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    Default Welcome to Development and Errata Question Submissions forum!

    Welcome to the Development and Errata Question Submissions forum. This forum is dedicated to your questions for Privateer Staff regarding upcoming erratas and related questions about the New Editions of Warmachine and Hordes. Privateer Press wants to encourage a cooperative, open community. To that end, here are the guidelines for this forum:

    Asking Questions

    • Before asking a question, please search the Q&A archive to make sure that your question hasn't already been asked and answered.
    • Keep your questions concise and specific. This gives the question(s) the greatest chance of being answered. This will help ensure that any answers address the question directly. The community may add points of clarification or other additional details related to the question(s), but debates over the merits of the question(s), premise, or specifics are best left for other subforums.
    • Please ask only one question per thread unless the questions are closely related to the same topic. This makes searching easier for community members.
    • If you feel the answer to a question is unclear or the thread is too old or locked, then please start a new thread and ask your question.

    Answering Questions

    • Unlike the Rules Forum, you will most likely not receive an official answer in your question thread. Although Privateer Press staffers may occasionally answer questions directly, the primary purpose of this subforum is to get the community's questions in one place so that Privateer Press may more easily answer them through upcoming Insiders.
    • If a question is answered within the thread, additional discussion is acceptable, but must be on topic and constructive.
    • If it is possible to answer a question without PP's official input, please cite the source of the answer (e.g. PP Insider, No Quarter article, etc.) so that others can reference it. Please don't try to answer questions based purely off memory.
    • Conjecture and debate are certainly welcome in other areas of the forum, but this subforum is specifically designed to direct questions to Privateer Press.
    • If we lock a thread for any other reason, we will do our best to make it clear why the thread was locked
    • All forum Terms of Service and rules apply to this forum.

    We want to reiterate that not every question from this forum will get answered. We will do our best to address all of the concerns regarding the upcoming erratas and the new editions.

    Don’t forget, you can tweet your questions about upcoming erratas and related questions regarding development to us at with the hashtag #askPPdev.
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