our normal way of playing) and got Into the Breach. This puts a 12” circular zone in the middle of the board, along with a flag that can only be captured by a Warlock. It also puts one objective each to wreck.

    We rolled for deployment and I ended up going first.


    I put Baldur in the middle, along with his three Warbeasts. I then put the Skinwalkers in a place to threaten the zone, and the Tharn alongside them to occupy the nearby forest. The Woldstalkers take the other flank.

    The trolls all bunch up near the zone, except for the Blitzer who is going to drive towards the enemy objective, and the Long Riders, who deploy on the far left to flank.

    Finally, the Shifting Stones advance deploy in front of Baldur and his Warbeasts.

    Turn 1
    As is fairly standard for the early turns, turn 1 is rather uneventful. The Circle hangs back and tries to be the patient hunter. Baldur drops a forest on himself in case he feels the need to teleport. He also places Stone Skin on the Skinwalkers as they advance towards the zone. Megalith walks into the circle of Shifting Stones.

    The Trolls advance at full speed. Borka gets a top up from Keggy and pops 5 fury into the Krielstone. He then casts Iron Flesh on the Champions. None of the long range trolls can quite bring the enemy objective into range yet. The Long Riders get close to the flag.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 0, Circle 0

    Circle Orboros Turn 2

    The Woldstalkers advance on the Long Riders but roll poorly despite their Concentrated Fire. They only take seven hit points from the leading buffalo, but the Woldwyrd takes off the last one, who fails his :tough: roll.

    The Woldwyrd is joined by the Warpwolf in his armoured form and Megalith as they form a cordon in front of the objective to stop enemy trolls shooting at it. Megalith got there by teleporting and activates his Geomancy, casting Baldur’s Rapid Growth, placing a forest in front of the Long Riders.

    RULES QUERY – Rapid Growth has a range of CTRL. Since Megalith has no CTRL, can he cast this spell? We played it as he could, since he was only the origin, not the caster.

    The Skinwalkers walk into the zone as little as they possible as they hold back from the Champions. The Tharn also stay back in the forest as sticking them out for a shot feels too risky. Baldur ends up behind the wall of Skinwalkers, upkeeping their Stone Skin.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 0, Circle 0

    Trollblood Turn 2

    Well, I made a mistake. The Slag Troll advances on Megalith, ready to tear through the construct, but thankfully he rolls incredibly poorly and only deals 6 damage, much less than the average of 14 his two attacks should have gotten. The Blitzer only rolls a single shot, and fails to penetrate the construct’s heavy armour.

    Obstructed by the forest in their way, the Long Riders push through it, staying within the confines so they have a defence boost for the next turn. Rok charges towards the Skinwalkers. Though clearly out of range, he sprays his frost breath over two of them, managing to grievously damage them both despite their high armour.

    The Storm Troll shoots another Skinwalker purely to electro-leap to the two damaged ones. The first three are unharmed, but the last one takes his last box and falls dead. The Champions then push past Rok and the Storm Troll to take firm footing in the zone. Borka then places Iron Flesh upon them and puts up a Wind Wall.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 0, Circle 0

    Circle Orboros Turn 3

    Baldur collects all the fury, allowing the forest to dissipate, but maintaining Stone Skin on the Skinwalkers.

    Because the Champions have an upkeep spell on them, the Woldwyrd targets one, and with a fully boosted shot obliterates it. Take that, you ridiculously tough unit! The Skinwalkers then push forward into the Champions – they couldn’t charge, but were well within walking distance. Each Skinwalker combined their two initial attacks, but only one Champion falls. Out of five attacks, two rolled a critical miss.

    The Tharn push around the combat to shower the Storm Troll with their arrows, but only deal minor damage to it. On the other side of the board, the Woldstalkers fail abysmally against the Blitzer, only dealing a single box of damage.

    The Warpwolf surges into the Slag Troll. I was dubious about the range, so shifted into speed over strength. This proved to be a mistake, as the Slag Troll was in range anyway, and the Feral Warpwolf deals only minor damage to it.

    Megalith then engages Rok, the ground trembling under their fury. He manages to deal about half of Rok’s damage, but it all comes from different branches. Thanks to the Weight of Stone debuff, Baldur casts Earth Spike into combat and smashes Rok’s head, damaging his Mind. He also scores a critical, knocking the behemoth on its rear end.

    The Shifting Stones move last, teleporting around Baldur.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 0, Circle 0

    Trollblood Turn 3

    Borka is unable to gather all of his fury, and the Slag Troll frenzies against the Warpwolf. All of my smugness evaporates as the damage dice come up. Six. Six. Six. Grievously damaged, the Warpwolf is then beset by the Blitzer, after Borka places Rok’s animus upon it. The Warbeast is torn in half.

    Borka also takes a swing at Megalith. Despite having no Fury left after upkeeping and casting Mosh Pit, he also rolls a high 11. Rok then takes up that slack and destroys what was left of Megalith in a berserker rage before using his last fury to regenerate some damage. Baldur reaves the fury from Megalith.

    The Champions mostly fail to hurt the ARM20 Skinwalkers, but Skaldi slays one and uses overtake to advance and smash the Alpha for six boxes as well. The Alpha swings back with retaliatory strike, but causes no damage.

    The Storm Troll charges a Tharn (mostly for lack of targets) and slays one, but goes to a max three fury doing so.

    RULES QUERY – Looking back, I think we misplayed this. The Storm Troll ended up being outside of Borka’s CTRL, so that means he couldn’t be forced, right? He could charge because he started inside the CTRL, but couldn’t boost his attacks?

    The Long Riders charge and kill two Woldstalkers.

    Ashley moves the Krielstone last, belatedly realising that he should have used the Elder’s strength boost. This mistake actually saved a Skinwalker who was on one health!

    Victory Points – Trollblood 0, Circle 0

    Circle Orboros Turn 4

    Losing both my heavy hitters hurt like hell. Time to grit my teeth and fight on. Baldur tops up his fury from the Woldwyrd. I actually miscounted, and it has a fury left on it, but at least a construct can’t frenzy.

    The Woldstalkers use Zephyr to move away from the Long Riders and zap them for no damage at all. The Shifting Stones then teleport Baldur over to the Long Riders. He cleaves one in half and makes the other one pass two tough rolls, but ultimately fails to kill it. He then pops his feat, mostly because Rok could charge him if he didn’t.

    Taking a chance, The Woldwyrd shoots at Skaldi, engaged with the Alpha. A fully boosted shot (4 dice to hit and damage thanks to Iron Flesh) take five boxes off of the Champion character. Unfortunately, the remaining Skinwalkers are unable to finish the job, though they do kill another Champion.

    The Tharn pile around the Storm Troll, battering it, but not killing it, nor knocking out any of its branches.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 0, Circle 0

    Trollblood Turn 4

    During the maintenance phase Borka leeches fury from Rok, but the Storm Troll is out of his CTRL. The electric beast passes his threshold check. However, thanks to the effects of Primal, the Blitzer goes berserk and charges the Slag Troll, damaging it badly.

    Unfazed by this, the Slag Troll spits onto the Woldwyrd, stripping away half of its boxes. Rok then rolls up to see if the Woldwyrd is tasty to snack on, but is disappointed by the construct being made of stone and merely smashes it to pieces. Baldur reaves the two fury it had.

    The last Long Rider stands up, but is unable to damage Baldur. The Storm Troll, maxed on fury, is unable to even hit the Tharn without boosting. Two more of the Skinwalkers finally give way to the damage they’ve been receiving. This brings them below half strength, and the Trolls suddenly dominate the zone.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 2, Circle 0

    Circle Orboros Turn 5

    Well, the writing’s on the wall, but I’m not going down with zero points! Baldur cuts himself four times to replenish his fury to full. He then goes to capture the flag, moving outside of the Long Rider’s reach, causing a free strike. That’s fine, I can take… twelve damage. That leaves him on two. He then turns around and casts Earth Spike on the Long Rider since it was contesting the flag. Actually, it wasn’t because it was below half strength, but he kills it none the less.

    The Woldstalkers continue to prove themselves useless, but at least surround my objective to protect it. Without the combat tactics of the Alpha and Stone Skin gone, the last two Skinwalkers fail to achieve anything against the Champions. The Stones teleport into the zone to contest it.

    The Tharn continue to batter the Storm Troll. When all is done, it has three boxes left – one in each branch. Sigh. Well, I’ve done everything I can to try and last another turn. Let’s see if the Trolls can end it.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 2, Circle 1

    Trollblood Turn 5

    Again, Borka cannot leech from the Storm Troll, but it refuses to frenzy and again misses the Tharn completely.

