Press Release:

Can I still buy miniatures online? Where can I buy them online?
Yes. Nothing about our policy prohibits the sale of our products online, however, we don’t officially endorse any particular online retailer.

I can't afford to play the game without discounts. How do you expect me to keep playing?
Predatory deep discounting is just one method that a free rider might employ to steal sales from brick and mortar stores that offer services like organized play that grow the market and introduce new players to gaming. Our intention is not to drive out cost conscious people from playing the game, but rather grow our community of players and this policy is vital to achieving that goal in the long term. Discounts as a whole will never go away. Your local game store may run a sale on some products in conjunction with a new organized play event or you may be able to find a good deal or two from other players who are shifting from one army to another. There will always be a way to find affordable options, just hopefully in a way that supports a thriving market and not in a way that will benefit free riders.

Who is on the free rider list right now?
The free rider list is confidential. We aren’t interested in shaming or besmirching the names of those retailers that are currently engaging in free riding. Retailers that are concerned that they might be on the list are encouraged to ask their distributor if they are on the list. Distributors will only tell a store if they are on the list, they will not divulge other members of the list to any other store.

Why is Privateer doing this when no one else does?
Actually, multiple companies both inside and outside this industry engage in practices that encourage the long-term growth of their business using various methods both similar and different to the one we have invoked here. We believe our approach is best for our market.

Why are you picking on online stores?
To be clear, online stores are not the problem. Stores that offer no services or undermine the market by engaging practices that make it impossible for stores that do offer those services to exist are the problem. Online stores that compete reasonably in the market are not free riders.

If you are a retailer or distributor with further questions please contact Licensing & Contracts Manager, Brent Waldher: