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    Ret 5: Helios kills Holt, stays contesting the left/right flag and pushes Wrongeye away.

    Rahn and Mittens stay safe and conservative, not giving me any cheap assassination angles.
    Discordia gets TK'ed to deal with his lack of Pathfinder, then stabs the last Driller and messes it up pretty hard.

    On the right the Chimera and Hydra contest the flag.

    Merc 5: My only forlorn hope is to try to somehow get a point on the right flag.
    Brine goes behind the wall and contests the left flag safely.
    Aiyanna contests the centre flag and stealths randomly.
    Wrongeye charges up and eats a Magister, more an army points kill gathering exercise. Plus Whip Snap thingy is aggravating.
    The Driller shuffles a little, manages to kill off Disco, Tinker tinks.
    Gorten runs to be next to the forest and we hope for miracles.

    Ret 6: Ret only needs to points to win, so Helios goes to the centre flag and kills Wrongeye/Aiyanna. Hydra goes to the
    right flag, Chimera arcs a Force Hammer to get rid of the contesting Tinker and that's game.

    Me on the left, clock win was also a stretch alas.

    Well, Helios is interesting. Need more practice. Did not Git Gud. One more round, maybe a win gets me top four if I'm very lucky?
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    Interesting. I would not have guessed that your opponent draws Rahn as most of your jacks are immune to pushes. The name of the colossal is Helios by the way. Hypnos is Ossyans darling heavy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwydion View Post
    Interesting. I would not have guessed that your opponent draws Rahn as most of your jacks are immune to pushes. The name of the colossal is Helios by the way. Hypnos is Ossyans darling heavy.
    Bah. Ret junk. Jacks all look the same anyway

    TK and Slams does work, plus he's DolS verion of my Gorten (Played for multiple years, could change but doesn't feel the need)
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    Alright, final round of Masters, we got their eventually!

    3v1, so if I win this one there's still a chance and getting into the finals.

    Into Sway-Me with double Skarre. One list is murder light bots for days, the other (Skarre 2) is a mix of Kraken and expensive
    character heavies/pieces.

    Seemed to not have much Merc inclination, so I hope desperately he wouldn't read the situation to well and dropped Skarre 2,
    can kick that list up and down the kerb all day.

    Skarre1 sadly gets picked and it's a problem.

    Gorten1 - Come on, you know what's in this list right?
    Skarre1 - 5x Stalker, Malice, Skarlock, Aikos1 w 3x Stalker, Witch Siren, Machine Wraith, Scrapthralls
    Objective: Damned if I remember. Bunker?

    So...damn. The problem is he threats a considerable difference can easily run in 2 or 3 Stalkers to pop the Lessers, wait out my
    feat with a back off and watch me slump in the corner. This can be slightly ameliorated if I win first turn, as I can get up the board
    enough to threaten scenario which makes my feat back to a livable standard. I then lose the roll and he takes first, and the creek is
    brown and we have a paddle. Just a paddle, there's no boat. Plys the paddle is of the rubber fun variety rather than a water
    navigating apparatus.

    Terrain and associated table side is actually where I make my biggest mistake of the game. I pick a side with an irrelevant pair of tiny
    hills, an awkward wall and what I apparently decided was relevant being a leather patch we decided was rubble.
    The other side featured a blob of water on one flag and a large forest that dis-insensitived me, but those should have been necessary
    sacrifices for an utterly excellent horizontal wall. I wouldn't be able to charge over it or anything, but it would combo excellently with a
    rockwall to keep the solos truckin. In any event, mistakes were made....

    Round 1: Murder bots scream up the table.
    I believe the white based Stalkers are on Aikos (In the centre of the line).

    Other than that, the Machine Wraith and Witch Siren run up on my side of the wall of doom, Malice/Aikios/Skarre go on the Cryx side.
    Skarlock eats a Scrapthrall in the backfield for the focus generation nonsense.

    Well, I've no choice but to try to brick up somewhat, with a need to be able to exit the killbox as well plus not get jammed out on scenario.
    Gorten goes up next to the objective (As it will be invulnerable on the next Cryx turn), puts down a wall and gets a couple jacks next to
    him to take up landing zone, plus one unit of Eliminators. jacks go on the right side of the Objective as well, sprays behind to clear off
    the Stalkers that will come in.
    Behind the awkward terrain wall, though it's placement isn't super meaningful due to the angle of it, I put the crocs, the other Kayazy
    and Acosta. I opt to Star Crossed to make the defence boat hopefully do more work, this was a poor move as it makes Wrongeye
    excessively vulnerable.
    Pigs go way left, I need something to be able to get around and about.

    Cryx 2: here comes the pain. Skarre hangs behind the wall, casts Dark Guidance.
    Stalkers swarm forward. Sure enough one of Aikios' moves up, jumps and gets to Wrongeye. This is the point Swarmer realises he forgot
    to feat, so I have a chance!

    Wrongeye manages to live without to much issue, taking three boxes from a full Stalker attacking. Various Stalkers go in, turns out there's
    a vendetta again Eliminators (Fair enough) and they all get wiped out.
    The Machine Wraith moves up (One day I'll remember they don't need to go base to base anymore) and causes a Gunner to walk forward
    into nope land. A pair of Stalkers attack, it lives though in highly mangled form (Has just Movement left).

    Other than that, one stalker gets to Rorsh, manages to knock off a Fury with a transfer, another goes into the water to not get super dragged
    away, the non-Stalker non-Machine Wraith models all hover in the safety of the wall I should have taken.

    Merc 2: Alright, by the power of the last round of the day fatigue I seem to have a chance!
    I have the option of feating, but decide to see if I can kill all the Stalkers instead. Once they are gone I can coast to a win with impunity.
    Drillers get some focus, Solid Ground sticks around (Things I don't need to put up Strength of Granite for: Stalkers).

    On the far left, Brine easily kills the Stalker on Rorsh, then a smoke pop moves him to threaten the left flag while Rorsh, all aquiver from being
    attacked early in a game for once, goes and sobs against the table edge.

    My Brick essentially drifts itself a part a short distance.
    Between Acosta, Snapjaw, Drillers, Sprayers, Holt, and a Gobber shot all the Stalkers in my immediate vicinity vanish, so that felt pretty good.
    Gorten camps 2 in the rubble behind a Driller, Wrongeye sits some inches behind him with Star Crossed up. Feeling damn good about how this
    will go now.....

    .....which was an obvious warning sign I've missed something. Specifically, I didn't account for a half inch worth of threat extension.
    Cryx 3: Note that one of the Stalkers is a proxy for the pre-leap.
    Skarre moves up, feats on pretty much all the remaining Cryx models, casts Dark Guidance.
    Warwitchs move up and spray at stuff, Tinker dies, Gorten gets corroded.
    Malice moves up, misses a shot on Gorten due to the Rubble.
    Aikios walks forward, leaps forward, shoots Gorten, boosts, hits, does one damage point which triggers the drag half an inch forward into
    the Driller.
    This allows the feated Stalker to move up, leap and stab at Gorten. Star Crossed doesn't do it's job, it hits each time (Damn you Dark Guidance!
    [The spell, I enjoy the podcast]).
    I burn through all my focus, end up on one box. Corroded.

    Merc 3: A sweet corrosion roll later and Skarre has pulled it out.

    That was some sweet attempts at trying to trade punting the game, I was cracking up by the end. Corrosion death is amusing, if not best, death.

    I thought I'd get an excuse-y line here about not enough practice into Cryx, but alas the stats inform me I've played them as often as I have
    Khador, which is just weird as I know which one I'm comfortable in. I blame the long ago past when I sported the Reds instead of the Coin grabbers.

    Table side selection definitely the biggest mistake. Other than that I think bricking up was correct, though Star Crossed should have been
    spotted as an exercise in futility for the game.

    Well, that my tourney done, went 3-2. I think I ended up somewhere in the middle of my end bracket, importantly above the Octavius line.
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    Alright, it's a new Cancon day, time for some more flailing desperately trying not to fall over.

    So....three lists. Going off people's last minute pulling together of a third list, I'd put forward the high likelihood of it mostly
    being a normal two list pairing plus a list that wasn't considered at all.

    I was lazy, so rather than testing something useful I threw in Bart hoping it might wrongfoot people in weird ways, though I'd
    hardly be affected if they didn't.

    Gorten1: Usual mix of jacks, pair of Lessers and some stabby individuals
    Thexus1: 7 Monstrosities plus Eliminators
    Bart1: Double Galleon, Boomhowlers, Rangers (Kingmaker) can see the stupidity here right?
    I will complement my two lists with push based feats with a list centred on two hyper expensive models whose most powerful
    ability is....a push. Genius.

    Sod it, we all know it'll be Gorten all day anyway.

    Round 1, it's Nemo3, Maddox1 and another list I don't recall beyond it wasn't Haley. Doesn't matter, from what I saw Nemo was
    clearly the right choice for the Swans. Sure enough:

    Nemo3 (Storm Bringers) - Dynamo, Centurion, Firefly, Squire, Junior w/Firefly, Storm Strider, Storm Lancers, Laddermore, Field
    Mechanic and Gobbers
    Objective: Bunker

    Scenario is Extraction.
    Terrain wise, both sides have a wall an off one flag and a trench in the backfield, then there's a central and flanking hill, last the
    less hilly side has a forest.

    I win the roll. My feat isn't going to be pushing anything, the opposing list has lots of tools that will threaten my armour debuff solos,
    so lets get up the board and slow these guys while chilling in flag land (It's a really lame version of Lego Land, or possibly a niche cool
    subset of Lego Land?) .

    Merc 1: Gorten and jacks go up the left side of my Objective, Lessers go up on the right. Acosta and one unit of Vengeance trigger
    Eliminators go up on the right white hill (White terrain on white table. I have selected poorly). Other Eliminators go waaay left.

    Eliminators went in their locations because in my heart they are already dead to copious lightning leaps. Acosta is hilarious to have in this
    matchup, just have to keep him away from pointy bits and he dance in the ranged attacks all day.

    Cygnar 1: No dramatic redeployments, Nemo and the jack bros face off against my own battlegroup, they run up. Centurion is anchoring
    the far left, gets the "I'm super zappy" spell. Nemo casts the no Push spell, this'll happen a lot.
    On the right, Stormstrider runs up behind the forest.
    Junior puts Arcane Shield on the Lancers, who spread out with Laddermore in the rear.

    Merc 2: This is the turn in which we wait. Nemo will likely feat shortly and blat jacks, so the plan is to not give away more than we need to
    with that, we can do the threat range dance on the left and wait for the Lancers to come forward on the right.

    Extreme left, the Red Eliminators run way up, now in line with all the Swan robots. One goes behind the mini-wall, the other hangs behind
    her just in command.

    Left Centre, three of the Bunnies walk into a line and confess to the crime. By which I mean they killed a pair of mechanics. Gorten went
    behind them, camped three (Upkept Strength of Granite and Solid Ground). Acosta runs from the right to near the Bunny line, as the
    Stormlancers are the mostly likely to kill him and no viable ranged opposing attacks make him super worth keeping alive.

    To the right of my objective, the Crocs Submerge, I keep transfers around instead of Star Crossed because Nemo Lightning bad. One Spray
    Bunny and Driller go tot eh right of the Crocs, barely toeing control area. The Driller is intended to kill stuff on the flag, the Spray Bunny is
    there to die as there isn't a super amount for it to do and I need disposable contesting pieces potentially.

    On the far right, the world looks like a different place. The Green Eliminators run up and chock up the Stormlancers, I'm expecting they'll die
    easy to leaps but they are their primarily as an annoyance anyway. Pigs actually walk back a bit with a smoke drop, keeping things that might
    go on the flag in threat range.

    Cygnar 2: Nemo, Finch and Squire chill in the trench, pop feat.

    To my utter surprise the Centurion charges team Eliminator Distraction. Gets the kill, be he's well away from the flag so everything is good.
    Dynamo then opens up its Speculum arm, shoots away the left Driller. Fireflies pings the Bunnies, kill the front Gunner and do some zaps on
    the other two.

    On the right, Junior slogs his way into the forest, allowing the Stormstrider to shoot him and kill the left most Green Eliminator on the Lancers,
    Laddermore tries and fails to clear off the other one.
    The Lancers then shift around a little, one of them shoots their bro to lightning kill the remaining Green Kayazy, who as far as I'm concerned are a
    complete success, like the reverse of pop up internet ads.
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    Merc 3: The plan is working out. The Driller loss was saddening, but well within the average damage. What surprised me were
    the amount of attacks put into the bunnies, rather than trying to screw around and kill my support pieces.

    Far left, Green Eliminator moves up into the Cygnar backfield. Probably dead next turn, but if not its Finch and Squire stab time
    (Model moved after photo taken).

    Gorten moves up to be behind the fog that has managed to persist all game, I feat on the Centurion, Dynamo and Firefly.
    All Nemo's, so they don't move. The Centurion is far enough and slow enough that it won't be able to contest next turn, which
    makes things easier.
    He then pops a shot into Dynamo, does a good hit with a boosted damage roll.
    The Gunner goes to the left flag, also shoots Dynamo.
    Spray Bunny moves up, lightly touches Dynamo and kills the remaining two mechanics.

    I then um and arr over sending Acosta in, as my pieces to fight the Centurion in the closing stages aren't in good spots. I decide
    it was worth getting some damage out, so Savio charges in, manages to spoon out the Cortex. Sweet.
    Now that Dynamo can't stab heavies to death, Snapjaw charges and eats Nemo's Firefly with a charge and a bought attack.
    Wrongeye hangs back on high camp, I'm expecting Snappy will just frenzy on a swan model anyway.

    On the right, Aiyanna/Holt stay stealthy in the backfield. The Spray Bunny moves up, gets a bead on Junior, manages to do a
    couple boxes (Odds of outright killing were low, but not like the Bunny will get better plays).
    Brine gets smoked and charges up into two Lancers, easily eats them. Rorsh stays on reasonable camp, again I expect the Pig to
    die or Frenzy on something not mine.
    I foolishly didn't put the Spray Bunny in base with the flag, so the Driller has to tap to score, which isn't ideal placement, he ought
    to be further left in case he is needed to kill the Objective or Storm strider.

    Mercs go to 2 CP.

    Cygnar 3: Firefly on Junior still lives, so it transforms into a proxy base, rolls out to the right flag, stabs the Spray Bunny over
    there a bit.

    Laddermore and Stormlancers come in, they kill Brine and finish off the Bunny, then reposition to spread out.

    Centre wise, Dynamo and Storm Strider go into Snapjaw, damage him heavily but he stays both alive and with all aspects.

    On left, Centurion limps back toward the flag. Finch hides behind the top left mini-wall. The Squire back up and shows Nemo it's
    backside, allowing a gun shot and lightning leap to kill the Green Eliminator, the Gollum of the match (Also participated in endless
    walking, only instead of a smooth eagle ride home dies to an environmental affect).

    Nothing contests the left flag, so Mercs go to 3 CP.

    Mercs 4: Snapjaw frenzies, puts some points on the Stormstrider, gets pushed back a bit.
    There's a Lancer, Firefly on the Stormstrider contesting the right flag, has Snapjaw not frenzied that'd be an easy prospect, as is
    I save my focus and plan on killing the Objective for the win.

    Acosta walks around Dynamo, to be between the Swan jack, Strider and Snapjaw. Swing ont he objective, I was expecting him to
    do a good belt but rolls under average, leaving the Objective on an uncomfortable amount of health. It's a Bunker, so the guns are
    going to have trouble.

    Nevertheless, Gorten, the Spray Bunny and the Gunner give it a shot, I believe it gets left on a couple boxes. Gorten also backed
    up up a bit before the inevitable assassination attempt, given my clock game is also going in my favour.

    Well, game isn't over, so now it's do spot damage and hold tight.

    I do what I should have done earlier to free up Acosta getting a charge, as Wrongeye charges Dynamo with his reach stick and kills
    it without to much trouble, given how damaged it was.

    The Driller shuffles to be in base the Strider to stop it getting any closer to Gorten and add to the freestrike list, attacks Juniors
    Firefly on the right flag and kills it.
    Between Aiyanna Kissing and the Holt/Rorsh guns I kill two more Storm Lancers, leaving one member of the unit still trucking.

    Last of all Ragman, who has been super relevant, runs to get in the way of the Centurion.

    Mercs go to 4 CP.

    Cygnar 4: They have to go for assassination and they are cognizant of that.

    Nemo and the Strider both pew pew, Nemo does so little damage I don't even focus it down. The Storm Strider misses all its attacks
    (Def 13 is apparently boss).

    After that its some kill points gained before the scenario loss, Centurion fails to kill Ragman so Finch gets it done, Laddermore/Junior/lancer
    try to kill the other Junior but don't quite manage it.

    One up, another good start allowing us to get some height before plunging screaming on fire down to the ground. Like cousin Lucy Fur.
    Don't smoke and skydive people.
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    Onto next round, into some Menoth. I believe it was Kreoss3, Feora1 and I *think* High Reclaimer1, but I'm not sure about
    that last one. I was going to be surprised anyway, as in a complete turnabout on internet stuff in comes the Priestess.

    Yada yada I should just could the next blog iteration "The Journey's of Gorten and some other infrequent muppets".

    Gorten1 (GIVE ME AN EPIC SO I HAVE A LIST PAIR DAMMIT) - Drillers, Bunnies, Crocs, Pigs, Kayazy, Acosta, Support
    Objective: Bunker
    Feora1 - Judicator, Hand of Judgement, Tristan w/Vigilant, Flame Bringers, Nicia, 2x Wracks, Choir, Vassal of Menoth, Hierophant,
    Objective: Fuel

    So, here's an irrelevant shout out to Battle College. it's great for all those models I get a quick gist of the rules of and have no
    sodding idea what its name is. The shout is irrelevant because if you are reading this you'll likely have an established opinion of
    that site, but really, it's a good reference tool these days.

    Looking at the opposing list, the things that jumped out to me were Feora1's feat is garbage, but would be a hassle on all my
    support junk, so I should pull it out with an Eliminator/Acosta sacrifice (Though it on average doesn't kill Savio, so it isn't a complete
    waste as other attacks will likely be needed then she'll be in Vengeance/charge range of MAT 9 POW 13 Weaponmaster attacks).
    The anti Upkeep spell will be annoying, particularly for the Crocs, though that distance game means she'll likely have to hug the
    Judicator to stay safe.
    I also really like Tristan with a Vigilant, throwing Fortify on that could be really annoying. Spoiler, it was.

    I won the roll, took first. Big thing in Recon with Gorten versus immovable stuff is you can get the auto win against the uninitiated by
    feating and using a wall to block movement, giving an easy scenario win.

    Terrain wise, I ended up with a hill and a huuuuuuge forest on my side, neither super relevant.
    The midline is mostly Barren, aside from another largish forest on the right flag/flank.
    The Menites nab all the terrain, getting quite relevantly a blob of water at the end of the zone that will impede me getting to those end
    contest pieces, some fog right behind the objective that looks irrelevant, then to the left is a pair of walls and a trench to the right.

    Merc 1: Dorf and Jack buddies run up the centre, Crocs on the left go up on the hill, because elevation is super relevant with Submerge.
    Out on the extreme left is squad "Please pop your feat", of one unit of Kayazy and Acosta.
    On the far right is the other kayazy and the Pigs.
    Ragman goes super smug, showing off his pathfinder by walking into the forest. Alas for the evil nobleman turned
    weird-relationship-with-bodies-guy, he was more than three inches from the edge and none of the Menites saw him. Plus his face is
    covered and stuff.

    Menoth 1: Feora has deployed and stays far more flanky than I expected, as she ends up hovering between both walls. Joining her on the
    left is Tristan, the Vigilant with Fortify up, Hand of Judgement and the random support models. She also throws down fiery walls.
    Piper stays in the cloud, puts Dirge on the Flame Bringers.
    Judicator moves up on the right, shoots down the green Kayazy (Damnable 10 inch control area!), Flame Bringers spread out on that flank,
    Nicia goes up on the extreme edge.

    The cloud goes away at the end of this turn, it gets removed when it's convenient.

    Merc 2: Feora is so far left, I don't have to fear her trying to go for the right flag at all. The pigs will be relegated to distraction duty while I
    push for the left flag and leave a Bunny or two toeing the back of the zone to contest, if the Judicator comes up and tries to clear I'll counter
    kill with Drillers.

    Starting on the left with team distraction Alpha. They can't do weird side steppy nonsense due to the wall of fire, though given I expected
    them to kill no models that's all good.
    Acosta goes behind the top left wall, Eliminators go back to his left in Vengeance trigger range.

    At my end of the zone, we start with a Gunner moving up and shooting down the Piper, so that was nice. The other Gunner goes to the back
    right corner of the zone and tries to shoots down a Daughter, but misses hard.
    The other Dwarf jacks advance in a rough line, one Driller walks into threat range of the Hand of Judgement, so I plonk down a wall.
    Because walls are great.
    The Crocs hand behind said Driller, intending to threaten toward Feora if she doesn't skedaddle and give me the left flag.

    Team distraction beat on the right just has the Pigs fall back a little to draw the Flame Bringers in.

    Menoth 2: Feora feats, sets Snapjaw, Gorten, a bunch of my jacks and team distraction on fire. Sadly fire isn't trusted, so she then charges
    into Acosta, lands the stab and puts down a fire wall against the Red Eliminators. Well, team distraction worked a lot better than expected.

    Hand of Judgement and the Judicator toe the top of the zone, shoot up my jacks for a bit.

    The Flamebringers run in, one goes and finishes off the right most Gun Bunny, another engages Aiyanna/Holt. Two hang out in the open next
    to the right flag, the last runs up and engages the Pigs.
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    Merc 3: Fire kills the Red Kayazy.
    I've got a half hearted assassination and some sweet attrition plays, so lets do that. PLan is to kill Tristan, Hand of Judgement
    and if lucky Feora.

    Spray Bunnies move up, ping Tristan though don't roll great.
    Gorten moves up, feats selecting the left board edge and pushing about three inches. I get Tristant, Hand and the Judicator,
    not being able to get across enough to get Feora and the Vigilant.

    Gunner goes to finish Tristan off, misses. Bugger.
    Driller goes to charge Hand of Judgement. I screwed up the pre-measurement and he's out of charge range. Well, this is going
    suuuuuuper bad.
    Wrongeye moves up and pops his magic stuff. Snapjaw charges Feora, gets burned a little by the wall. Boosts to hit the
    charging tail, lands it, misses claw, second boosted tail attack puts her down to a couple boxes.

    Ho hum. Better kill some other stuff and see what happens.
    Between Ragman, Aiyanna's Harm and Holt the two left most Flame Bringers die.
    Rorsh pops smoke, lets Brine get up and go into the two Horses next to the right flag. Brine misses a bunch of boosted attacks,
    ends up maxing all his fury to kill them. The remaining Flame Bringer might kill Rorsh, which'll leave Holt and co to kill it next turn.

    Menoth 3: Feora's on sod all, so the assassination attempts come in.

    Vigilant, Feora and Tristan manage to kill Snapjaw. She ends up hiding behind the jack.

    Hand of Judgement runs forward, the Judicator then moves up and tries to shoot Gorten down, burns a couple focus and thats
    about it. The Flame Bringer manages to pop Rorsh, Nicia runs across.

    Merc 4: Fire does little to Gorten and Feora didn't run the hell away, so time to finish her off.

    Gunner kills Tristan, one Driller moves up and headbutts Hand of Judgement. One Spray Bunny shoots at Feora, burns a focus,
    the other is pretty damaged so limps into the middle of the zone.
    Now able to get in without a Free Strike, the left Driller Charges Feora, hits the charging Drill attack and its done.

    Me on the right, a good lead. Would have aimed for a clock win if the assassination failed.

    That's two up, two more to go.
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    Round 3!

    It's the dreaded Circle matchup. Dangit. Maybe Round 3 Circle is just my future for the next 6 months?

    Let's not beat around the bush. It'll be Una2 vs Gorten1.

    Just realised the pun above. I hate myself.

    Gorten1 - Do you really need the list again? Suck it up. Dorf Jacks. Bacon. Handbags. Femme Fatales. Thamarite ******.
    Una2 - 10x Scarsfell Griffons, Gorax,Druid Wilder, 2x Sentry Stones, Shifting Stones
    Objective: Bunker

    It's Extraction, I win the die roll and pick first, as both sides had something Gorten could use to save himself (yay!) and a
    blob of something that'd slow me up really badly (Boo!).

    I end up with a side with a vertical wall, a fog and a huuuuge blob of water I wanted nothing to do with.
    Other side has a trench, an obstruction centrally and a forest on the right. There's also a way back trench, I didn't even
    know it was there during he game so mayyyyybe it isn't relevant.

    This game was into Bobliness of various points of merit fame. Dudes super fun, everyone should get a game (Though odds of
    winning the game are.....not great?).

    Merc 1: Stuff runs up. Pigs go extreme left to pop the opposing Objective top of 3. Gorten and jacks go up to the left of the
    centre with the Kayazy, plan being for Gorten to hug the wall and pop up his own to be safe from the Griffon rush. Crocs go to
    contest the Merc zone, an artifact of them being some of the few models aim to traverse the water. Acosta goes extreme right,
    because hoping to wing it off Dodge and Riposte can only end well.

    Circle 1: Griffons swarm forward in a rough line, keep short of the Kayazy threat range. Various stones move up with. Hand of Fate
    and Mirage go on two of the centre caw caw things, Una and Gorax play footsies in the back.

    Merc 2: Feats incoming, so it's set up and wait time. This is the point I realise I don't have a reliable means to contest the Merc zone....
    Snapjaw goes in, Wrongeye goes behind and Star Crosses. I run Acosta far right, I guess on the futile hope he gets missed? Probably
    should have run him back in the board to run into the merc zone next turn, though it's all optimism at this point.

    Otherwise, Gorten sits between some walls, Gunners crack the Shifting Stone unit. Pigs stay back, hoping to not get hacked down in
    the next turn.

    I run Kayazy forward to try to impede things a little.

