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    Default New player saying hello

    With the core sets and expansions dirt cheap on clearance, I picked up the warmachine core and four expansions. I'm looking forward to playing with some friends. There seems to be talk about the game not really being supported, hopefully that's not the case. On the other hand I'm loving the low price of the game and if they stay low I'll probably end up getting the hordes set.

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    Hey there,

    Same here, got to know this game when it went on clearance and proceeded to buy and play it. Its a good game with gorgeous art and decent game play.

    Apparently the lead designer of High Command (David Carl a.k.a DC) left Privateer Press last year after the Rapid Engagements set to start up his own mercenary game company, Clockwork Phoenix Games. This explains the game not being supported, as I presume PP is still a wargame miniature based company, and their priority for now is on the latest WarmaHordes mk3.

    I really hope they continue the game as well, maybe by getting DC to at least complete the game with the 2nd hordes set, a couple of expansions & campaign sets.

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    It probably comes down to sales. If there is money to be made it wouldn't be hard to throw out a new pack once a year, regardless of DC being there or not. I'm not sure how good the numbers were though.

    Mechanically, the game is solid enough but like the majority of deck-building games suffers from a lack of interaction between players. Sure, there are battles and stuff, but rarely any real surprises, at least in two-player games. On the other hand, this makes a fun game to play against yourself solo since your moves are not affected by knowledge of both player hands and decks.

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