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    Default Played Grind at Templecon and it was "the awesome"

    So, I had not played Grind, mostly because it didn't seem that interesting given all the other fun games that PP makes. However, at Templecon I gave it a go and it was awesome. The board was absolutely beautiful, lit up it had a beautiful glow for those late night games. While there were many fun plays and close rolls, there was one play that seemed Pelé worthy (famous soccer player for those who don't know). Top of turn 2, a jug charged the ball, knocking it 9" on a diagonal towards a side where a Sprig was set up. The Sprigg. charged, reaching the ball with his reach and punched it 13" into the goal. After this play we both stared at the board, mouths agape at what just happened. After which we immediately said, "Want to play again?!"

    This is the same thing I felt after my first MKI game and it was nice to experience this with a new PP game.

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    Grind has a lot going for it, and I say this as someone with a long history in the competitive Blood Bowl scene. I need to come back to it this spring.

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    True, I played BB for ever, still play the Steam version and I love it. I find Grind to be a much different game, but still with that same kind of flavor. Its simpleness reminds me of way back in MKI playing battle boxes and having a blast.

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    Do you know what ruleset you played to enable Warmachine jacks instead of the Whatsamacallits included in the boardgame ruleset?
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    Not sure... It seemed to be a TempleCon exclusive. I'm sure some of the PGs that were there could help you out, Faultie?

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    Bump! As I would love to introduce this to my community and it looked awesome.

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    They might have been using the original MK1 Grind Rules, that were in a No Quarter? Did you have a Warcaster?
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    I believe the original grind rules are in a NQ, I'll have to check which one.
    The original metal grinder can still be bought on the PP store.

    Grind has a lot of potential, it's a really good game, even better with the league rules.

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    We had a caster, one focus per jack and I think there was a minimum of three focus? I believe we played 35 points.

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    There's a copy of "Grind using Warmachine rules" in NQ 10, with two casters per faction, and about a half-page of space for each faction's specific plays and maneuvers.

    The Grind boardgame has custom dice, and doesn't really have rules for warcasters on the table, so you probably would have been playing some modified version of the NQ rules.

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    Just saw this. I believe that the guys that made the board had custom rules for it. Shoot Captain Spud a PM, as I think it was his board.

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    Also just saw this-- glad you enjoyed it.

    My Grind ruleset for Warmahordes is as follows:

    Special Scenario: GRIND!

    Special Rules

    • Deployment: The game is played on a 24″x30″ game board. Each board has two lava pits and two columns, as indicated on the map provided. Deployment zones are 4″ deep, at the N and S ends of the board. Each deployment zone contains a 2″x2″ Goal. The Goal has a DEF of 12 for the purposes of being thrown at.
    • The Grinder: At the start of the game, place a medium-based Grinder at the center of the board. The Grinder has DEF 7, STR 10, and ARM 20. The grinder cannot be knocked down or made stationary, and its stats cannot be reduced. The Grinder is always an enemy model, but cannot engage or be engaged. The grinder does not take damage; if it would be damaged with an attack, it is instead slammed directly away from the attacker, 1″ for each damage point above its ARM value. Collateral damage on this slam is equal to the attacking model’s Strength. When thrown or slammed, the Grinder passes over knocked-down models instead of striking them (if it has enough movement to move completely over them), and is not affected by movement-reducing effects such as rough terrain. A slammed Grinder knocks down any model it contacts, regardless of base size. If any attack or effect would both damage and move the Grinder, you may choose to slam it OR to use the attack’s built-in movement, not both.
    • Caster Presence: Warcasters/Warlocks do not start the game on the board. Instead, they are considered to be “off the field”, with their control area extending 5″ from the column on that player’s side of the board. Each warcaster/warlock receives an activation, but can only cast or upkeep one spell or animus each turn (no actions, no feats, and no passive abilities of any kind), which it can do without paying focus/fury; consider this spell to be cast from that player’s column. At the start of each player’s Activation phase, that player may heal/repair one damage point from any one of his Warjacks/Warbeasts.
    • Focus: At the start of your Control phase, gain one focus for each warjack you control, to a minimum of 3. Allocate this focus as you wish among any warjacks you control with an active Cortex. You may allocate to warjacks outside your warcaster’s control area. A warjack cannot gain, be allocated, or keep between turns any additional “free” focus normally afforded to it by its rules.
    • Fury: At the start of your Control phase, remove any amount of fury from your Warbeasts, then count the number of Warbeasts you control. Your Warbeasts may be forced for a total of that much fury this turn, to a minimum of three. Your warbeasts may be forced while outside of your warlock’s control area.
    • Special Exception: The Avatar of Menoth is considered a normal warjack with a cortex in your warcaster’s battlegroup for the purposes of allocation. It receives no free focus of its own, but can be allocated focus from your allotment each turn. Because the Cortex system is not present on its card, the Avatar can never suffer a crippled Cortex system as a result of damage. Note that the Avatar is still Cortex-less for the purpose of effects like the Dominate spell.

    Terrain Rules:

    • Lava Pits - Rough terrain. A model with half or more of its base in a lava pit is removed from play.
    • Goals - No model except the Grinder can enter a Goal.

    Victory Condition:

    A player loses the game when the Grinder enters his Goal, or when all of his warjacks/warbeasts have been destroyed or removed from play.


    1. Can I get more focus/fury as a result of model special rules?
    Nope. We allowed this in the first year, and it caused too much silliness. This year, the Seethers and Hydras have to play naked like everyone else.
    2. What about models that can charge, slam, etc without focus?
    Those rules still apply.
    3. So can my warcaster/warlock do [X]?
    For most values of [X]: no. All your caster/lock can do is cast or upkeep one spell per turn. No other rules they normally possess have any effect. Madrak can’t kill things, Sorscha has no feat, and Kraye’s jacks aren’t horses. Once your caster/lock has cast or upkept their spell, they’re done for the turn.
    4. Can I arc?
    Yep, just keep the arc node within 5″ of your column.
    5. Doesn’t this unfairly benefit/hurt [X]?
    Three responses here:

        1. Probably not as badly as you might think. In our testing, all casters and jack/beast combinations had something to contribute.
        2. Maybe, but you have a month and a half to figure out how to work around that fact.
        3. If you really think so, let me know and I’ll consider changing the mission slightly to close any loopholes. The deadline for these changes is one week after this posting.

    6. How do I deploy a colossal or gargantuan within a 4″ deployment zone?
    Deploy it with the back of its base touching the back of your deployment zone. The spillage should be minimal.
    7. Does Induction work? What about the Corollary’s focus shenanigans?
    Induction is allocation, so it doesn’t work. The Corollary assigns focus with allocation, so it also doesn’t work. However, the Arcane Repeater does still work– if you keep it near your column, you’ll bump your control area by 2″. So, while the floatybot is largely dead points, it does still serve some minor function.

    Pics of my board:

    A walkthrough of the board's construction can be found here on my blog.
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