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    Great report! Rorsh was friggin hilarious.

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    You said you healed the War Hog, but Caine Grevious'd it? Not that it would have mattered as you would have won on scenario I think but I was curious about that part.

    Great job!

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    Does Caine have grievous wounds? I didn't realise and my opponent didn't mention it.

    As you say, it was just for the showstopper end to the game, I had already won when the Minuteman died.
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    He can choose to use Grievous Wounds.

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    Battle 76: Carver vs Thexus

    Carver rubbed his hands together with glee as he watched his brand new purchase go to work. A gaggle of Cephalyx Drudges was turned into a red paste as the Meat Thresher rolled right over them. The Slaver, hastily backpedalling, was struck numerous times by the repeater mounted atop the Thresher, tearing its body into bloody rags. The remaining Drudges, leaderless and confused, were torn apart by Slaughterhousers.

    The slaughter stopped for a moment, as the supply of fodder had run out. Still, this was only the vanguard of the hive. Carver turned to the forming army on the horizon. The enemy leader didn’t have a face exactly, but Carver stared into the warcaster’s visage.

    “This land belongs to the Farrow! This land belongs to Lord Carver!” Carver bellowed across the battlefield. “Leave now or be scattered to the winds!”

    As expected, the Cephalyx Warcaster didn’t react, even if he did hear the words. His grotesque army began to advance, Drudges moving under the will of their overseers. Carver grunted, happy to have something to focus his unending anger on. Bellowing a warcry and brandishing the Hand of God, Carver lead the charge.

    Thornfall Alliance

    Lord Carver, Bringer of Most Massive Destruction, Esquire the third
    -War Hog
    -Gun Boar
    -Gun Boar

    Farrow Brigands (Leader and 10 grunts) with Warlord
    Farrow Commandos (Leader and 10 grunts)
    Farrow Slaughterhousers (Leader and 5 grunts)
    Meat Thresher



    Cephalyx Slaver and Drudges (Leader and 9 grunts)
    Cephalyx Mind Bender and Drudges (Leader and 9 grunts)
    Cephalyx Overlords
    Cephalyx Agitator
    Cephalyx Agitator
    Cephalyx Agitator
    Cephalyx Dominator


    Mission 8 – Recon. There is a zone in the middle with an objective at each end. Break the enemy objective for 1vp, then control the zone for 1vp a turn, or dominate for 2vps. There are also two flags on the centreline that can be dominated for 1vp a turn. First to 5vps wins.


    I win the roll-off and elect to go first to pressure the objectives. Carver’s battlegroup takes pride of place in the centre. The Meat Thresher guards my right flank, and Maximus protects the left flank of my Brigands.

    The Slavers deploy covering the left flank along with the Subduer. The Benders deploy around the remaining three monstrosities, backed up by Thexus and the Agitators. The Overlords take the far right flank.

    My Commandos advance deploy on the left flank. I place the Brigands prey token onto the Subduer.

    Turn 1

    I run forward across the board, the Commandos using a forest to gain stealth. The Meat Thresher crushes over a ruin, smashing through rotting walls.

    The Cephalyx army comes on, a magical ward appearing as Thexus casts deceleration, granting all those in his CTRL radius +2ARM against ranged attacks.

    Victory Points – Farrow 0, Cephalyx 0
    My Battle Report Thread - Watch with despair as Menoth, Cryx, Gatormen, Skorne and Circle are played by an imcompetant buffoon, but with lots of annotated pictures to help you follow along!

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    Thornfall Alliance Turn 2

    Carver leeches back to his full fury capacity.

    On the right flank the Gun Boars advance and lob shots into the Mind Bender Drudges, boosting the blast damage rolls to get around deceleration. The Meat Thresher pulls back and shoots into the same bundle, offing those that passed their tough roll and lay vulnerable on the floor. Between them, seven Drudges are slain.

    The Commandos hurl grenades into the Slavers, killing four Drudges, and another five are sent packing by the Brigands. Maximus stalks between the two units, waiting for his chance to kill.

    Carver casts batten down the hatches, granting his battlegroup +3ARM and immunity to knockdown in exchange for two points of DEF. He also casts Quagmire onto the War Hog, which will debuff the DEF of any enemy base to base with it.

    Victory Points – Farrow 0, Cephalyx 0

    Cephalyx Turn 2

    Thexus hands out maximum focus to the Wreckers, gearing them up for a big turn.