    Circle 2: Una feats, ponders if the Gorax actually has legitimate feelings or just doesn't want to die.
    Three Griffons go in, one with Primal, and kill the Gunners, then a few more hang out in the Circle stone in front of Manikins.

    On the right the Mannikins kill Acosta, sadness.
    Griffons go into the Merc zone, effortlessly pop the Objective, one with Hand of Fate gets Primal and pops Snapjaw.

    Una, Gorax and Stones stay back out of my feat range. The Eliminators easily get killed by bit attacks.

    Circle goes to 2.
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    Merc 3: Christ in Cream Cheese Sauce (Counts as a swear because lactose).
    Have to feat, or have nothing left next turn. I should have planned for scoring on the defensive zone, but it is what it is.
    Gorten feat pushes things back, only gets things around the left zone alas. Spray Bunnies move up and do some pew pewing
    on the left Griffons with Dark Field, knock out some aspects and otherwise don't do much.

    Brine goes in and pops the Objective, Rorsh hangs waaaaay back, as Big Pig is gonna die.

    On the right zone a Driller, Wrongeye and the one remaining Eliminator contests the zone.

    Circle 3: In the Circle zone, the feated Griffons limp forward, maul the crap out of Brine and the Driller/

    Una chills out behind the Gorax/Stones/Obstruction, throws out some Primals and otherwise chills.

    On the right, the Griffons don't suffer to many impediments, Hand of Fated Primalled caw caw bird takes the Driller by the ear
    and forces it into a soup can, wasn't pretty.
    Manikins spray down the Eliminator, for some insult to injury manages to put Wrongeye on one box, so a single Griffon has no
    issue popping him.

    Circle goes to 3.

    Merc 4: There's nothing I can see to do. Una is well out of my attacks, nothing can reliably contest the right zone.

    I'd like to put down even a convoluted low odds play, but I got nothin. It was kill random stuff for giggles time, so Gunners spray,
    Brine swings around wildly, Holt pew pews, Gorten misses some attacks and that's that.

    Me on the right, my worst clock lead thus far, no threat of winning on time.

    Yeah yeah, not my best work, got a back log of games so all the details are hazy. I actually didn't mind the matchup in list terms
    too much, spray bunnies still do work and bit pieces are useful when not thrown away on the top of 2. Definitely putting too much
    Onus on the water terrain in my head, could have been worked around, I also haven't been that wall blind in some time.

    And thus we parade from the fun game to the last round in the funsies bracket :-)
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    Final Round of IG, standard "Low odds of getting top four if I win this one".

    The undead empire rears itself again. Guess Circle round 3 and Cryx final round is now my thing? There looked to be soooo
    many Khador on both days, I was genuinely surprised on the days that I didn't get either. A later count apparently had
    Menoth as most common, so there you go.

    Anyway, its into Sketch Bluesky, which is sweet as we played once before loooong ago in Mark 2, before I knew what a Cryx
    drop was (Translation: Too sussy to buy Durgen, eventually El Shepherdo got sick of my nonsense and bought him for me).
    Terminus ate Barts Galleon, was quite the disaster.

    I sure did carry two Galleons around all day.

    The scattered dust that is my memory seems to be saying the non-used Cryx lists were Gorshade3 and.....Gaspy 3 perhaps?

    Gorten1: Drill Drill, Bang Bang, Spray Spray, Oink Oink, Growl Growl, Stab Stab, More Stab Stab, Stab without friend but dodge/riposte
    stuff, *Smooch* with Pew Pew, Necrophile, Squeky Cart with Wrench
    Objective: German Normandy Shed
    Witch Coven1 w/Egg ball - Nightmare, 2x Seether, Deathripper, 2x Statistics Raiders + UA, Withershadow Combine, Ragman

    Pretty sure this is all about interplay of feats. Take and Hold is the scenario, so neither of us will be getting a scenario rush.
    Basic plan is to wait out the opposing feat.

    I win the roll and pick first, I want the board position before the likely early feat of the Witch Coven (It read to me as though popping
    it late game either means Cryx is already way ahead or it's benefits are nulled considerably by the distances having been closed).

    My side has a trench, fog and super awkward wall, then there's a hill either side, a wall and forest around the flags and a looong wall
    on the Cryx side,presumably taken to disrupt my feat.

    Round 1: Eliminators fan out front to threaten the Raiders. Yay pointy bits!
    Gorten and Bunnies makes a bee line for my flag, with Crocs to their left and Drillers to the right and a bit behind.
    Acosta goes into the cloud, because he's brave like that.
    Ninja Pigs are so far right they're out of camera shot.....

    Nightmare has preyed Snapjaw, he goes straight up the guts behind the wall with Egregore and Ragman behind him.
    Satyxis and a Seether take either side, Coven members spread out in the back. Left side gets the Bonejack.

    Merc 2: The Red Kayazy go behind the centre terrain wall, the Crocs and Rhulic Jacks advance a short distance, enough to keep the
    front line out of the Cryxian threat ranges. Gorten puts up a wall in front that Acosta goes behind, in theory Nightmare could get into
    him, which seems like an OK prospect to me (Over a wall with Star Crossed....).

    The Green Eliminators and the Pigs go way up and to the right of the Cryx flag, I'm hoping they'll draw in and defeat some Satyxis,
    though there is a legitimate danger that they spike and kill Brine. Def 12 Arm 17 can be as fun as reading youtube comments (Don't do it).

    Cryx 2: Sure enough Egregore floats forward and feats and everything meaningful. Otherwise things advance up, nothing has a crack
    at fort Gorten this turn. A Veil of Mists goes down in the centre board.
    As an exception, most of the Raiders try to beat down Brine/Green Eliminators, the rolls were bad enough that one Eliminator survives
    being hit and Brine took only a few points.

    Merc 3: Ah, sweet LoS 5 inches. Majestic.
    I can't do much to the main body of the Cryxites, but they also aren't going to maul me heavily next turn, so I think this is a good position
    for me to be in.

    Gorten goes to my flag behind the wall, Red Kayazy and Snapjaw form up to stop things getting to him. Bunnies stick around behind him, as
    does Wrongeye who pops Star Crossed. Drillers stay way back, they aren't going to be useful for a while in this matchup. Plus Feedback is
    super irritating.
    I expect there'll be some attacks into Snapjaw, hopefully he lives but it isn't the end of the game if he doesn't.

    On the right where the actual stuff is happening, the Green Kayazy free up Brine, who eats another couple Satyxis. I forgot to Animus for
    snacking, but oh well, he wasn't that damaged anyway. Rorsh hugs the board edge, as he is wont to do.
    Acosta is staring down the barrel of Warjacks boosting to hit him, which is usually the cheapest way to kill him, so I run him to Vengeance
    range of the Green Eliminators. We temporarily remove the wall terrain piece for the sake of getting the model down.

