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    Default MonPoc near Olympia?

    Hello all!

    I will be moving up towards Fort Lewis this summer. I am wondering if there are any Monsterpocalypse players up near that area? I know it's several months from now, but I haven't been able to play MonPoc in about 2 or 3 years.

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    hi and welcome to the area. i used to live in puyallup, wa and there is are 2 places that have old school warmachine players that if you make contact with would be willing to bust out there minis, one is the game matrix in tacoma...the guy who you will want to talk to there is joe, he is a vet warmachine player but he should know more about who would be willing to play. the other spot is terracrux in tacoma, this is one near the tacoma dome so a bit further north, but if you go in wednesdays you should be able to find the press ganger there, his name is jamie, and he might be able to help as well. i hope this points you in the right direction and good luck!!
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    I am a PG in Olympia WA. We had a small dedicated group for Monpoc but it is hard to grow a game when there is no longer supported events for it and eventually we have moved onto other pastures. (Warmachine/Hordes and various board games) I still have my armies and willing to throw down now and again. The warmachnie/hordes, High Command group meet up at Gabbi's Olympic Cards and comics in Lacy WA behind the Fred Meyers. Hope to see you there some day. Feel free to send me a PM if you want to get a game in.


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