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    Merc 3: Imph. Already disliking the clock. Time to do random stuff.
    I don't bring up Boomhowlers, due to no clue syndrome.

    A couple Croes are engaging the Bokor and the leftmost Wrastler, so they die to Free Strikes to get out of the way.
    They then kill the left side Trawler.
    The Trenchers cloud up MacBain, as he is drained from fuelling jacks and Energising. They shoot down the Bokor, Shambers
    and Croaks.

    Kell wings the left most Wrastler again. The Failsafe Nomad charges that Wrastler, does some damage on the charge then
    flubs the world. DEF 12 turns out to be pretty good, no wonder the Skornites were disappointed.
    The other Nomad leaves the Trench to threaten the Minion flag.

    I do have one plan, which is kill Snapjaw. Star Crossed is annoying, so the right most Buccaneer slams Snappy. He hits, then
    rolls waaaay to far on the distance and this is now out of charge range of the Freebooter. Stupid Submerge....

    The Ace Buccaneer then aims and tries to knock down the right side Wrastler. So by dint of my genius, I knock down the other
    Buccaneer that did the slam.

    The Rangers try to kill the Trawler on the right side and utterly fail.
    The Freebooter ends up backing up and staying on contest range of my flag.

    MacBain feats, because everything is awful. I feat on a few Grenadiers, a Croe, Madelyn and Orin. Orin runs way up the board,
    hoping to stop Snappy or Wrongeye casting spells. He sadly lacks the speed to really get to a great spot for it.

    Minion 3: Maelok stays behind the stupid wall of power, feats and Spiny Growths himself.
    The left side Wrastler puts Rage on the Spitter, is otherwise missing his Mind and Body so flails like......a flaily thing that is ineffective.
    The Spitter then starts attacking the forward Nomad. Trashes it with prejudice and puts up Counterblast.
    The Snapper then puts up Spiny Growth, charges and misses Madelyn on the hill.

    Right wise, the healthy Wrastler goes up to the centre wall and growls menacingly. MENACINGLY I SAY.
    Wrongeye/Snappy eat the Buccaneer I knocked down. Fair.

    Merc 4: So, how are we doing on time.....ah, I see we have crashed a double decker into Big Ben and numbers are landing all
    around us. Big heavy ones.

    We don't need Boomhowler! Sod it! Let's kill that right Wrastler and live the dream!
    Wait, we have no clock (As far as someone who has been spoiled by small sized lists choices is concerned)!
    What's Mael.......Def 18 Aye? Arm 20 something? Three Transfers?
    Back to the other dream!

    Buccaneer assaults the right Wrastler, knocks him down. Fully loaded water jack wotsitsname......Free Footwearer charges in.
    Might as well have chucked the model into the weak plaster of the wall as he achieves sweet sod all. is only now I realise that I killed literally nothing this turn. Yikes.

    Kell is a boss, so shoots the left side Wrastler for another 6 (Poor dude.....just shoots a wall of leathery meat over and over and over.
    That's it though, he's only done it three times).
    The anemic Croe unit moves up the left, shoot the left Wrastler to Silence him (Take that Maelok! You have to cast Rage! Just like
    you probably intended to!)

    Trenchers do some CRA's on the knocked down Wrastler. Was super ineffectual. A couple,alongside the Rangers, fail to kill the right
    side Bog Trog Trawler. MacBain gets two clouds.

    Orin charges Maelok, does nothing, I desperately hope he tries to cast stuff before brutally murdering the old geezer.

    Scorings for people that try to win games.

    Minion 4: Spitter frenzies, eats Madelyn.
    On the left, the Wrastler just chills as he is quite hurt. The Spitter goes in, lightly dings the Buccaneer. Maelok and Wrongeye stay in
    their prospective Hideyholes, Orin gets horribly eaten.
    The right side Wrastler and Snappy kill the Freebooter. The Trawler chills on the hill and implodes a Trencher.

    Minions go to 1 CP.
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    Merc 5: Fuzzy as **** photo. I have stared into the deepest void, wherein the darkness is all consuming, encompassing
    and yet nothing. A visceral blackness that yet devours the concept of colour. I beheld a glowing pyramid of a most bright
    hue, inscribed upon it words. Just the best words. I believe they were "You'll get over it".

    Incidentally, I broke my no photos under 15 minutes rules because I wanted to see how this played out afterwards.
    Plays like a toddler (A miserable mess that causes endless sighing).

    I have to kill Maelok to get this game done in the clock contraints (No chance I win a time strategy, specially with the
    comparative amount of activations).

    Boomies ambush on the top left and run in.
    Croes go amongst them, Silence the left side Wrastler, who Kell plinks again.
    The Nomad goes into the Spitter and kills it.
    The Buccaneer charges Wrongeye, boosts the charge attack, puts him on 1 box. Buys an attack, boosts to hit and misses.
    Valiant attempt, alas for the spell that (I presume) blares Adam Levines Voice into your Eye Sockets and melts them.

    The Trenchers mostly just shuffle up. They do CRA's and kill the right Wrastler with some nasty damage rolls.

    Minion 5: Maelok moves into the open, keeps Deathpact on himself. Puts Rage on the Wrastler. Between him and Wrongeye
    they easily kill my second Buccaneer.
    Wrastler and Spitter go into the Nomad. Kells efforts have paid off, as the Wrastler only has Spirit and maxes Fury to
    achieve little.

    Merc 6: Alright, I've have 90 seconds to kill Maelok.

    MacBain moves up, puts Failsafe on the Nomad (Only needs one box to live through the freestrikes and he can lay into
    Maelok at full efficieny). Shoots Maelok for a good amount with his gun.
    Rangers move up the back, shoot Maelok.
    Kell does another 6 points to him.
    Trenchers form a blob, do three CRA's into Maelok and kill him.

    Huh....that was easier than expected. It's determines I mathed incorrectly on the CRA's, so the Croes come in and finish the
    job with backstrikes.

    Youch.....what a mess. I've got infantry model clock issues yo. Glad I've been to lazy to put the 50 Drudge and Alexia list down.
    MacBain has an uncertain future.

    I would describe this as not my best work.
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    Alright, Ashlynn got pointed out to me again, so threw together a list of models I currently have available (Sylyss has
    disappeared and Gallant got reclaimed by its owner).

    Ashlynn1 - Mangler, Rover, Rorsh and Brine, Dahlia and Skarath, Brun and Lug, 2x Eliminators, Ragman, Tinker, Gibbs, Acosta
    Objective: Bunker

    Some random Saturday pick ups into ye olde new Swannie
    Sloan1 - 3x Defender, Jakes1 with 2x Grenadiers, Trenchers (Max) with UA, Eiryss1, Reinholdt
    Objective: Bunker

    It's Recon, I lose the roll as is our way and get first.
    On the far side of the left flag we have a large obstruction. The zone has a linear arrangement of a Trench, a fog cloud and
    a large forest. My objective has a blob of water to its side. There's a hill and a wall that won't matter.

    Round 1: Ashlynns Quickens herself so she doesn't just get blown the hell up immediately.
    Rover gets forced into the water in the name of making room.
    One unit of Eliminators and the Pigs go way left, intending to hide behind the obstruction and threaten whatever goes behind it.
    Manglers Gets Admo, as I expect he'll be the opening trade down piece so the more annoying he is to get rid of the better.
    Snake and Bear go behind the forest, if I'm to do much in the matchup I'm pretty sure I have to leverage the terrain, otherwise
    Sloan just blows me up in two turns and its game over.

    The trenchers go up the centre between the Obstruction of doom and their objective.
    Jakes hides behind said Obstruction, her Grenadier jacks going behind the left most bunch of Trenchers.
    The Defenders just make a line behind them, Sloan is base to base with the butt of the rightmost one.
    Eiryss goes up behind the wall on the right.

    Merc 2: Upkeeps hang around.
    Left wise, the Red Eliminators run up and into the open. They can definitely be attacked, I'm somewhat hoping they will be to draw
    away things going for my Heavies or strongly contesting the zone.
    The Pigs go behind the Obstruction.

    The other Eliminators and Acosta run up into the Trenchers, killing a couple on the way.
    Mangler tries to get into the Trench, doesn't quite make it alas.

    Rover and Ashlynn hang at the back of the zone. Ashlynn is totally open to Defender shots, as I' straight up failed to remember
    True Sight when I moved her and thus the cloud did nothing, continuing only to be an impediment for me.
    The Snake and Bear go into the forest.

    Cygnar 2: Sloan hangs back and feats. A few Trenchers also die int he meantime to free up Acosta and a central Eliminator as targets.
    The Swans barely move as they blow up the Mangler, Acosta, Skarath and an Eliminator.
    Jakes and Sloan both fall back to the backfield, away from the murder squad on the left.
    I should have triggered Admo to get the Mangler in the trench, mistakes were made. Beyond taking Brun and Lug that is.

    Merc 3: By Reinholdts massive head, we're knee deep in it now.

    Ideally something goes into the Objective and kills it, I ultimately fail to see a means to do so when it is a Bunker. Either the Mangler or
    Skarath were intended to do it, once more I did not take into account the effect of True Sight ignoring concealment.

    Nothing for it but to throw Ashlynn forward and delay like a boss.

    Ashlynn Feats, gets up in the cloud and camps five. Also scribbles a quick note about what should be written on her gravestone.
    The Rover runs up next to her in the trench for the Eiryss shot.
    The Bear runs up onto the hill and engages a Trencher.
    Little pig stays hidden, big Pig runs up and engages the Grenadiers and a bunch of the Trenchers.
    Brun hides in the forest, Dahlia runs up behind the cloud.

    Eliminator wise, the Red ones go into the left most Defender to be annoying. The Green one charges Jakes and bounces off hard (I have
    no need of camp!)
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    Cygnar 3: The Trenchers and Grenadiers stab Brine, the infantry all miss as the jacks do some damage. One Defender goes
    into him, hits well, I then do a Retaliatory strike hoping for a crit knockdown. It fails alas, does some damage but then bacon
    sprinkles the earth.

    Jackes and the left Defender flail at the Red Eliminators as Jakes injures Brun and blows up the Green fail Eliminator.

    Eiryss misses with a sweet snake eyes. The final Defender goes into Brun, whacks him down to a few boxes.

    Merc 4: Ashlynn opens an eye, to her shock she isn't fragments of skin and muscle liberally spread out on the ground. Sloan is
    sensibly hidden away, so its attempt to push the scenario time.

    Ragman walks up and Death Fields as Brin heals Lug. This lets the Bear eat the zone and flail with some attacks on the right Defender.
    Red Eliminators kill Jakes, shutting down the Grenadiers.
    Rorsh uses Dynomite to pop some Trenchers and ping the centre Defender.
    Dahlia runs up into the Trenchers and desperately toots her flute.

    Ashlynn backs the hell up as Tinker/Gibbs Rover form a wall with the forest. Admonition goes on teh Rover.

    I go to 3 CP.

    Cygnar 4: Kara kills the Red Eliminators, while Defenders finish off Lug and Dahlia. Unfortunately only a few Trenchers and Eiryss
    go into the zone.

    Merc 5: Brun kills Eiyrss, I easily finish off the Trenchers in the zone and enjoy a sweet scenario win.

    The Bear has rules. It should get some different ones. Or at least by damn cheaper than it is.
    Not really a good test run for Ashlynn, Sloan is just bad, with more aggressive moves from the Defenders it goes pretty awful as
    I don't like the odds of killing three heavies and still have Ashlynn safe enough to not die to just Sloan shooting her.

    Well, another game of this list at any rate, as we had time for two....
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    Round 2: This time for sure

    Still this garbage:
    Ashlynn1 - Mangler, Rover, Rorsh and Brine, Dahlia and Skarath, Brun and Lug, 2x Eliminators, Ragman, Tinker, Gibbs, Acosta
    Objective: Bunker

    We almost get the 7 Hammersmiths with Jakes2, though we instead veer into less exerimenty tech.
    Maddox1 (Storm Bringers) - 2x Ironclad, Firefly, Thunderhead, Junior with Charger, Storm Lancers (Max), Storm Lancers (Min),
    Laddermore, Squire, Arlan

    Loving Thunderhead in that. Anything whose high points cost displaces some Storm Lancers can't be bad.

    It only took 9 games, but I finally beat DMB on the dice roll. I picked second because the terrain definitely favoured the scenario
    game for one side.

    Two Fronts, the left flag has a forest and the cloud. The Obstruction returns between the flags, with a hill near the Swan flag and
    a wall in my back field. There's also a trench and some water on my side that don't do a huge amount.

    Cygnar 1: It's super flank time!
    The Lancers all run up on the right, Arcane Shield on the larger unit. Snipe goes on Thunderhead.
    The Charger is hidden behind the Obstruction, Junior is behind Thunderhead.

    Merc 1: Having options with the upkeeps already feels better than living in permanent expectation of three Defenders imploding your
    ARM 15 VIP Meatbag.
    Ashynn throws Quicken on Acosta, Admonition on the Mangler and starts making her way toward the Merc flag.

    Around the fog, ready to pounce on anything that tries to loop back around and get in position to contest my flag we have Acosta,
    Pigs and an Eliminator unit.
    Sticking out of threat range with Counterblast/Admo/Countercharge shenanigans the Mangler, Skarath and Brun all move in a rough line
    to fight the Storm Lancer horde.

    All the Lessers and various random pieces all spread out to avoid Electro leap deals. I could definitely lose some of them, but the
    Lessers should be safe this turn at least.

    Cygnar 2: Behind the house in the centre, the Charger walks across to get line of sight and do an unreasonable amount of damage to
    Brine, taking out his Body. His sweet sweaty lithe Pork Body. No, saying its lithe isn't to far. If you'd made the decision to play the Pigs
    you'd understand.

    The rest of the Swans continue the sweep up the right side of the board. Brun gets a counter charge into a pony, does a mighty point
    of damage and Returns back. sigh. They do gun shots and some damage, nothing that was too memorable (I can tell because I'm not
    memorying it at all).
    Thunderhead and the Firefly shoot the Mangler, knock off a column and a half but no systems. The Ironclads stay safe from the flail range.

    At some point Dauntless Resolve goes on the small Storm Lancer unit.