    Mercs go to 1 CP.
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    Cryx 3: Then was a good bit of puzzling out a potential assassination involving charging up, killing Eliminators, throwing a
    Bunny and getting a bunch of Nightmare attacks on Gorten, it pans out as to unlikely to be worth it.

    Sure enough, the left unit of Raiders charge into Snapjaw for a bit, though a good half jsut spread out. Were it goes wrong
    is I didn't really consider the left most Seether, who charges up and easily finishes gets the Croc killed.
    Nightmare/Seether hang back.

    On the right, the Withershadow go, Puppet String the right Raiders. They fire a random bolt at Acosta, land both 8's to hit
    and kill. Oh well, you can't play Acosta and expect a success rate to be that high for his survival.
    The Raiders fail to hit the Kayazy, as most attacks go on Brine. He loses his spirit and feels a good chunk of pain.
    Egregore and one Witch tot up to the flag, put down a Veil of Mist between them and team outflank.

    Scores level at 1 each.

    Merc 4: Time to feat and get rid of all these Raiders. Gorten walks up on the flag, triggers a Countercharge (Awkward way
    to discover a trap you silly gnome). Fortunately there isn't a good charge lane (It's the forward most Seether) I feat and push
    back all the left Raiders and all the jacks (Bone Jack goes far enough back that I cease to think of it as a relevant piece).

    A Driller with Aiyanna's Harm horribly overkills the forward Seether, then Bunnies, Holt and the Red Eliminators kill all bar two of
    the left raider unit. One Gunner also advances to deny a landing zone for anything getting on Gorten.

    On the right, the Kayazy again kill all Raiders in the unit leaving two left. A Driller runs up contest the Cryx flag and ensure
    Egregore has to get the hell out of dodge.
    Brine however, has an assassination possibility. I'd have prefered to arrange a Soiue!, but no Spirit stops that. Rorsh pops smoke
    for Brine to get distance, heals him up. waves his wand and turns him into a Green Proxy base. Brine then casts his Animus, goes
    up on the Cryx hill and eats the Witch there, then flails without much effect on the Egregore. He'll Frenzy like mad next turn,
    worth for knocking the Coven down to normal Warcaster focus levels.

    Mercs go to 2 CP.

    Cryx 4: My feat messed things up even the camera suffered it would seem.

    Nightmare can't quite get to Gorten, thanks to the wall and Gunner, so he goes up and murders the hell out of the Bunny thanks to
    Infernal Machine getting him up there.
    The other feated models limp back.

    Egregore gets the hell away from Brine, a Seether then charges and bins the big Pig (One day Crit Retaliatory strike, one day).
    The pair of Raiders on that flank then go,one stabs the Driller for a point, the other flails at the Green Kayazy, like you do.

    Merc 5: Everything has worked out for me really, jsut have to not screw up. Can aso attack a no camp Egregore, so lets get on that.
    Ragman walks up in the centre forest alcove, pops Death Field. The left Driller then goes in and kills Nightmare.
    Bunnies and Red Eliminators do some random activations, freeing up Wrongeye to charge the floating Orb.Can only get in with his
    reach attack, three boosted damage rolls bin the Witches and we're done.

    Ended up 3-1, so better than masters (Damn you 5th round!).
    Was an excellent pair of days, now to play random muck about junk!
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    Now that we've bungled our way out of the top cuts of the Masters/Iron Gauntlet lame practice tournaments, it's time
    for the serious hardcore stuff. Meaning, of course, a Speedmachine I didn't realise I could attend (All those school years
    reading time tables were for nothing! NOTHING!) and Who's The Boss, where I have to make sure I don't lose to
    Brian Woods as it'll make the already sodden oatmealish nature of my WTC application even more akin to lumbjacking with
    a wet noodle.

    I'd carried those Galleons around all day, so by God I was going to use one of them.

    Speed Machine - Obligatory classic Keanu Reeves movie joke here. It's 25 points, Battlegroup only, 15 minute Deathclock,
    Take and Hold scenario, Tie Breakers go assassination/army points destroyed/CP. Lose if all Beasts/Jacks killed.

    I took Bart, a Galleon and a Nomad generously loaned by a local with a real life to attend to.
    Basically, if I don't go against a Colossal/Gargantuan it should some sweet face rolling. Obviously this tourney is suuuuuuper
    balanced on a Razor's Edge/Milhouses nose. Felt weird to live in absolute far of the Skorne Hydra list with Morghoul1, I
    straight up lose to that (Sandstorm relevancy!)

    No pics, because seriously? That ain't happening.

    Round 1 - Into De-Breyer, with Stryker 2, Rowdy, an Ironclad and a pair of Hunters.

    1M - I run up first, Hot Shot/Batten.

    1C - He runs up, plus wings the Nomad with Hunters. Batten and Shield were sweet.

    2M - I feat, go to the friendly flag and chortle. Then the comeuppance for the wonky as match up begins, Galleon drags in the
    Ironclad, misses all the melee attacks. Eeep. Nomad runs and engages the Hunters.

    2C - Ironclad shakes his head blearily, I enjoy the bemusement of self countering my feat as he just stands on the spot and
    punches the Galleon for a bit. Rowdy/Stryker hang back. One Hunter moves up to contest, takes a good freestrike and falls over.
    The other backs out of my feat, takes a good freestrike and pings the Nomad for some plink damage.

    3M - This time for sure! Galleon backs up a tiny amount to avoid the freestrike, stabs the Ironclad. Misses all bar one attack that
    takes nothing out. Damnable 6's! 72% hit chance is an illusion! The Nomad kills the Knock Downed Hunter. I score again.

    3C - Rowdy, the Ironclad and Stryker kill the Galleon, Hunter backs up again.

    4M - Oh god. Lets get some army points before we die, as I can't get to Stryker. The Nomad and Bart, in the complete opposite of
    the loser Colossal, charge in and between them kill both Heavies. The Hunter in the distance does a mocking french dance as he
    prevents the Mangled Metal Condition win.

    4C - Stryker Overcharges for a die, gets +5 strength and a damage point. makes Bart eat his hat prior to Bisecting him.

    That was glorious. Hyper enjoyable game, made the irritated sign and journey across the room to grab both Colossals each
    Iron Gauntlet round well worth it.

    Round 2 - Samanananen with Doomshaper 2, a Mauler, Earthborn and....Rok I think?

    Alas for the Trolls, this was a stomping. Got a good early drag angle, so popped the Mauler early, feat messed things up allowing the
    Galleon to easily polish off the Battlegroup.