    An Agitator on the right begins to instigate, buffing any nearby Monstrosities. The Overlords fire their magical sprays into the Meat Thresher, causing four damage. Thexus feats, dragging the Gun Boars and Slaughterhousers forward. He uses telekinesis to move one of the Wreckers forward. Benders buff two Drudges who charge into the Thresher and a Gun Boar. The Thresher takes a whopping ten damage, but the Gun Boar is only mildly hurt.

    A Wrecker charges the other Gun Boar, into the instigate field. He easily slaughters the Boar, but due to the bacon rule, the second Boar heals some of the damage it just took. The Wrecker hits this boar too, breaking its mind aspect.

    On the other end of the competency spectrum, the second Wrecker charges the War Hog and manages to deal less than five damage, missing the DEF10 warbeast twice.

    Slaver Drudges kill three Commandos, generating two new Drudges.

    Victory Points – Farrow 0, Cephalyx 0

    Thornfall Alliance Turn 3

    Carver leeches back to full and lets his spells fade.

    The Commandos draw their kukri knives and go to work whittling away at the Drudges. Maximus charges past them into the second squad of Slavers, cutting one in half and knocking down a second.

    I move the War Hog around the Wrecker and turn on its aggression dial. The War Hog hurts the Wrecker badly and Carver steps into the gap he just made. Calling his feat, Carver smites the Wrecker in one blow before casting batten down the hatches again.

    The Gun Boar manages to kill the Drudge blocking the Slaughterhousers and then damage the second Wrecker a little. Now damaged, the Wrecker is easy prey, as with finisher and Carver’s feat they are rolling four damage dice. They also manage to kill one more Drudge.

    The Thresher bulldozes a Drudge aside and engages two Overseers, killing one. It then begins to shoot, killing two more Drudges and knocking a third down.

    The Brigands shoot at the enemy objective and spike some high damage dice, destroying it early on. This lets them kill two more Drudges in the forest.

    Victory Points – Farrow 1, Cephalyx 0

    Cephalyx Turn 3

    Thexus places focus into the Warden and Subduer, making sure they are at full.

    The Slaver and his last Drudge charge into Maximus. The Slaver deals six damage to the raging hog, but the Drudge misses. The other Slaver continues to fight the Commandos to a stalemate, joined by the Dominator for some back up.

    The Benders impel a Drudge into the midst of the Slaughterhousers, detonating it and sending three Pigmen to their graves, along with the Gun Boar. Thexus mind controls another Slaughterhouser to kill one more.

    The Warden charges the Meat Thresher but gets unlucky with his damage dice. The war engine stays alive on two boxes. The Subduer pulls back around the building to avoid the Brigands who are threatening to tear it to shreds.

    Victory Points – Farrow 1, Cephalyx 0
    My Battle Report Thread - Watch with despair as Menoth, Cryx, Gatormen, Skorne and Circle are played by an imcompetant buffoon, but with lots of annotated pictures to help you follow along!

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    Thornfall Alliance Turn 4

    Due to poor fury management on my part, I cut Carver once to bring him to full fury.

    The Commandos kill only one Drudge but also nab the Slaver himself. Maximus slices through the other Slaver and his Drudge with a single mighty swing of his Orgoth Blade. The Brigands then move up and kill two more Drudges, clearing the zone.

    The last Slaughterhouser charges an Agitator but misses. The Meat Thresher grinds another Overseer to death.

    Carver runs to dominate the left hand flag, which I now own along with the central zone. My victory points swell to three.

    Victory Points – Farrow 3, Cephalyx 0

    Cephalyx Turn 4

    With the writing on the wall, Thexus’ forces kill the remaining models on the right half of the board and take the flag. The Subduer ropes in the War Hog and kills it too. But at the end of the turn, my points grow to four, giving me victory in the following turn.

    Victory Points – Farrow 4, Cephalyx 1


    The Thornfall Alliance win due to victory points!



    Thanks to Christmas, new Brigands and Commandos swell the ranks of my pigmen. And the Meat Thresher is a mighty fine addition too! As of this date, my Farrow command a 100% win rate. We’ll see how long into 2017 that lasts!

    I was pretty lucky this game. My Brigands rolled two 11s and a 12 to destroy that objective, and my Meat Thresher and War Hog survived charges they probably shouldn’t have.

    It was satisfying to kill pretty much every Drudge. By the end of the game, the Cephalyx were pretty much a Slaver-only army!

    Carver grabbed the flag and waved it aloft, his troops roaring with victory.

    “Here’s to 2017!”
    My Battle Report Thread - Watch with despair as Menoth, Cryx, Gatormen, Skorne and Circle are played by an imcompetant buffoon, but with lots of annotated pictures to help you follow along!

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    Really excellent job! Very much enjoy reading these, not only for their informational value but entertainment as well. Thanks for these!

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