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    Default Community's Fan Abilities and Figures Thread

    I kind of do this to a lot of forums that I visit, and I made a massive one way back when that had a lot of monsters on it. This is kind of the same concept here. Monsterpocalypse is really too small to have creative threads like this placed in the superforum; they'd just be swallowed up by all the Warmahordes stuff out there. However, big difference is that its goal is to be for new abilities, new monsters and units, and even new types of monsters/units/whatever, if anyone can figure those out, made by anyone. It's a community creative thread, created as a little island so that the big waves of other games do not squash it like an ironic situation.

    Here's a few that I've thought up of:

    Artillery: Skill: This figure's blast attack gains +2 range. It cannot target a unit that is 3 or less spaces away with a blast attack.

    Impervious: This monster does not take damage from attacks made by units.
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    I've got a custom Quantum Terra Khan that I won through a Team Covenant contest. I'll post the stats and try to do a shot of the figure they made when I get a chance.

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