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    Default Warmachine Vs Hordes - Does it work

    hi, friend and I recently started playing HC and have a quick question.

    Is the game intended to work hords again warmachine? We came acroos a card, Fort Falk I believe, that let you move a warjack when the location was captured. If the Hordes player/s captured this card would they be able to move a warbeast or is the wording specific and the Hordes player would just have to be content with winning the location?

    Thanks in advance
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    Yes, you can play across systems, So to speak. Some location cards benefit particular groups at the expense of others, but there are rules for letting one person select the location deck and the Winds of War deck. It's been a while since I've played a game, so I don't remember the rule off the top of my head.

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    My group basically decided that if a location card refers to Warjacks, it applies to Warbeasts and visa versa.

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    Technically, if a card specifically refers to warjack/warbeast then that is the only type of card that benefits. It's not a huge deal for locations (most times when I've played, we consider warbeasts/warjacks to be synonymous for the purpose of those benefits), however some offensive abilities also specify warjack vs. warbeast. Typically I will maintain the distinctions there a little more strictly, but I have never found that to at all detract from playing the game as Warmachine vs. Hordes.
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