    Merc 2: The dopamine strikes as I get to push focus onto the Mangler without that old electric chair smell filling my sinuses.

    The Red Eliminators and Acosta go into the Charger and just explode it.
    Brine hides behind the house, Ashlynn and the Rover tell camp stories around the Merc flag (And then, Harby was all "Screw Severius, dudes
    going to die soon, lets kills some Khadorans up here in Llael because Menoth basically uses me to excuse his continual parental absenteeism
    manner of divine guidance").
    Rorsh hides in the trench at max distance from everything, heals up Brine with his stack.

    On the Storm Lancer front lines, Dahlia and Brun stay as far back as their puny control areas allow. PUNY I SAY. Puny Prunes. Anyway.....
    Skarath continues my unreasonable damage roll run as he double boosts a shot to kill an armour buffed Storm Lancer.
    Lug goes in and eats another two.
    The Mangler sadly can't get to an Ironclad, so settles for charging and killing the Firefly.

    One Eliminator runs up to be distracting, the other hangs back and assumes the most sacred rule of war (Stay 4.1 inches away from everything).

    I go up to 1, very happy with that turn. The damage spikes were unreasonable, but their you go.
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    Cygnar 3: Thunderhead moves across and kills the Red Eliminators, as you do.
    Junior takes a desperate stab at Acosta. Hits. Puts him one box. Buys a random desperate attack, boosts the hit, misses,
    dies to the Riposte.

    Not finding a better time to do it, Maddox feats. Their is instant unfortunate recognition that doing this first means Junior
    would have killed Acosta.
    The Ponies go down and kill Lug, utterly fail to kill his Mum.

    Around the Swan flag, Laddermore kills the suicide Eliminator.
    The Mangler gets Disrupted by Arlan. He was already way out of control area, so this didn't really worry me. Admonition lets
    him dodge one Ironclad that wanted to go behind him and stay out of threat of the other, which ends up running to engage him.
    Some random gun shots did damage him at some point in teh turn, taking out his Movement and Cortex (I think just various gun
    shots that spiked high).

    The bear distraction has caused some grief as I cruise to 2 CP.

    Merc 3: "It's working! It's working!" we scream at our slave mother from the drag race vehicle we made in our backyard.
    Right before it imploded and Liam Neeson took a year off from acting to recover from that........piece of art.....

    With Vengeance and his regular attacks Acosta lops off one of Thunderheads arms and Cortex. This is on you Maddox. It's on you.

    Around the Merc flag Ashlynn and the Rover ping the nearest Ironclad for some damage.
    Brine stays hiding. Rorsh stays int he trench and heals him again.
    Tinker, Gibbs and Ragman all stay in a mighty circle of 4.1 away from each other.

    In Storm Lancer corner, Skarath gets Mist Walkered and charges to eat a pony, then flail at another one and leave it on two boxes.
    The Eliminator in the vicinity tries to go and do a pair of Anatomicals, misses the first alas.
    Brun charges a Storm Lancer. It was embarrassing.

    On the Swan Flag, the Mangler moves up, Threshers to kill Arlan, the Squire and a column of damage to an Ironclad. Glorious.

    Up to 3 for me.

    Cygnar 4: Thunderhead punches Acosta to death. Good 6 points that guy.
    Maddox goes to the Swan flag as one Ironclad beats the Mangler to death.

    Around the Merc flag, the other Ironclad and Laddermore get in to contest. The jack has to run, Laddermore though gets a charge
    on the pig and....takes out his Body again. Le sigh.

    In the increasingly irrelevant corner, the ponies struggle badly, killing the Kayazy but leaving Brun on a box as the Snake is untouched.

    Scores now 3v1.

    Merc 4: Not a terrible recovery, there aren't many pieces I can get to the Swan flag, and Skarath is just as tied up as the Ponies
    (More to the point, the ponies bugging out last turn would do more for Cygnar than the snake would for me).
    Seems like a good enough turn to feat.

    Ragman wades through the water, pops Deathfield.
    Gibbs charges the Ironclad, doesn'tdo anything but had to get his command bubble for reposition.
    Ashlynn feats, walks base to base with Laddermore, dismounts and kills her then Repo's back to my flag.
    The Rover turns and easily demolishes the Ironclad.

    Rorsh rolls his eyes, moves across in the trench and heals Brine again. The Big Pig then has to run across and contest the swan flag.

    Pony Corner, Skarath engages all the ponies, kills two and puts another on two boxes. Brun tries to finish it off, surprise surprise he
    doesn't get it done (Mate, you know I'm mentally comparing you to Rorsh right? Guy with three ranged attacks?)

    Goes to 4v1, Swans are screwed so concede.

    Brun and Lug, get out. Just Neville Chamberlain your way out of here, Gator Churchill is coming back to where he should never have left.
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