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    This thread will catalog the questions addressed in the Insiders so users can quickly determine if their question has been answered. This thread will be updated regularly in order to maintain a record of which questions have been answered after they have been locked and deleted from the forum.

    Insider 1

    Are you looking at the top and bottom 5% of the game or the top and bottom 5% of each faction?
    How did you determine the 5%?
    Will there be more "patch note" announcements accompanying the errata?
    What is and isn't on the table for balance adjustments?
    How does casual player feedback weigh in when considering changes?
    Do you plan to make adjustments to have models fill more unique roles in this errata pass?
    Are you looking at balancing for individual models or model interactions?
    Do the errata take effect immediately, or will they have a "start date”?

    Insider 2

    How is Cryx being changed to be able to play into gun lines better?
    Will each faction get its own Insider to explain errata changes?
    Will Privateer Press continue to release free PDF copies of cards affected by errata? Can people use the old cards at events if they have the proper errata on hand, or must they use newer cards?
    Do models with random ROF feel like their point costs are where they should be? If so, any particular insight into why they should be considered to be in a good place?
    How do we address “community perceived” problems versus “developer perceived” problems? What kind of feedback would be considered more useful?
    Why was Beat Back changed the way it was? What was abusing the ability in Mk II to warrant said change?
    Are the upcoming Command books going to change because of the errata? Are Command books that would release after the errata being looked at now to reflect the errata?
    Is there any consideration to redesign Power Up?
    Is changing the field allowance of warjacks and warbeasts from FA U to something else on the table?
    Are WARMACHINE/HORDES models balanced around a particular point value?

    Insider 3
    Can models gain or lose weapons? If so, is this based on the sculpt of the model?
    Any chance of Rockbottom becoming Rhulic again? Or Lug becoming Rhulic at all?
    Ambush special rule being weighted heavily? Is there a reason these models feel over/undercosted?
    What is the intended difference between the Withershadow Combine and the Skarlock Thrall?
    Is there a reason the HORDES side of the house was left out of the awesome attachment system WARMACHINE got?
    Are models without cortexes intended to be able to be disrupted?
    Why does Circular Vision stop back strikes and not Backstab?
    Is there any discussion on creating low-cost solos or reducing the point costs of solos in Factions that do not have access to 1-, 2-, or even a 3-point solo?
    Is there anything the development team is particularly excited about in the errata? For example, are the new anti-gunline abilities in Cryx really thematic?
    As stated in a Primecast, Jarl Skuld is a gun mage. Why doesn't he have shot types like other gun mages?
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