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Thread: So it's 2016...

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    Default So it's 2016...

    And there hasn't been movement on this game in a while from PP. But I'm not posting a complaint or trying to start a fight.

    On the contrary, I'm really interested in buying all the pieces to have a closed but comprehensive game system that is easy to understand and fun to play. Is this viable in Monsterpocalypse? Can I be a completist for a Series or two and be happy with the game? It should be obvious that I have never played, but I am sincerely interested.


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    There are large lot deals right now on auction sites. Series 2 was never completed, so those factions lack Installations and morpher monsters that Series 1 factions will have. But Series 2 do have character units, which Series 1 factions do not.

    If you got a full set of Series 1, you'd have a complete set of 6 more or less even factions to play with, each with 5 monsters, 2 form each (assuming you also get all the Mega forms), plus a few rare Quantum forms if you can find or proxy them. Adding Series 2 just adds more fun, as you can round out those factions with matching Agenda figures from Series 2.

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    I got some mutterings at LnL that some information should be coming out soon but the nature of that information means it can't be discussed yet. I would (speculation) guess that you'll hear something this fall or winter.
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