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    Lightbulb Under-which-city

    @"Oz", the wizard of, @pps_Doug_Secat, et al.,

    I was reading the Protectorate chapter in KNG and there is a sentence about the past when a heirarch explored the "catacombs under Sul" and another detailing "riots in the streets" of Sul during a time of no Hierarch. When I read this I thought of the poem, "The Cask of Amontillado".

    It would be sooooo awesome if a, or even a few, NQ Undercity board game scenario(s) could focus on the catacombs under Sul. Is Cryx invading through the underground to attack Protecorate Reclaimers? Do Cephalyx need some drudges? Is there a group of "scientists" venerating or studying Cyriss? Is there a way for the Circle to smuggle children who are experiencing the beginnings of the wilding out of the zealous Menite city before they are killed by Exemplars and Strutators?

    I am interested in purchasing the Undercity game but am not really interested in Cygnar. I just want to try and explore undercities other than Corvis and Cygnar, which would allow for more varied scenarios.

    Looking forward to my collector's edition of Widower's Wood! I will have to minimize rules, but my six-year-old nephew is interested in the minis. It's a step in the right direction .

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    The Undercity, even though it's located in Corvis, doesn't really scream "Cygnar" in theme. Of the four heroes, one is a trollkin, one is a gobber, and one is Llaelese. Of the villains, we have a cephalyx with its drudges, some gobbers, some trollkin, some ogrun, some Rhulfolk, and a cartload of thugs whose nationality probably doesn't matter even to them.

    The BRI expansion adds some more Cygnar into the mix, as three of the four new heroes are (probably) Cygnaran, but even they don't really have any distinctly Cygnaran features.
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    Yes, it's fairly generic.... there could be a lot of interesting scenarios added on.

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