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    Question Is my core set missing location Ironhead Station?

    Hey all,

    Recently I’ve bought Warmachine High Command Core Set. To get my friends to know the game, I’ve played a couple of ‘quick games’ as explained by the rulebook in the ‘Quick Start Setup’.
    The ‘Quick Start Setup’ states you bring only the following location cards in play:
    1. Ancient Ichter
    2. Corvis
    3. Fort Falk
    4. Highgate
    5. Ironhead Station
    6. Midfast

    My box seems to be missing the Ironhead Station. It does however contain 15 locations, as stated in the rulebook and the box itself.
    The locations that are included in the box are as follows:

    1. Ancient Ichtier;
    2. Corvis;
    3. Fort Falk;
    4. High Gate;
    5. Midfast;
    6. Laedry;
    7. Northguard;
    8. Five Fingers;
    9. Tower Judgement;
    10. Merywyn;
    11. Point Bourne;
    12. Rynyr;
    13. Volwingrad;
    14. Blackwater;
    15. Steelwater Flats;

    Does this mean something is wrong with the contents of my box? Or does it seem the Quick Start Setup is wrong?

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    It was replaced by Steelwater Flats, as explained here:

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