I was thinking about the fluff of Monpoc and how really 3 agenda's want to destroy the city, and 3 agenda's actually want to secure the city. A thought came for a way to try to support this further with a few rule changes and also a few simplifications and buffs.

Rule changes
* Units no longer generate Pdice.
* Monster abilities can be used only if they were not used last turn(maybe a pain to track but stops games from being to spammy, If you power up or down this is also reset)
* There is no more Rough terrain(All Terrain and Hover now get 2 diagonal moves per turn.)
* Flying can be brawled by all units
* Leadership no longer requires units to be the same name just Faction.(allows for more interesting units to be used since now there is a reason for a red squix potentially)
*Super Rampage, Super Stomp, Super Swat (You may use this power attack at the start or end of your turn as an additional action)
*Side step, Roll the number of B dice of the Attack type your are defending against, add this to your defense.

Agenda Changes
The idea here being some agenda's actually want the city/people, some just want the land and the rules should entice that behavior for your agenda.

* If your Agenda is Destroyers, Invaders, or Radical; when your units destroy buildings convert the (Energy) number to Blue dice that will replace that number of Action dice for the next Monster turn
*Your units would be able to turn their whites, into Blue dice that can be spent like white dice but would roll better.

*If your Agenda is Protectors, Collaborators, or Fiends; when your units destroy an enemy unit or enemy Installation convert the (Energy/Cost) to the number to Blue dice that will replace that number of Action dice for the next Monster turn.

Agenda Skills *Can't be doubled
Gain Extra P dice on powerup Equal to the Energy of this building and convert action dice to a Bonus dice of the same number
Underground Network
unchanged for moving through, When controlled you may move Bonus dice up to the Energy of this building from either pool
You may Move A dice on powerup Equal to the Energy of this building, from either pool. Treat this building as a unit for all advantages(Snatchers gotta eat)

Media Hub
Deafening Silence: When destroyed remove the Energy of building in Action dice from a pool of your choice.
Super Structure
Demoralize: When destroyed remove the Energy Number from power dice, if they have none, you prevent this number being gained by your enemy.
Industrial Site
Incite all: Bonus Dice created from Units destroying this building are applied also to the Units