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    Default The Monsterpocalypse Wiki is gone

    Hello to you, tiny corner of the internet that still cares about Monsterpocalypse.

    I come bearing news of another nail in the buried coffin that is my favorite game.

    The Team Covenant Monsterpocalypse wiki is no more. The latest version of the TC website no longer hosts the portal, or any of the individual pages, it appears.

    While the wiki lives on in my heart (and the internet wayback machine) it now falls to the Vassal module to host the remains of our scattered statlines.

    I hope to one day rise again from the five year old ashes in glory, but until that day I will wait as patiently as the dead.
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    The stats aren't just on the vassal module. There's still downloads out there that have the stats of everything released, mainly on Board Game Geek. I checked a few months ago, when I discovered the destruction of the TCWiki.
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