    The Champions finish the Skinwalkers, now easy prey without their buffing spell. Ovetake brings Skaldi within reach of the Shifting Stones, but his hammer rebounds from the tough little construct.

    The Blitzer shoots one Woldstalker, and the Slag Troll another. Rok charges through the gap this makes to obliterate my objective with two powerful smashes, kills the last Woldstalker and takes a well-earned snack on the Druid Overseer.

    As it turns out, Borka is just within charge range of Baldur. The game has definitely been won for the Trolls, but there’s no better way to end than Warlock on Warlock action! With an enraged roar, he storms across the board to engage Baldur and easily takes the last two hit points from the Circle Warlock.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 3, Circle 1


    Not only were they ahead on victory points, but they also get the caster kill.

    Victory to the Trollbloods!

    Ending Thoughts

    Well, as is typical for any game that involves Borka, that ended up being a massive brawl! Most of the game involved the Champions and Skinwalkers forming an orderly line and smashing each other’s heads in! I was having each Skinwalker do a combined melee attack with their two initials, but I think I should have gone four at a time to get through the tough trolls.

    There’s no doubt that I had some big misplays, but the writing was on the wall when my two Heavies failed to achieve anything and then died. I really wanted warp strength on the Feral Warpwolf, but I misjudged the distance. I think I also overestimated Megalith’s toughness. Nothing can stand next to Rok and live.

    My Woldstalkers did nothing! Absolutely failed to deal more than a piddling amount of damage. By contrast, my Woldwyrd did unusually well, killing a tuffalo, vaporising one Champion and taking a big bite out of Skaldi.

    Sorry I didn’t mention the Krielstone much. It stood at the back being a Krielstone. It was amusing how much Ashley forgot to use its strength boost! XD

    While the Tharn were beating the Storm Troll, it was an 11pt unit fighting a 5pt one. A massive misplay on my part.

    Overall, I enjoyed that thoroughly. It gave me a lot to learn from. I enjoy running Baldur and look forward to getting better with him.

    Borka surged across the field, swinging Trauma with wild abandon. The heavy-headed mace crashed down onto Tritus, but it drove Baldur to one knee. The mismatch was clear. Baldur was hurt and tired, while Borka was high on killing power.

    “Damn you, you feeble-minded oaf,” Baldur snarled through gritted teeth. Borka merely grinned at the compliment and head-butted Baldur, causing him to stumble back into a tree. The troll took a moment to tear the banner down before turning back to his opponent.

    But Baldur had vanished, forest walking away. Borka spat an angry curse, but turned back to the battle, which was clearly over. His little Pygservant affectionately known as Keggy ran up to him, carrying a keg bigger than himself.

    “Fancy a drink, boss?”

    “As a matter of fact, I do,” Borka declared, taking the tankard in one meaty fist. He raised it high. “To victory!”

    Hi there, magicafiend!

    Thank you for all of your information. I did read Geomancy, but I must have missed that somehow. Yeah, I knew we played the Storm Troll wrong, it's just we didn't check Borka's CTRL radius. Yeah, I read the half strength thing wrong.

    On point 4, that's a new one! I checked the rulebook and you're right. I think warhammer fantasy's magic missiles made me assume that wouldn't work.

    Thanks again. I'm glad you liked the report. I wanted to embed all of the pictures, but I'm sadly not allowed. Next time, I'll have to strategically take four important photos.
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    If you split the report up over several posts I believe you can embed more(up to the forum's data limit) photos but don't quote me on that.

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    Hey! This was awesome! I love the narrative feel Keep it up!
    Epic Morghouls Assassinations.
    Borka Keglslayer, War Witch Deneghra, Sturm and Drang, The Butcher of Khardov, The Butcher Unleashed, Ashlynn D'Elyse, Major Victoria Haley, Lord Tyrant Xerxis, Rhyas.

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    Great report; thanks very much.

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    Magicafiend: I thought about that, but triple posting with twelve pictures felt like I might be spamming the forum. Little newbie became scared of mod anger. I might try it with batrep 2.

    Scottishperson and Razcalking: Thanks! Hopefully there'll be another report next week unless Judas... ahem... Ashley changes the date. I hope to make it even better!

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    Nice report, like the write up!

    If you look at the other batreps, most of "us" do the "spam the post" thing for our batreps... I normally do 1 post per turn (if there are 2-4 pictures per turn) or at most 1 post per 2 turns (if there are only 1-2 pictures per player per turn). My batreps tend to weigh in around 10-14 posts, as a result of that, and nobody's complained yet. You either like that style of report (picture heavy), or you don't... in which case people can read the other batreps! ^_^

    Anyway, just some friendly advice. Post how you want, and people will read 'em regardless!
    This week's Combo Smite Battle Report Podcast is brought to you by us not only having a Facebook page, but now also a Youtube channel! And hey, why not follow me (@ComboSmiteMarc), Nick (@ComboSmiteNick) and Darrell (@ComboSmite) on the Twitter? All the social media in one helpful place!

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    I thought it was amazing! Keep it up!

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    Nice one! Your report must have taken forever to write, but it's much more polished and overall better than my own as a result! The pictures were great, the play-by-play was excellent. You got a few rules things wrong, but others have pointed them out, and really - LOTS of people get rules things wrong. Don't let that phase you, you'll get better and better at them

    Keep them coming, I also play Circle, and Baldur1 is one of my favorite casters! Something much less boring about him than Baldur2 for some reason!

    And, like others have said before me, feel free to post on a bunch of pages - doesn't bother me at all.

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    Battle 2: Grim2 vs Kreoss1

    So, here we are upon game two. I’ve tried to take your advice in mind, and split the report over several posts so that I can embed more photos. I’ve decided to return to Menoth today, as they are my first faction.

    It was dark. Night had long fallen as the trolls made their advance into enemy territory. Grim Angus cared not for such trifling matters. It was his job to do the hard tasks. His job to go to the difficult areas and make the kill. No one made the kill quite like he did.

    The Protectorate’s sanctuary was in their way. Madrak needed it gone, so he’d sent Grim to do the dirty work. Maybe Borka would have been sent if he could spend long enough sober to remember his orders.

    In order to accomplish his task, he had been granted the greatest of boons. A titanic Mountain King swaggered along behind him, snorting and making the very ground tremble. At the front, a Pyre Troll lit the way through the dark forest. Somewhere unseen to Grim, scouts pushed forward.

    “Contact, boss!” Krump called from ahead. Instantly, the Pyre Troll extinguished itself. Grim stared into the darkness, not seeing what his companion had seen. But then the dark horizon began to light up as flaming weaponry activated. Rows of exemplars brandished their powerful weapons. It seems that the Protectorate had come to meet him. How thoughtful.

    “Get ready!” Grim Angus shouted, letting Headhunter fall into his hands. “And a reward for anyone who brings me their leader’s head!”

    ”Stand firm!” Mikael Kreoss yelled over the din of war. Armour plates clashed against one another and flames bellowed in the wind. The Mountain King bellowed, and the Menoth line was momentarily silenced by the cataclysmic noise.

    “The trolls may have size on their side, but they do not have conviction in their hearts! Only Menoth can grant man the strength to seize victory!” Kreoss blazed with the holy light of his magic as he orated. Not that it was particularly necessary, for the men in his command were loyal exemplars all.

    “Hold the line!” Gravus added his voice to the clamour, riding his steed back and forth. By Contrast, Vilmon stood passive, allowing his mighty form alone to be an inspiring presence. He looked up at the sky. The pitch black was slowly giving way to a new dawn. Perhaps they would have light enough to see after all. Good. Sight was good for morale.

    Of course, not all things are so kind, as with the improving light, the Mountain King became more visible, a monster out of folklore, a match for any man-made colossal. In response, the Fire of Salvation raised its burning brazier, challenging the monster. Kreoss smiled. Faith and spirit would fell any beast, and he would prove that right here, right now.

    The Protectorate of Menoth

    High Exemplar Kreoss
    -Fire of Salvation

    4 Choir of Menoth
    Vassal of Menoth
    High Exemplar Gravus
    High Paladin Dartan Vilmon
    10 Exemplar Errants with Officer and Standard
    5 Exemplar Cinerators

    Well, simply put, Kreoss was my first ever warcaster, and I do love the old bastard, whether 1,2 or 3. While I might prefer Kreoss3’s play style, the original always draws me back, particularly for defender’s ward. I love the feel of the exemplars, with their religious crusade theme.

    This list is not particularly subtle. Three tough heavies and then a tonne of armoured infantry wielding blazing swords. Walk up for a turn or two, have Kreoss knock the enemy off of their feet and send in the knights!

    This list was Kreoss’ Tier 2, but that gives no useful benefits.


    The Hunters Grim
    (Attachment) Runebearer
    -Mountain King
    -Pyre Troll
    -Slag Troll

    5 Sluggers
    6 Scouts
    Krielstone Bearer, 3 Stone Scribes and Stone Scribe Elder

    (Ashley) Grim Angus is one of my favourite warlocks, mostly for his terrifying sniping potential. Too many warlocks have considered themselves safe, only to take a rifle round between the eyes. With the Impaler’s animus to add in to the mix, my light warbeasts present a nasty shooting threat.

    I basically rolled out the Mountain King to have a chance to use it, but he adds a significant combat punch to an otherwise shooting based army. And of course, the ubiquitous Krielstone is there to do what it does best.

    This is Grim’s third tier, allowing light warbeasts to advance deploy.

    RULES QUERY – We ended up having a big discussion about this one. Warcaster attachments like the Runebearer – do they form a unit with their parent Warcaster/Warlock, or do they operate as separate units? During this report, we played it as being part of a unit, but I feel that was wrong.


    As normal, a 50pts steamroller mission, and we roll… drumroll please… Scenario 7: Incoming! Okay, this wasn’t quite a random roll – I wanted to use my new rectangular zones, and we had a friendly agreement to play a mission with two zones so that his Gargantuan couldn’t just sit in one and win the game.

    We roll for who goes first and I end up winning.


    I’m never a fan of describing deployment and recommend you check the handy picture below. The Mountain King deploys first, taking a central position so that it can direct to either zone as needed.

    Kreoss, his jacks and their supporting units deploy in the right to aim for my zone. The Cinerators deploy on the other side with Gravus and Vilmon, who will advance behind the Errants, who advance deploy near to the enemy zone.

    Grim deploys on the left flank, supporting the Impaler and Pyre Troll. The Slag Troll deploys in the middle, ahead of the Mountain King. Behind the beast comes the Krielstone, using its bulk for shelter. The Sluggers deploy in the far right, and the Scouts prepare for an ambush.

    Turn 1

    As usual, I’ve combined turn 1 as it is usually uneventful.

    Kreoss places focus into the jacks to get them moving. He then places defender’s ward on the unit of crossbowmen, since they’ll receive the brunt of the Troll’s fire. The Choir use the Hymn of Passage on the warjacks to shut down the rest of their shooting. Vilmon, Gravus and the Cinerators move up to join the Errants.

    The Trolls advance. Grim places five fury into the Krielstone and then shoots one of the Errants. The Errant’s soul is reaped by Gravus, and after Krump lays a trap, the Brothers Grim make a 3” move backwards. All of his light warbeasts end up being just out of range. The Elder pops Combat Warding, shielding the Trolls from the flames of Menoth.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 0, Menoth 0

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    Menoth Turn 2

    Kreoss places one focus into the Fire and Templar to get them moving, and three into the Vanquisher. This ended up being silly, as the Vanquisher could, of course, only use two, hosing the Slag Troll with its Inferno cannon, dealing three damage. The flames were warded off by the Krielstone. The other two jacks advance slowly, deciding it was wise not to enter the Mountain King’s charge range.

    As the Choir move up and reapply their Hymn of Passage, Kreoss places defender’s ward on the Templar (in case I’ve misjudged and the King reaches it) and the Vassal enlivens the Vanquisher.
    On the left flank, the Errants occupy the enemy zone and loose a bunch of potshots, scoring only a single box on the Impaler and minor damage to the Pyre Troll. Gravus and Vilmon also move up, the latter entering his stone and mortar stance.

    The Cinerators make a protective wall on the far left, expecting the Scouts to turn up and wreak havoc.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 0, Menoth 0

    Trollblood Turn 2

    As Grim leeches back to full fury, the Scouts appear – on the right side, completely blindsiding me. This effectively gave up on his own zone, but put a lot of pressure on Kreoss. The Runebearer activates to lower the cost of Grim’s next spell. “Commandment the first: If thou get knocked down, thou shalt get up again, but only about a third of the time.” Grim casts mirage on himself, puts his remaining fury into the Krielstone and snipes an Errant. Krump lays his trap and they fall back again.

    The scouts charge. Though they are out of range, they hurl their axes, slaying the exposed Vassal of Menoth and a Choir member.

    The Impaler kills an Errant, slamming it through the officer behind him, also killing him. While Gravus leeches the soul of the first, another Errant steps in for the officer, pushing him out of the way. Another Errant is burned to death by the Pyre Troll hiding in the forest, but Gravus is now at max soul-age.

    The Slag Troll advances and sprays his toxic gunk over my objective, killing it after two shots. The Mountain King then steps into the zone to make sure it belongs to the Trolls. The Sluggers, realising that the choir won’t let them shoot, runs halfway across the board as the Krielstone again pops combat warding.

    We each hold each other’s zone, and my objective is gone, so the scores are on the doors.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 2, Menoth 1

    Menoth Turn 3

    Kreoss places three focus onto the Templar and one each into the other two Warjacks. I ummed and ahhed about the Scouts for a long time, but I decided to deal with them by ignoring them. Kreoss popped his feat, knocking them all over and making a sprint away from them while placing defender’s ward on himself. The Choir followed, switching to a Hymn of Battle (we imagined them singing the Skyrim theme song a capella.)

    So inspired, the Templar charged and beat the ever-loving tar out of the Slag Troll, beating it back as it did so. It didn’t quite die, but both its mind and body were broken. The Vanquisher moved up and shot the Krielstone, killing a scribe and knocking the bearer himself on his *** after pulling a tough roll. The Fire advanced behind, using the other two Jacks as a screen from the Mountain King.

    The Errants continue to pluck away at the Pyre Troll, opening a gap in their ranks as Gravus surges through and into the Impaler. He went through Krump’s trap, but the hastily constructed things bounce from his armour. Despite having three soul tokens, weapon master and the charge, Gravus completely whiffs, dealing precisely zero damage. Vilmon plants himself deep in the zone as the Cinerators flank around, getting ready to deal with things next turn.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 2, Menoth 2

    Trollblood Turn 3

    As Grim’s mirage kicks in, allowing him to make a minor consolidation, he cannot quite leech all of the fury, leaving one on the Slag Troll. Apparently, the Templar had beaten him senseless as the Slag Troll frenzies, dealing a single box of damage despite his own injuries.

    The Pyre Troll charges in to help out the Impaler, but between them they only deal nine out of Gravus’ ten boxes. However, Gravus was set alight by the Pyre Troll. (Psst, Ashley then remembers that he hadn’t used the Krielstone’s +1 damage ability to much cursing).

    The Krielstone activates their aura and stone strength. The Mountain King engages both the Templar and Vanquisher. Now, while the Mountain King did miss twice, he also struck the Templar with a triple six damage roll. Ignoring the Vanquisher, he continues to pile on the Templar, and wrecks it.

    Grim popped his feat. He then moved into the forest and dumped mage sight on Kreoss. Taking careful aim, he knocks seven boxes off of my warcaster. Krump also dumps down another trap. (The little bastard)

    “Commandment the second: Thou shalt not drink Borka’s beer unless thou wants thy head kicked in.” The Runebearer used Harmonious Exaltation to cast mortality on the Cinerators. The Sluggers then open up, but a combination of long range and poor rolling only sees a single warrior fall.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 2, Menoth 2
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    Menoth Turn 4

    After being shot once, Kreoss decides to maintain his defender’s ward, pops three focus into each ‘jack and runs into the Troll’s zone. Like a real man. During upkeep, Gravus’ horse dies as the fire burns his last hit point. No! Enraged, Gravus continues to fight on foot.

    The choir place the hymn of battle on the jacks, forming a line between Kreoss and the Scouts.

    The Fire of Salvation charges over the Templar’s wreck, smashing his fist into the Slag Troll and felling it. He then swings his Absolver into the Mountain King, smacking it hard twice. The Vanquisher does the same, and between them they break the gargantuan’s mind, but spawn four whelps. Note: we used flameguard as Ashley forgot his whelp models.

    The Pyre Troll is charged from behind and the Cinerators cut it to ribbons. Gravus fails to avenge his horse (Mr Sparky, I believe), but Vilmon steps up and knocks ten boxes off of the Impaler, breaking its body. The Errants then try to shoot Krump but miss a lot, but they form a wall around Kreoss.

    Kreoss dominates the zone, and the points suddenly swing in my favour.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 2, Menoth 4

    Trollblood Turn 4

    In order to stay in the game, the Trolls have to contest their zone right now. Despite this, the Impaler frenzies. While he slays Gravus, it means that he cannot move into the zone.

    The Mountain King doesn’t do very well this turn. He heals eight damage from his whelps, repairing his mind, and then smacks the Fire about a bit, but it survives, missing an arm. The Scouts decide to run around the Choir and pursue after Kreoss, but one gets too close and the singer whacks him with a free strike, killing the troll. Don’t underestimate my choir boys!

    The Sluggers fire into the Cinerators, killing a full three of them. Only one now remains. With no options left, Grim charges into the zone. Krump slays an Errant, but Muggs misses. Grim kills two, but leaves three fury for transfers. The Runebearer runs around Vilmon to also contest the zone.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 2, Menoth 4

    Menoth Turn 5

    Kreoss maintains defender’s ward, but otherwise hogs all of his focus.

    Vilmon slays the Impaler. With the Mountain King maxed on fury, this means Grim cannot transfer. The last Cinerator cuts the Runebearer in half. “Commandment the Third: bleh.” The Errants wrap around Grim. While they can’t kill his Pyg helpers, one does hit Grim himself for seven boxes.

    Even without focus, the Fire of Salvation and Vanquisher continue to batter the Mountain King, but fail to break any of his branches. The Choir move into the rear arc of three of the Scouts.

    Kreoss then begins to batter Grim. Once four focus was expended, Grim sat on two boxes. There’s a long discussion about this, but I decided to hoard the last two focus. A single attack only had about a 60% chance of hitting when boosted and Grim had a 33% chance of toughing it, so I decided to hold back. Kreoss was DEF16, ARM19. I hoped he could survive Grim’s MAT6, POW12.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 2, Menoth 4

    Trollblood Turn 5

    Grim gained three fury from the Mountain King, who promptly frenzied (threshold six!? Really?) and wrecked the Fire of Salvation. Amusingly, he left no wreck since he was perfectly overlapping the Templar’s!

    The Scouts charge away from the Choir. One is killed by a free strike and another is knocked down. The remaining three slay two Errants. The Sluggers hammer Vilmon with a hail of bullets. It takes all of them to breach the ARM21, but the hero finally falls.

    With the Krielstone’s blessing, Grim begins. Muggs and Krump fail to slay the Errants they are fighting, but Grim steps up to Kreoss. Despite the fact that Kreoss had eleven boxes remaining, required a ten to hit, and reduced damage by seven, Grim rolls highly twice, and slays Kreoss.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 2, Menoth 4


    Despite being ahead on victory points, Kreoss’ death spells the end for Menoth.

    Trollbloods Win!

    Ending Thoughts

    Gurkh. I. Was. So. Close. Another turn was guaranteed victory, but even in melee, Grim proved his headhunting nature to be as true as ever. Perhaps I should have swung with those last two focus. I’ll never know. But, I thought my chance of killing Grim was less than 50%, and those two armour points could have made all of the difference. I’ll agonize over that for a while.

    Gravus is getting too old, apparently, as he ended up doing nothing, except absorb damage. One would have hoped that four attacks with POW11 + 3D6 would have beaten ARM18 once. Vilmon at least showed him how to do it.

    Ashley really got me with the Scouts. I really thought they’d appear to contest his zone, but pressuring Kreoss was much more valuable, as well as killing the Vassal. Though, the Choir did Stirling work, killing two of them and knocking a third over.

    Something that amused me is that on the turn the Vanquisher and Fire hit the Mountain King, they kept hitting branch 6, which ended up wrapping into 1 and 2. So they hit his ‘spirit’ (read: balls) so hard they ended up driving him insane! Well, it amused me.

    The poor Sluggers. Despite killing most of the Cinerators, they had some appalling rolls and spent half the game doing nothing thanks to the Choir.

    Oh well, with some bandaids, I’m sure Kreoss will rise again.

    Kreoss was ablaze with incandescent fury, battering Angus again and again. The Troll warlock backed away under the barrage, feeling the impacts driving magic from his body.

    Through his empathic link to his beasts, he could feel the Impaler die, more pain clouding his mind. Damn it! Was this it!? The Scouts were too far away. His faithful Pygs were occupied by the Exemplar Errants. Help was not forthcoming.

    Then he felt the fury and hate of the Mountain King swamp his mind in a terrific backlash, the beast ripping from his control. As the gargantuan beast smahed Kreoss’ personal warjack to scrap, so did Angus’ body move.

    Kreoss was utterly unprepared as Angus surged to his feet, swinging Headhunter in wild arcs. Gone was the precise assassin, to be replaced by a madman. With a pair of thunderous blows, Kreoss was thrown from his feet, blood spraying into the air.

    All of a sudden, Grim felt the weight of his own injuries and he fell to one knee. To his own dismay, the bulky armoured form of a Cinerator imposed itself, grabbing Kreoss and backing away as the Errants formed a defensive line. Grim tried to stand, but Muggs and Krump were by his side.

    “Calm down, boss, you’re hurt,” Muggs advised. Krump nodded vigorously. Grim scowled. The idea of his prey getting away frustrated him immensely, but calming down the Mountain King would require his full attention. Kreoss would live this day, but the day, that belonged to the Trolls.
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    Another excellent report, you were correct that warcastor attachments DO NOT become a unit with their casters, they operate as independent solo's as normal. Also more of a tactics thing but since Warcaster and warlocks don't contest you may have been better killing Krump, Muggs, and the Runebearer rather than trying to kill Grim. Hard to say.

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    You're not helping, man! I did the precise maths on it - Kreoss had a 48% chance to kill Grim - as close to a coin toss as possible. I had a sleepless night over that decision - mainly due to eating too much Pizza, but I digress.

    One question I do have based on what you said. Imagine Kreoss and Grim alone in the Troll's zone. Neither contest, so Kreoss dominates for 2vp and Grim also dominates for 1vp? Is that right?

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    That is correct! Loved the report, those dice swings can really help pull off crazy things.
    (Edit: Don't listen to me, for I am wrong often)
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    Epic Morghouls Assassinations.
    Borka Keglslayer, War Witch Deneghra, Sturm and Drang, The Butcher of Khardov, The Butcher Unleashed, Ashlynn D'Elyse, Major Victoria Haley, Lord Tyrant Xerxis, Rhyas.

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    No if both players dominate the same zone only the active player(whose turn it is) will score.

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    Magicafiend: Yeah, I found that rule, thanks.

    Scottishperson: No problem, I appreciate the help nonetheless!

    Can I ask if people appreciated the annotations? They took a bit of work to make and add to the maps, and I don't want to waste my time if they're just cluttering the photos.

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    Personally, I like them. It adds a bit of organization to the report.
    Epic Morghouls Assassinations.
    Borka Keglslayer, War Witch Deneghra, Sturm and Drang, The Butcher of Khardov, The Butcher Unleashed, Ashlynn D'Elyse, Major Victoria Haley, Lord Tyrant Xerxis, Rhyas.

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    Good reports, fun reads!
    The before and after stories add alot, keep'em coming!

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    Battle 3: Feora1 vs Borka1

    Aka: A Song of Ice and Fire, An Average Day in Fairy Tail or When Jakiro Gets into an Argument with Itself

    Borka cracked his neck. He felt good today. The chill in the air invigorated his body, made him ready for war. It was a good day for a troll.

    He watched as the humans made their line ready, feeble beings in their brightly coloured liveries. They stood out so starkly against the dull greens and greys of his homeland that he wondered how this species ever thrived, since camouflage seemed to be a concept lost upon them – not that Borka didn’t appreciate the straightforward approach. Still, despite their fancy trappings and fine weaponry, they were flimsy things, humans. A significant portion of them even seemed to be female – even smaller and squishier than the menfolk! Not like a good, tough, troll lass.

    Borka flexed his fingers, a patina of ice forming around the sausage-like digits. He would smash these humans, and he wouldn’t need to freeze them, as they were already as brittle and fragile as ice.

    Feora sighed, watching as her breath frosted in the cold northern air. How could anyone stand such a pitifully cold climate? She momentarily allowed her flamethrowers a small burst, enjoying the shape of the crimson embers as the temperature rose briefly.

    She watched the blue creatures ambling into a battleline. Feora had never quite figured out if the Trolls were an ape-like mockery of humanity, or merely brutish in appearance. They forged weapons, built villages and waged war. All very human-like qualities.

    But they weren’t masters of the pinnacle of all arts – the mastery of flame. A nimbus of power played around her fingertips. Since she pitied them their cold lifestyle, she would do them a favour, and make them warm for the rest of their short lives.

    The Protectorate of Menoth

    Feora, Priestess of the Flame

    10 Temple Flameguard with Officer and Standard
    6 Flameguard Cleansers with Officer
    Daughters of the Flame
    Deliverer Sunburst Crew
    The Covenant of Menoth
    Vessel of Judgement
    Vassal Mechanik
    3 Wracks

    I’m not gonna lie, this isn’t the most subtle list created by man. Can it set things on fire? Then, in it goes! By that logic, I don’t think this is a competitive list, but it’ll burn through any Kriel Warriors or Fennblades with ease! Fire is the best way to kill a Troll, right? There’s at least some synergy with Feora making most of my army fearless.

    This list lacks a bit of heavy combat punch, which is a downfall, but the Deliverer and Vessel give me a couple of long range options, along with the Vanquisher and Reckoner. If I can batter any heavy trolls a little before they reach me, I can hopefully take them down.


    Borka Kegslayer and Pyg Keg Carrier
    -Pyre Troll
    -Earthborn Troll

    Fell Caller
    10 Fennblades with Officer and Drummer
    5 Champions
    Krielstone Bearer, Three Scribes and Elder Scribe

    (Ashley) A list that primarily exists to try out my new plastic Earthborn and Champions. The list is as brutally simple as one might imagine, but my solos give me quite a few abilities to buff my units and control the board.


    We roll mission 8, Rally Point. This places two circular zones in the middle of the board, along with two objectives, one friendly and one enemy for each.

    We roll for first turn and I win, deferring to him, so I will go second.


    Borka forms a tight knit ball with his warbeasts in the centre of the board. The Champions and Krielstone deploy on his left, and the Fennblades and Chronicler on his right.

    The Flameguard units take the left flank, the Daughters ready to charge over the Temple Flameguard. The Covenant is behind them to support them against the Chronicler. With the Vessel taking the centre with Feora and the Mechanik, this leaves the right flank for the Warjacks and Deliverer Sunburst.

    Turn 1

    Turn one is dull beyond compare. Everyone runs forward and the Krielstone gains five fury.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 0, Menoth 0
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    Trollblood Turn 2

    The Champions advance into their own zone, forming a tight formation to bolster their defense. Borka leads Rok and the Earthborn alongside them, the Earthborn gaining an ARM boost from the nearby wall. Borka places Iron Flesh on the Fennblades and raises a wind wall to shield his beasts from shooting. The Krielstone follows, popping combat warding in expectation of the fire about the come their way.

    The Pyre Troll heads over to the Menoth’s zone, joing the Fennblades who line up for a charge in the following turn. The Chronicler puts Tale of Mist on the Fennblades, bolstering them further.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 0, Menoth 0

    Menoth Turn 2

    Feora puts two focus into the Vanquisher and Reckoner, who walk around to the right and blast one of the Champions out of existence, unable to set any of the others on fire, thanks to the Krielstone. They’re joined by the Repenter. Feora raises a flame wall in front of them and stand behind the Sunburst for safety.

    On the other flank, the far left, the Flameguard Cleansers activate their incinerate order, killing one Fennblade and making another pass a tough roll, now alight. They leave a flaming marker in their wake, and the officer makes a wall of fire as well. The Temple Flameguard move up behind it, popping iron zeal and shield wall for 21 ARM.

    The Vessel blasts the Pyre Troll, knocking about a third of its boxes off.

    Because Borka’s dominating his own zone, he gains a victory point.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 1, Menoth 0

    Trollblood Turn 3

    During upkeep, the Fennblade on fire burns to death. Borka puts the Pyre Troll’s animus on the Earthborn and then calls the wildest party in the Iron Kingdoms, casting Barroom Blitz and Mosh Pit. The Krielstone adds in with Stone Strength.

    To start proceedings, the Champions slam into the Vanquisher and wreck it in mere moments, their axes rolling incredibly highly. Right next to it, the Reckoner finds Rok in it’s face as the Dire Troll barrels right through the flame wall, losing a mind box. Rok wrecks the Reckoner. That was fun to say. The Earthborn then surges into the Sunburst, killing it and promoting the next in line.

    The Pyre Troll charges into the Menoth zone, ignoring the flame wall and killing a Temple Flameguard despite their defensive buffs. Another dies to the Fell Caller’s spray as he buffs the Fennblades. The Fennblades charge as well, losing one to the wall of flames in their way, but cutting down the front rank of spearmen as they do so. They waiver in the face of the terrifying trolls, but the Standard holds them fast.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 2, Menoth 0

    Menoth Turn 3

    Wow. Ow. Ow. I just lost most of my heavy hitters in one fell swoop. That ain’t great. Feora camps her focus for the moment, and takes one from a Wrack, who promptly explodes for the favour.

    The Repenter pushes around Rok and kills two members of the Krielstone, but both tough it. Damn it. Still, it contests the Troll zone.

    On the left flank, the Cleanser push up and flank the Fennblades with their once a game range increase. Flames gush over the Trolls, slaying the majority and hurting the Chronicler. The Temple Flameguard and .Daughters push up, damaging the Pyre Troll badly and finishing off all of the remaining Fennblades.

    The Vessel blasts the Earthborn as hard as it can, and then Feora casts Engine of Destruction on herself and charges in. Four focus later, the Earthborn falls, as Feora sets about it in a blaze of pure death. She then uses her feat, a wave of flame catching Borka, Keggy and the Fell Caller.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 2, Menoth 0
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    Trollblood Turn 4

    The Fell Caller suffers some damage to the flames, but Borka, the Krielstone and the Chronicler all shrug it off. However, Keggy erupts in a ball of fire as a keg of 100% alcohol combusts.

    RULES QUERY – We think we played this right, but Party Foul kicks in when Keggy dies to an enemy attack. Since he died to a continuous effect, it wouldn’t kick in, right?

    The Krielstone instantly uses combat warding to save itself and Borka from the flames engulfing them. The Champions push into the Repenter, but only two can reach due to some awkward placement. A lucky blow is followed by a weak one, and the Repenter survives on a single box.

    Rok moves up and vomits over Feora, but causes no damage. (This makes an awesome image of Feora holding up a burning hand to ward off the tide of ice.) The Fell Caller charges Feora from the other side. But misses her twice. However, he placed the Pathfinder call on Borka, and the troll warlock surges over the wall to charge Feora.

    Borka smashes Feora with Trauma, shutting down her spell casting ability, but her DEF proves high enough to survive the continuing onslaught. With two fury remaining, Borka chooses to stop. He’s unlikely to kill her, and the transfer ability might prove invaluable.

    The Chronicler charges in and kills a Cleanser, but being waaaay outside of Borka’s CTRL, the Pyre Troll misses the Daughters and their high DEF.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 2, Menoth 0

    Menoth Turn 4

    The Vessel of Judgement moves up as close to Feora as possible and uses eruption of faith, Pushing back both Borka and the Chronicler, setting them on fire in the process. However, he misses with the divine wrath. Having got some space and unable to cast or allocate focus, Feora runs directly away from Borka as fast as possible.

    The Deliverer Sunburst fires, and the Fell Caller explodes into grisly chunks.

    In the Menoth zone, the Temple Flameguard combine their attacks to finish the Pyre Troll, and the Daughters move towards the edge of the zone. The Cleansers move and turn to face backwards, hosing down the Chronicler to free their comrade engaged with him.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 2, Menoth 0

    Trollblood Turn 5

    With an enraged roar, Rok hurls himself into a position to kill the Vessel and Objective. He smashes the Vessel down to its last three boxes, but suddenly rolls an unlucky double one and misses. He has a fury remaining, but if he uses it, Borka couldn’t transfer damage. Ashley decides to hold back.

    The Champions swarm over the critically damaged Repenter and turn it into kindling. With the zone cleared, Borka retreats to it and throws a bomb at the Daughters that deviates horrendously – evoking the image of him with a bomb in one hand and a pint of beer in the other. He also reloads the Krielstone with fury, who put their warding back up.

    Zone cleared, another point to the Trolls.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 3, Menoth 0

    Menoth Turn 5

    The Mechanik heals six boxes on the Vessel, since it was in danger of killing itself. The Vessel then pushes Rok back, but misses him with the divine wrath. Rok staggers as the Sunburst slams a bolt into his back, and then looks up as Feora storms towards him.

    Leeching focus from a Wrack, Feora brings up engine of destruction and obliterates Rok in one round. The Temple Flameguard form a line in front of their caster to protect her from retribution. They had to run to do so, so no shield wall.

    The Daughters run to contest the Troll zone, and the Cleansers hurry after them.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 3, Menoth 0

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    Trollblood Turn 6

    As the Krielstone pulls back and places combat warding, the Champions wade up and slay all but two of the Daughters.

    Borka hurls a bomb at the Temple Flameguard, killing one.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 3, Menoth 0

    Menoth Turn 6

    The Vessel and Deliverer both fire at Borka, dealing minor damage, and actually kill my own Daughter. Hmm. The Cleansers send waves of fire over Borka and the Champions, hurting the Warlock, but dealing zero damage to the tough Champions.

    Once more, Feora glows with the power of Engine of Destruction and charges Borka. With her first blow, she slays him, and he does not tough it.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 3, Menoth 0


    Despite having all the victory points, Borka’s death is the end of it.

    Menoth Victory!

    Ending Thoughts

    As is normal for a game involving Borka, he did his very best to turn this whole thing into one giant brawl! I was definitely worried by the match–up. While I didn’t think it would be hopeless, my army was more designed for burning through hordes of weaker guys, which Borka doesn’t specialise in. Still, the fiery lady did me proud and fought hard.

    And boy, did she fight! She personally slew the Earthborn, Rok and Borka. When I lost both of my heavy ‘jacks, I thought it was over, but I fought tooth and nail doing everything to draw the game out, and was eventually rewarded.

    As Ashley said to me, he’ll never underestimate the Cleansers again. They did sterling work against the Fennblades. The Temple Flameguard and Daughters also held their weight, unsung heroes. I’ve experienced the Chronicler’s heroes’ tragedy so often that I adore the Covenant as a means to counteract it. He kept my guys on their feet no matter what.

    The Vessel… did about right. He’s typically had bad luck and did miss a few easy shots, but he saved Feora and pushed things around to my advantage.

    Goddamn those Champions are hard as nails. I knew it, but it still caught me off guard. At least after killing my heavy, they were out of position and had little impact on the game.

    Borka’s my white whale, and this marks my first single caster victory over him (Kreoss3 killed him in a dual caster game), but I think my highlight would be Keggy exploding under Feora’s feat. That’s what he gets for lugging that combustible keg on his back!

    Borka felt tired. His large and robust frame bled from a dozen injuries. How had the woman gotten away from him? He felt warm. Again and again, the Menoth’s flames had washed over him.

    Then he saw her. Storming forwards amidst a blaze of magical fire. Roaring in mind-numbing anger, Borka raised a hand and summoned a storm of ice, chilling wind covering her advance. But then she was through, blade raised, slashing down and carving an enormous welt into Borka’s chest. He staggered back as blood erupted, falling to one knee.

    He looked up at her. Feora was magnificent, her face cold and cruel in contrast to the flames washing around her. It was his loss.

    With a raucous bellow, the Champions surged around their leader, dragging him away and bellowing vile insults as they retreated. Feora didn’t pursue, enjoying the sense of loss Borka would feel more than his death.

    Today, Feora’s fire had melted Borka’s ice.

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    A fine rep, and very good looking it was too, excellent pics.

    But a protectorate force with three jacks and no choir???
    Impressively average

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    Sevensins: I assume that you're the Sevensins who read some of my batreps back on Warseer? Thanks for the continued support! XD

    Thing about the Choir, I hate thinking that a unit should ever be mandatory. I want to have variety in my lists! Also, against Borka1, it's not so important, since the list lacks shooting or magic, so the Choir's only real purpose is a damage buff, but my army doesn't centre around the idea of 'jacks beating the hell out of things, so it's not so important. I do understand that the Choir is a very good unit, but I don't want to feel forced to bring it in order to compete.
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    Weird game. Trollbloods could have won it many times over if Borka had just stayed dominating his zone after killing the Repenter himself.

    Also, how did Rok attack the Reckoner over the wall? He doesn't have Reach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurisu313 View Post
    Sevensins: I assume that you're the Sevensins who read some of my batreps back on Warseer? Thanks for the continued support! XD
    Yep! Same nick on all servers, same as you I reckon

    i do agree with your sentiment on not having "must include" units but I still think choir is a must haha, if not only for pure damage output the +2 to hit alone is a game changer.
    Impressively average

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    Razcalking: In order to kill the Repenter, Borka would have to stood in a place such that he would have taken a Sunburst bolt from one side, a Vessel shot from the other and then recieve an engine of destruction charge from Feora with 5 focus. That was vaguely suicidal. Instead, he charged on my warcaster with a fair shot of killing her. The dice didn't come up for him, but he did give her the Trauma debuff which shut her down and protected Borka.

    Can't troops fight over walls? I thought they counted as touching the wall for base to base or something like that. Is it really the case that only those with reach can fight over a wall?

    SevenSins: Nice to see a familiar face!

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    Well, walls are usually played like wall templates. Those by definition are 0.75" thick, so you can not fight over it without reach. The target also has +2 DEF against the melee attacks.

    However, nothing in the rules prevent you from having walls that are less then 0.5" inches. Standard tournament play is that all walls are 0.75" though.

    Oh yeah, and thanks for the report. I really like the clear labels in the pictures.

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    Great reports Kurisu! I love the annotations on the pictures that show who's who on the battlefield; it's incredibly helpful.

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    Battle 4: Kromac vs Borka2 - The Reborkaning

    AKA - The Clash of EXTREME Warbeasts

    “So,” Began the White Mane, “You’re sure that Borka is dead?”

    “Complete annihilation,” Kromac confirmed with a nod.

    “And his pet beast, Rok?”

    “Complete annihilation.”

    “And the Troll uprising?”

    “Complete. Annihilation.”

    “KROOOOOOOOOOOOOMAAAAAAAAAAC!” Borka yelled, riding over the horizon on his new polar bear, Arctos. Behind him came Rok and a horde of trolls.

    “Complete annihilation, huh?” The White Mane said sarcastically, turning to Kromac who stood there with his jaw agape.

    “What? I don’t…” the Circle Warlock stammered.


    “I think he wants you.”

    “Whatever gave you that idea?” Kromac replied with sarcasm equal to the Whitemane’s own.


    “Well, he does keep calling your name.”

    Kromac sighed. “Ready the men.”

    Circle Orboros

    Kromac the Ravenous
    -Winter Argus

    6 Tharn Ravagers with Chieftain and Shaman
    6 Tharn Blood Pack
    3 Tharn Wolf Riders
    Ravager White Mane
    War Wolf
    War Wolf

    Before you leap from your chairs, frothing and raving about how this is the most terrible list anyone has ever written, hear me out. This is my first time using Kromac, the Ravagers, the Gorax or the Whitemane. I’m not familiar with him at all. So, if I lose this game, I won’t be surprised. But I like trying to build theme lists, and this uses all of my Tharn models. If nothing else, this game will show me how bad these units are!

    With the White Mane’s support, the Ravagers have an 11” charge range ignoring pretty much everything between them and the target. On the charge, they strike with MAT9 POW15 3D6 damage, and then get another strike for anything they kill. Hopefully, that’ll do some reasonable clearing work. They’re simply not going to survive any retribution, mind, but there are eight of them, so something should survive. Frankly, succumbing to Borka2’s feat won’t even bother me.

    The basic premise that I’m going to be working from is a refused flank. Kromac is monstrously powerful, but he’s still my warlock and overcommitting him is going to see the game end. So, if I roll my warbeasts up a flank, they can hopefully clear all resistance without retribution. The Winter Argus is a poor choice, but my collection is limited, and his animus will help protect Kromac from retribution, and the immunity: cold is actually a nice perk vs Borka2.

    The War Wolves represent two points I couldn’t otherwise use, but they give me a couple more activations. They’ll probably be flanking around one side of the board with the Wolf Riders.


    Borka, Vengeance of the Rimeshaws
    -Earthborn Troll
    -Attachment: Runebearer

    10 Kriel Warriors with Standard, Piper and 2 Caber Tossers
    Krielstone Bearer, 3 Stone Scribes and Stone Scribe Elder
    3 Long Riders
    Fell Caller
    Alten Ashley

    (Ashley) So, shiny new warlock ahoy! Borka’s my favourite, so when PP said “Let’s put him on a ****ing polar bear,” I was thought it was interesting. No, not interesting… ****ing awesome. It’s time to steal some pic-a-nic baskets.

    When you start a list with Borka, Rok goes in next, for somewhat obvious reasons. Also, this was a promise between us. My Rok is made from an Extreme Dire Troll, since a normal one is too weedy. In his insane jealousy, Chris decided to make Ghetorix from an Extreme Warpwolf to match. Now, they shall fight, as is only appropriate.

    (Author’s Note: Insane might be stretching it a bit, but I was jealous!)

    The Kriel Warriors are to form a solid core when buffed by my supporting units, for a possible +2 to hit, +5 to damage, and +2ARM. On top of that, they’ll be immune to knockdown and cause anyone who hits them to fall over! The faster elements of my army can move around this block to fight.

    Alten was a birthday present. From my opponent. Time to make him regret that!


    As normal, this is a 50pt game and we rolled on the Steamroller missions, resulting in… mission 9: Incursion. This places three flags along the halfway line on the table. At the end of turn one, one of the side flags will randomly disappear, but the remaining edge flag is worth double the points if dominated.

