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    Post Level 7 Invasion - Fear Hunter Hybrids dilemma

    Hi everyone,

    I am currently playing through a solo game of Level 7 Invasion so I can get an overall handle on the game and get used to the rules.

    Here is an issue I am currently wrestling with and I would appreciate any comments, particularly if it transpires I am interpreting the rules incorrectly.

    First Round, Deployment Phase, Ghin Mercenaries Phase:

    Playing the Hard Mode, I drew a Drop Ship card and the Hydra landed a Drop Ship in Brazil (defense level = 3). On initial setup, South America placed all four of its soldier figures in Brazil. On a subsequent card, a Hydra unit showed up in Argentina. That was unfortunate, because Dr. Cronos cannot now move to the Nigerian League via Brazil. The second Drop Ship landed in the Western Europe Defense Zone (defense level = 2), followed by Hydra units in the Nordic Confederacy and the North African Concord. Initial setup for Europe saw all four European figures in Central Europe.

    In the Ghin Mercenaries phase, a Ghin Researchers card ($3M) and a Fear Hunter Hybrids card ($2M) were drawn. I am thinking of getting all four nations to research Tier 1 Military Equipment technology so that all five powers are at Level 1 Power. That will cost $8M. I am also thinking it will be good to do the first Chronos Project ($6M). That leaves $6M to play with.

    Given that South America and Africa only start with one Research unit each, I figure that the Ghin Research card would be a good idea for either one of them. However, with North America and Asia not in any trouble whatsoever, they won't need to buy a Ghin Mercenary card. If South America doesn't buy anything, the next country in line is Europe. My first dilemma:

    1) Should South America or Europe buy the Fear Hunter Hybrids card? It costs $2M to add +1 to a region's defense value. But I am asking myself if it is worth it? Given that five Event cards are drawn before the combat phase, if each Event card spawns a Hydra unit to Brazil and Western Europe, then Brazil would end up with 4 human v 1 Drop Ship + 3 soldiers (4:4 with 1 Power each), and Western Europe would end up with 4 human (assuming I move all 4 European figures into Western Europe) v 1 Drop Ship + 2 soldiers (4:3 with 1 Power each). Bad for South America, good for Europe. If South America has the Fear Hunters, the line up would be 4 human v 1 Drop Ship + 4 soldiers (4:5 with 1 Power each), while Europe would be 4 humans v 1 Drop Ship + 3 soldiers (4:4 with 1 Power each). Bad for South America, bad for Europe. So ... I cannot see any benefit for South America or Europe if they spent $2M on the Fear Hunter Hybrid card.

    My second dilemma:

    2) With the only other Ghin Mercenary card at start being the Ghin Researcher card, if the Fear Hunter with its +1 defense value is not worth it (in the curtrent situation), in order to allow a further draw from the Ghin Mercenaries deck, at least one of these cards must be purcahsed. In the long run, a Ghin Researcher would come in handy for South America, but (again, assuming the Fear Hunter hybrid is not worth it at present), that would mean spending $3M of the spare $6M that exists between all five coalitions.

    Am I interpreting the rules correctly? Talk about a tough decision right at the very start of my game
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