    Round 3 - Into the Chisseler with Thagrosh 1, a Blight Bringer (The effort needed to not write Bright Blinger is weird), two Shredders
    and a harrier. A list responsible for a very confused TO moment in round one when someone got 90 odd points killed.

    Most important thing: Entire army in Deadpool colours, Thags modeled with the facemask and eating a Chimichanga. It was hilarious,
    but my brain literally took the whole game to even click what was happening. Sleep on Con weekends dammit.

    This was a long game that featured massive cowardice on my part. The Galleon out threated the Blighter, so I shot it a bit, feated and
    killed the lessers that fell over that Legion turn, then kept winging it until a Shredder got feated back. Then Galleon finally managed to
    shoot down the Blight Bringer and Thags couldn't kill Bart, thus was killed in return.

    And that was Speed machine. Sweet format, though Palette Cleanse at best.

    Alright, next day, the best of tourney formats, ye old Who's The Boss.

    The cheesy pile I tried to pull off this time:

    The Boss - Reinholdt, Rockram, 2x Drillers, 6x Gunner, Blaster
    All Rhulic warjack all the time! Rockram included for something to buff, Reinholdt is there because I couldn't find Thor. Figured if nothing
    else it'd be a test bed for those two models that I have under utilised in my proper list testing.

    Got beginning and end photos, though sadly for round 1 they were to dark to make anything out (Consider this versus the normal pics,
    bit shocking to discover some QA isn't it?).

    Round 1, we get the normal Khador Boss list (Behemoth, Rifle Corp with Rocketeers, Joe then extras. In this instance that's a pair of Juggers
    and Eliminator units).

    I have Gunnbjorn1, going into Mohsar1.
    So.....Sunhammer.....all Jack list of mostly lights. Ouch. Otherwise both feats have game, Pillars can block and Mirage increases threat for
    Khador while I can cycle Snipe and Explosivo, then Rock wall when things close to hold off the opposing heavies with ease.

    It starts off magnificently. I blow through the Pillars with minimal issue, knock of Behemoths arm and pop a Rocketeer with a cycled Snipe shot
    (Someone has to pass a tough roll sooner or alter, so fair enough). Gunnbjorn feats, becomes immune to Ranged damage and sits out in the
    middle of the board on no camp mooning all the guns.

    The sticking point is that the Explosivo didn't pop the Eliminators, so they jam up as Mohsar feats (Strips Power Up). Put some focus out, I
    become super Eliminator Blind. Explosivo an the Spray Bunny utterly fail to kill them, so Gunners have to take freestrikes , even then they only
    pop three of them. This would all be fine, accept I got Kayazy blind and failed to move the last Gunner activation to block LoS to Gunnbjorn,
    who is on no camp due to cycling Explosivo and upkeeping. Without feat he gets blown up quite easily by Behemoth and a Rifle Corp CRA.

    Had I not done that screw up I think this game is beyond mine, the Bunnies easily grind down the opposing list. Dangit.

    Round 2: It's the damnable Swans! Rowdy and Thorn are the battlegroup, aided by a Junior with a Firefly, then it's Stormlancers plus Laddermore
    with the support of Arlan and a Squire. Lightning module and high quality jacks, sensible choices.

    I get Syntherion. D3 repair each round feels workable,though not be legit Convergence I can't induct to get around damaged Cortex's.
    Hot Shot didn't really have a place, though in hindsight I should have put it on the Rockram and placed Reconstruct on a Driller (Spoiler: Didn't do that).
    Was conflicted on Synergy and feat (Jacks gain Weapon Platform/Dual Attack), the Bunnies aren't exactly the best to get that rolling with their MAT 5.

    Swans get Vyross1. Feat gives flank to Warjacks for faction infantry, that could be devastating. He otherwise will speed up the two character jacks,
    has an armour buff and Righteous Vengeance. I don't feel confident at the get go, Vyross appears to be a superior combination with the relevant list
    than my own.

    Fear the Shadow! It knows!

    I win the roll, take first. Photo is end of the first round, sure enough the Swans are much further up the table. Synergy is up, I have Reconstruct on
    the Rockram.

    After this the Swans jam everything forward, the Lancers engage all the Bunnies and stab away, Thorn and Rowdy hangs around above the wall near
    my flag.

    I only just get Syntherion out of the killbox, my models are quite hemmed in. Spray Bunny sacrifices himself to contest.

    The swans score defensively multiple rounds running, Rowdy/Thorn manage to pop the Reconstructed Rockram near the end.
    However, I had significantly underestimated Synergy and my feat. I allocated hard to my Drillers, the early Bunnies got lucky bashing into Lancers then
    shooting models in the distance, the Synergy Drillers had max focus and needed none of it to kill Rowdy and Stormlancers.

    I grind it hard, whilst eventually getting a Driller and Bunny up in the closing stages to contest the Swan flag when nothing could reasonably finished.
    I'd also been efficient with my turns, whereas some analysis paralysis sees me get to a pretty convincing clock win.

    Game end:

    Round 3: No Woodsy game (Think he actually did a Steamroller?), so my WTC application is safe (For a given value, if any of them read these Cancon
    reports I can only presume I'm gooooone)

    It's the Tree Huggers! Stalker, Gnarlhorn counter slam goat thing, Gorax, an Argus of some kind, Shifting Stone, Sentry Stone, Druid Wilder, Blackclad,
    Blood Trackers with Nualla.

    He draws Sturgis1. The feat is almost irrelevant, as it can only affect Reinholdt with its Pull/damage deal (Sturdy list ftw!). He does get Arcane Shield,
    which is always good, and Blood trackers with Snipe seemed bad.

    So, whereas I was wrongfully pessimistic about Syntherion1, I get a legit piel of absolute gunk this round.
    I've got Bethayne and Belphagor.
    Literally no feat, as the models that can trigger it are.....Bethayne. That is, if I don't meld her to let Sturgis come in and butcher her. Spells likewise
    irrelevant, I've got a caster only buff that I guess I'll cast maybe and Cloak of Ash, which could go on a single model,leaving plenty of other targets.

    Alright, lets get this done.

    That's a giant hill in the centre of the board, it's where the conflict mostly plays out.

    You'llll neeeeevvvvvveeerrrrr be alooooone if you give a dog a boooooooone.
    Whoops, listening to DAAS. Classic. Also the last line of the song is pretty befitting my warlock play this rounds.

    I've got first, the plan is simple. I'm going to Meld early on and never leave, then retreat to the very corner of the killbox and prey that Sturgis doesn't
    get the stones to come up and stab my Def 11 face. Speaking of Prayer, the tracker Prey a Bunny.

    Said Preyed Bunny stays behind the others and goes to the right away from the trackers, it felt like an excellent example of the anti-Prey play that is
    very easy to do.