    We roll off and he chooses that I go first.


    Kromac and his beasts deploy on my right flank. The White Mane and Blood Pack take the middle and the Wolf Riders and War Wolves go on the left. Later, the Ravagers advance deploy in the centre.

    The trolls form a solid formation with the Kriel Warriors at the core, surrounded by the supporting units. Borka and his warbeasts deploy on the right side of this block with Alten, except for the Axer who goes on the left, with the Long Riders.

    Turn 1

    Ghetorix and the Gorax run forwards, generating two fury points. The Winter Argus follows at its faster pace, as does Kromac, who places Inviolable Resolve on the Ravagers. The Ravagers move in front of the beasts, but behind a forest. The rest of my army advances.

    The Fell Caller and Chronicler place overcome and tale of mists on the Kriel Warriors as they advance. With a boost from the Runbearer, Borka casts battle charged and places four fury into the Krielstone, who pop their aura. Alten shoots a couple of boxes off of a Ravager.

    The flag on the right flank falls over into the mud. Suddenly, all of our heavy hitters are on the wrong side of the board.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 0, Circle 0

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    Circle Orboros Turn 2

    Kromac takes the two fury back to full. He then upkeeps the resolve on the Ravagers and places the Winter Argus’ animus on himself along with bestial and warpath.

    The Blood Pack fire into the Kriel Warriors, but only a single one falls. The Ravagers charge into the Kriel Warriors and both heavy warbeasts, triggering a series of counter charges. However, not a single Tharn is hit as the rolls don’t come up for the trolls. Garnering a corpse token here and there, they push into the Kriel Warriors, slaying five. They also take a small chunk out of Rok and the Earthborn.

    Ghetorix moves up behind the Ravagers, casting Ornery on himself as he takes his hyper-aggressive stance. He’s joined by the Gorax and Winter Argus, who rile and cast Winter Coat, so that there is a full seven fury for Kromac next turn.

    On the left flank, my wolves pull back from the Long Riders.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 0, Circle 0

    Trollblood Turn 2

    Borka leeches back to full fury. Alten moves up and shoots the Gorax, for a total of six damage after his monster hunting ability. Rok pulverises the Tharn in contact with him, but is too far away to kill any other.

    On the other side of the battlefield, the Long Riders move forward and snag the flag.

    The Fell Caller places Warcry on the Kriel Warriors, along with the Chronicler’s Heroes’ Tragedy. As the Krielstone pop their aura, the Elder adds in stone strength. Suitably buffed, the Kriel Warriors slay four of the Tharn Ravagers. Notably, a caber slams a guy through a guy, killing both.

    Borka then places Rok’s animus – Primal – on the Earthborn and again raises battle charged. The rocky troll charges away from the Ravager and into Ghetorix. The free strike takes a small amount of damage off of the troll, who batters Ghetorix. Ornery kicks in, but Ghetorix rolls a double one for damage. Under the effects of Primal, the Earthborn tears the character warpwolf to pieces. Kromac reaves the fury from his corpse.

    Using it’s animus – Rush – the Axer charges into the Ravager Chieftain, but fails to kill it, only dealing six damage.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 1, Circle 0

    Circle Orboros Turn 3

    As fury pours into Kromac, his muscles swell and fur sprouts. Now in beast mode, Kromac is pissed, and he knows exactly who to take it out on. In a hurricane of blows, Kromac cuts the Earthborn to shreds in retaliation for the loss of his pet. Borka reaves the fury, and Kromac is left on one for a transfer.

    The Wolf Riders charge in to the Tuffalo. One of them falls under the javelins, and another is hurt. A War Wolf charges in to drag that one down, but it passes its tough roll to stay in the game. The other War Wolf gets into the Axer’s rear, dealing a few boxes of damage. The Fell Caller counter charged into it, but missed.

    The Ravagers are beset by counter charge, killing the Chieftan. One Ravager slays a Kriel Warrior, getting knocked down by heroes’ tragedy. The Blood Pack charge in to help. Two slip around to the Fell Caller, but the Chronicler counter charges, slaying one. The other knocks seven boxes from the Fell Caller, but the remainder do absolutely nothing.

    The White Mane moves down the line, unable to find a gap in which to attack. The two light warbeasts each rile up to three to provide fuel for Kromac. The Winter Argus uses his winter coat. Very snuggly it is.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 1, Circle 0

    Trollblood Turn 3

    Having reaved a full five from the Earthborn, Borka is unable to stop the Axer frenzying, and the warbeast misses with his single strike on the Blood Pack.

    Despite being very hard to hit, one Wolf Rider is laid low by the Long Riders.

    The Fell Caller puts war cry on the Kriel Warriors and then promptly misses with both of his attacks. The Chronicler, however, hurts his Tharn opponent as he places heroes’ tragedy on the Kriel Warriors. The Kriel Warriors then finish off the few remaining Ravagers.

    The Krielstone pushes forward to cover as much area as possible for the following play. Borka tops up the stone, upkeeps battle charged and places the Axer’s animus on Rok. He then calls his feat, summoning a howling snowstorm. Alten shoots Kromac for two damage.

    Okay, now I really, really thought I wasn’t in Rok’s charge range, but Kromac is like literally –LITERALLY – exactly 10.5” away from him. With the sudden movement buff and pathfinder from Axer’s rush, Rok is just within range.

    To make matters far worse, his spray comes up as a critical double six, freezing Kromac on the spot. However, after that bad luck, the gods are with me, and by panning off the heaviest hit to the Gorax, Kromac actually survives, albeit on two boxes.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 1, Circle 0

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    Circle Orboros Turn 4

    Kromac takes six fury from his beasts, meaning that he’s not at full this turn. He uses two to shake stationary on himself, and heal one point on the Gorax to repair its mind.

    Now, here’s where things go very wrong. Kromac uses the Winter Argus’ animus and leaps away from Rok towards the Axer. However, I forgot about battle charged, and Rok charges right after him! Luckily, he misses, but I just put my heavily damaged cast in contact with TWO warbeasts rather than one. Due to this, Kromac changes target and batters Rok as the bigger threat.

    Now, I made another big mistake which changed the game. I had the Winter Argus place his animus on the Gorax, but of course, it’s a SELF spell. This was my mistake, completely a lapse of memory. The Winter Argus hits Rok for a decent number, and the Gorax piles on, slaying the dire troll. Without the immunity cold, this wouldn’t have been possible. Borka reaves the fury.

    The Tharn Blood Pack do nothing. The White Mane charges the Fell Caller and does nothing. Grnh.

    The Wolf Rider and War Wolf fail to kill the tuffalo on one box, but the other Wolf Rider manages to deal five boxes to the healthy tuffalo.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 1, Circle 0

    Trollblood Turn 4

    There’s no fury to leech this turn, but Borka is at full after reaving Rok’s load.

    The Krielstone pops stone strength. The Fell Caller and Chronicler continue to buff the Kriel Warriors, but they also manage to slay a Tharn Blood Pack, the White Mane and the War Wolf. They’re support solos! (cries)

    The Axer threshes through three Tharn, hurting the first, missing the second and killing the third. The Kriel Warriors kill another and hurt one more.

    Alten shoots the Gorax, reducing it to a single health. Borka then uses Frost Hammer to finish it off. (We remembered that it shouldn’t be immune to cold at this point.) Kromac actually doesn’t reave, since there was too much fury on the board, and the Winter Argus running wild could be disastrous.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 1, Circle 0

    Circle Orboros Turn 5

    Taking the Winter Argus’ three fury (back up to five), Kromac leaps amidst the solos, slaying the Fell Caller, cutting through a Caber tosser and slashing the Axer. The Winter Argus helps against the Axer. By the time they’re both done, its mind and body are broken.

    The Wolf Riders drag down one more Tuffalo. It’s like the discovery channel as they drag the beast down.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 1, Circle 0

    Trollblood Turn 5

    As Stone Strength goes off, the Kriel Warriors pile on to the Winter Argus, but fail to even hit it. (DEF15, be-atch!) The Axer moves away from Kromac, dying as he’s axed in the back by the free strike. “Yo dawg, I heard you like axes…”

    The reason for this is that with the Axer gone, there is a direct path from Borka to Kromac. With a roar of vengeance (possibly for the Rimeshaws), Borka charges. Kromac pans Arctos’ charging damage off to the Winter Argus, but the simple fact is that he has two boxes left against a fully fury-ed Borka. He has no chance and is promptly slain.

    Victory Points – Trollblood 1, Circle 0


    After having a single point all game, victory goes to the Trollbloods!

    Ending Thoughts

    New Warlocks ahoy! Lots of mistakes, I’m sure! Go easy on us! I’m aware that this is not an example of stirling play on my part!

    I must admit, I didn’t expect the Earthborn to charge Ghetorix, expecting it to have to deal with the Ravager in its path. I forget what Rok’s animus is sometimes. If only Ghetorix had landed his counter-strike properly. Then getting Kromac charged by the width of a cat’s whisker…

    *sniff* I never got to Primal Ghetorix *sob*

    And damn it, but Borka2 providing counter charge to so many models is terrifying. There was one turn where my Tharn moved and just died to the trolls before they could even fight. This was compounded by how strong the Kriel Warriors were under all of the buffs. But I failed abysmally to remove the solos.

    I think we’d both agree that our cavalry were used poorly. They both sort of countered each other and ended up doing very little.

    I’m glad I lost. If I’d won after my error with the Winter Argus’ animus, it would have felt terrible. At least, I can now admit how awful my list felt! The Blood Pack were useless this game. I thought the Whitemane worked with all Tharn, but nope, just the Ravagers. That was my fault.

    Kromac collapsed, blood pouring from a dozen brutal injuries. He looked up in despair as Arctos reared over him, but the polar bear turned and began to saunter away.

    “Why…” He gasped dryly.

    “Now, we’re even. Next time, I’ll finish it,” Borka grunted.

    “Just you wait!” Kromac threatened. “I’ll be back as Kromac2!”

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    Another excellent and entertaining report. The two big mistakes I saw were that Battle Charged only works on models in Borkas battle group(Borka and his warbeasts) so unfortunately the Chronicler won't benefit as Warcaster attachments are not in battle group despite being show that way in WarRoom.
    Second countercharge only triggers on an advance so Kromac leaping won't trigger it. His initial movement before the leap can but since the EBDT was engaged there would have been no counter charging.
    Overall great report as usual. I recommend trying a few more beats with Kromac to leverage warpath. This type of Tharn list with a smaller battle group would work well with Morvanna 2 however.

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    Very good looking report once again, and some funny dialog
    Impressively average

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    Magicalfiend: Sweet Jesus, we misplayed this game so hard. I think I'm going to pretend this was a draw after all we messed up. A short list of things we did wrong:

    -Shooting through a forest
    -Charging through a forest
    -Counter charge on whole army
    -Winter Argus using animus on Gorax
    -Rolling to hit a stationary opponent in melee

    And I knew that four of those were wrong :/

    Seven Sins: The opening dialogue basically comes from Teamfourstar's "Bardock Abridged"

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    You guys should do a rematch with those same armies, battle report 4: this time with rules.

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    Battle 5: Vryos2 vs Barnabas

    So, I played a game last night with my newest army, the gatormen! I wasn’t able to take any notes, really, but I have a few photos and thought I’d try to string them together into a report. This game ended up being so drawn out that I kinda have to abridge it anway.

    Also, this is played at a different club, with worse lighting, and against my second regular opponent, Orlando, who has Khador and Scyrah. Since I knew gators struggled with armour, I asked him to try Scyrah for my first game, but his army is somewhat limited in composition compared to the Khadorites.

    Blindwater Congregation

    Bloody Barnabas
    -Blackhide Wrastler
    -Swamp Horror
    -Ironback Spitter
    -Bull Snapper

    Gatormen Posse (Leader and 4 grunts)
    Gatormen Posse (Leader and 4 grunts)
    Bog Trog Ambushers (Leader and 9 grunts)
    Witch Doctor
    Croak Hunter

    So, I’ve been working on these guys for a little while. I designed this list specifically to make my first tier 4 list with one of my favourite yet-to-use warlocks, Bloody Barnabas. Because when you keep losing to Borka, get a warlock equally as tough!

    It’s a reasonably straightforward list in that it practically uses one of every unit from the Blindwater Congregation except for a few, like the Shamblers. I’ll run up, using swamp pits for cover, then I’ll start killing his stuff. Simples, as certain anthropomorphic meerkats are known to say.

    Retribution of Scyrah

    Vryos, Incissar of the Dawnguard

    10 Houseguard Riflemen with Officer and Standard
    Houseguard Thane


    We’re playing a simple caster kill mission at 50pts.


    Barnabas deploys centrally, with his beasts on his right side and the Posses on his left.

    Vryos and the Heavies deploy on the left with Arcanists, the Riflemen in the middle, and the Lights on the right.

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    Early Turns: 1-4

    Throughout the first four turns of the game, very little happens. As the crocodiles advance, Barnabas keeps up a constant smattering of swamp pits and iron flesh and occasionally spiny growth, to make sure that his force can advance unhindered.

    In return, Vryos upkeeps synergy and then keeps pulling back and to the side. Slowly, the gatormen drive the Scryah forces into the far left corner, but the elves never let them catch up. During all of this, a single gatorman does take a full combined shot from eleven riflemen and disappears in a cloud of viscera.

    The one major happening is the arrival of the Bog Trogs. The only reasonable target they had was the arcanists and they manage to kill as they flank the Retribution. In return, their retribution was swift, and the entire Scyrah army turns on the diminutive amphibians, slaying them utterly.

    The Middle Turns: 5-6

    Finally, the Retribution can hold back no more. The Blackhide Wrastler is jumped by the Banshee, Chimera and Griffon at the same time, and despite the spiny growth is unable to weather that beating. Each jack takes damage from the animus. The Imperatus begins to mix it up with a Gatorman Posse, killing one here and there. The Household Thane tries to help, but is quickly munched upon.

    In return, the Swamp Horror pulls the Banshee and Manticore in, braining them both. Gatormen pile around the Banshee, badly damaging it, though it is finally felled by the Bull Snapper. More Gatormen pile around the Imperatus, battering through its shield and into the hull. Barnabas steps up and uses Flesh Eater to heavily damage the Chimera. Likewise, the Ironback Spitter finally gets to spit on the riflemen, killing three.

    The combats drag on, and though the Imperatus is damaged to the point of using the phoenix protocol, the Gatormen are finally all put down. Despite the Chimera damaging its mind, the Swamp Horror wrecks the Griffon. The Spitter kills more of the riflemen. Desperate to protect Vryos, the Chimera engages the Ironback Spitter to block its path.

    The Late Turns: 7-9

    With a mighty throw, the Ironback hurls the Griffon at the Imperatus, but misses. As the Chimera finally puts down the Swamp Horror, Barnabas steps in and makes the Chimera into a walking paperweight, alive but without arms.

    All throughout this game, the Croak Hunter had been running, aware of the Riflemen’s abilty to see through stealth with the Thane. Finally, it gets into a place to shoot Vryos, and misses. Vryos charges in, hits with horse, corroding himself, and misses. Then the frog misses in melee. Then Vryos misses. It’d be hilarious if it wasn’t so damned pathetic!

    The Chimera walks away from Barnabas, earning some damage, to open a charge path for the Imperatus, who promptly whiffs badly and only hurts the gatorman warlock minorly, though he did pan damage to the Ironback. Barnabas walks around the mighty jack to engage Vryos personally. Despite having six fury due to cutting a little, Barnabas fluffs and fails to kill Vryos.

    In the following turn the Imperatus activates and finally kills Barnabas.

    At which point I remember that I forgot to ever call Barnabas’ feat, which would easily have killed Vryos. Sigh.


    With Barnabas dead, victory goes to the Retribution of Scyrah.

    Ending Thoughts

    Well, that was an odd game, and one of the reasons I like to play the steamroller missions. They would prevent this sort of drag-out gameplay style.

    Do you know, my first caster was Kreoss1. A character who essentially has the same feat as Barnabas. And I have been historically terrible at remembering to call it. In this case, I was insanely lucky to survive the Imperatus. Having done so, victory should have been guaranteed. Dropping Vryos from DEF15 to auto-hit would have been huge. I really, really hate myself for that.

    BTW, I also forgot to ever roll for tough. Good thing I paid for that Witch Doctor! -.-

    Still, this was my first proper game with the gators, and it was interesting seeing how well the Posses dealt with ARM18. Any higher would have been a struggle, but they really cut through the Imperatus.

    Poor little Bog Trogs didn’t have any real target. In retrospect, I think I should have delayed their arrival a little. Since the Scyrah forces were being squeezed to a flank, they could have slaughtered the Riflemen, or maybe even Vryos himself.

    Bless the plucky little Bull Snapper. Killed himself some big things.

    BTW, I love my little octopus. The ability to pull in enemies is not only tactically useful, but evilly pleasing. Come into my maw, little morsels… Though, I question why it has a beak attack when it clearly has a fanged maw instead.

    I’ve got a lot of learning to do with this faction, but I like the way it plays. Barnabas’ swamp pits might just be the most annoying spell in history!
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