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Thread: War Room 2 FAQ

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    Weird issue, my war room suppresses my Pandora volume while open like when there is a notification.

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    I can't figure out how to get themes to show up. Is this a bug?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TinkerLane View Post
    I want simple text only reference back!!!
    Privateer has stated they are going to have full text reference back in the app. That will allow you to quickly see rules text in War Room, and then if you'd like, open the PDF document to dig deeper.
    Will this be released this century? Originally it was promised before the end of July.

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    OK since searching I cannot find a quick answer.

    I have bought 4 decks in war room currently. If I purchase the Ultimate bundle next, do I get refundded my other purchases? Or at least a discount on the big bundle?

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    I cannot get the new card thumbnail portraits to load. When I try to load previously saved lists from the cloud the app crashes.

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