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    Default Judge Policies [Tournament Dispute Resolutions]

    Hello all,

    Attached you will find the officiating guidelines used by the official Privateer Press judges and staff at major competitive events. We hope that by making the dispute resolution policies public, you will know what to expect when you attend any event officiated by judges or staff.

    It is important to remember that only judges and staff are beholden to these rules. Your local event organizer, or Press Ganger, can choose to follow these policies if they wish, but are not required to.

    Please note that these policies are not 100% comprehensive of every possible situation that could arise during a tournament, and we specifically do not want to create a resolution document that is so large it becomes a barrier of entry for new competitive players. Instead, our goal is to create fair and consistent answers for the more common disputes we observe throughout global tournaments.

    There are two golden rules to keep in mind as well in regards to these policies:

    1.) Dispute resolutions are only used if two players cannot agree. If the players at the table agree upon a resolution between themselves, no judge intervention is required.

    2.) These policies are guidelines that will be followed in nearly all situations by judges or staff, but they can be altered as needed. If, for any number of variables, a judge or staff needs to resolve a dispute in a manner that is contradictory to the guidelines posted here, they will do so.

    Thank you

    Judge Tournament Policy 10.10.16.pdf

    If you would like to discuss these policies, please visit the thread here:
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