    Sure enough I Meld and hide in a corner. Top of 2 Reinholdt finally gets a chance to do something, as I scalpel out the Sentry Stone. God that felt good.
    It's too early to get past the Tracker stealth, so I then crack the Shifting Stones.

    Bottom of 2 is to me the defining moment. The Trackers attack the Bunnies, between them all they kill......


    A single Bunny.

    Outside of assassination, I think this is easily mine.
    Spray Bunny kills a couple Trackers a turn, I cede some Circle CP's, but ultimately trade up against the Heavies with the Drillers. The Satyr proves to be a
    pile of rubbish. Even the Stalker needed to max Fury on Primal to kill the other Driller, thus could not Sprint and get away from the Rockram.

    Near the close of the game, in which three jacks are contesting both flags, Sturgis has to charge a bunny, pop his chain attack place 3 inch forward, then
    teleport to get to Bethayne/Belphagor with three boxes. He buys a ton of attacks, but can't chew through the armour/focus camp at all.

    I then walk Belbeth away, as I can't die to the freestrike. The various Bunnies lightly scratch him due to Arcane Shield, then a Driller goes into his back, hits
    the boosted Drill attack and one shots him with two auto hitting attacks left.

    Game end:

    Weirdly enough, Who's the Boss felt more balanced than Speedmachine to me.
    Rhulic jacks are good. Don't tell anyone. Well, maybe not the Rockram, he's merely average.
    Reinholdt totally worth, now making lists with him featuring because killing Sentry Stones trivially feels too good.

    Getting a few more casual games in than usual, so still three game reports behind, probably five as off tomorrow. Worth it, must Cancon again.
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    Alright, first game after Cancon!

    So, we've had errata, theme and games a plenty since it happened, but here at last is a game using the list Carey requested.
    This seems relevant:

    Anywho, the list:
    Shae1 - 3x Freebooter, Rorsh w/Brine, Dahlia w/Skarath, Wrongeye w/Snapjaw, Brun w/Lug, Anastasia di Bray, Commodore Cannon

    I'm saved having to even pick an objective, for my phone has determined it shalt be three flags. I was essentially waiting for a
    Brun and Lug to emerge for purchase, as there's a limit to the amount of Proxies I'm happy to put on the table myself.

    Into the at the time of writing run up for most Mark 3 games into, also flopping out some theoretically fluffy goodness.

    Thyra1 (Guardians of the Temple) - Blood Of Martyrs, Vigilant, Castigator, 2x Daughters of the Flame, Flame Bringers, 2x Wracks,
    Temple Flameguard + UA, Pyrrus, Choir, 2x Vassal of Menoth


    Various odd benefits: There's a Daughter unit ambushing, Blood of Martyrs has apparition, Daughters gain Vengeance. It's cute stuff
    (i.e interesting, unsure if good).

    I win the die roll, pick first in case there's double advance Deploy Daughters I have to deal with.

    My side has a big hill, Rubble, Water and a trench. The line of flags is interspersed with a forest and fog, then has another large hill on
    the far right. The Menites get a wall near the left flag and an obstruction right in front of the middle flag.

    There's some Legion infantry repping as the second Daughter unit and Rhyas as Thyra, I have a pair of Wardens in place of two Freebooters.

    Merc 1: My stuff runs up! Thrilling!
    Snake puts up Counterblast and goes up the guts, as Mistwalker lets it terrain it up.
    On the left we have the Bears, a Freebooter and the Pigs.
    The right has Shae, though centrally placed, two Freebooters, Crocs and the Cannon.
    Shae gets Stormrager, because I was unsure about how it might make me play to aggressive with Wrongeye and caster armour is usually

    My thinking is the cannon has to be central due to ambushing lameness, and the right side of the board will be relatively open once the
    fog goes away. Passage means I might not get sweet jack slams, but i Can always set something on fire (Against Menoth, seems like a
    bad play.).

    I did a rough calc that put Frebooters at 16 inch threat, so that was a welcome surprise. Obviously the piece I'm really unsure on is the
    Bear and Dwarf, Countercharge/Return strikes me as to opponent mistake dependent (My Countercharge theory: 1 model with is rubbish.
    2-3 is cute. 4-6 makes it relevant. 7+ means bugger off Axis, tired of your ****).

    Menoth 1: The Flameguard and Jacks advance on the right side rather conservatively, including a Shield Wall, Passage on the jacks and
    Occultation on the unit. They also have Thyra with Gates of Death up (Her end of turn teleport).
    The left is far more aggressive (Ignore the extreme left white based unit of daughters, they'll be ambushing later), the Daughter unit spreads
    out and goes out front, they make sure to stop outside counterblast/charge range of the Bear/Snake. The Flame Bringers and Nicia come up
    behind them, the cav have Silence of Death.

    Going by the photos, one Daughter must have died to a Counterblast, as she's missing in the photo.

    Merc 2: The thoughts that informed my turns decisions:
    * Freebooters have a threat advantage against the opposing list, assuming we both take into account our threat ranges
    * The forest and Obstruction divide the Menites in a very particular way. All their jacks are on the right, meaning that if the snake fights for
    the left flag Dahlia can just sit around and play her harpsichord with no recourse
    * With feat, the ambushing Daughters threat 15.5 from the edge (I think that was he conclusion I came to)

    For a while during the Menoth turn I considered a glorious plan. The Cannon Slams a Flameguard (Needed to be that shot for the range 20"),
    freeing a space for a feated Buccaneer to zoom all the way up and kill the Castigator. It's a rubbish heavy for an average one, that then
    probably takes some important activation's to get rid off. The last minute Occultation casting smashed that, though at least it means this isn't a
    game where Stealthy Cav are singing the doom song and advancing on the Commodore.

    In terms of what actually happened, I opt to wait another round. I've got a unit of Daughters to attack, I can easily contest with very minimal
    fear of retaliation, giving me the alpha on attrition or scoring next round.

    Dahlia runs up, has Haunting Melody chuffing away. She get far enough for the snake to slither up and spray down two of the Daughters and the
    nearest Flame Bringer (Suck it Trebek).
    The left most Warden/Freebooter moves up, gets a particular spot thanks to the magic of pre-measuring, throws a Daughter such that it hits two
    of comrades and wipes the unit. More on that later.

    Left flag just has the Bear move to contest range.

    Shae chills it in front of the water, puts a Veil of Mist over the rubble so that Ninja Pig and the Freebooter can get over the centre without issue
    (Yay pathfinder options!). Normally Ninja Pig would be hard flanking, but that's what Ambushers can do.

    Crocs go and contest the right flag, Wrongeye puts up Star Crossed. No need to Submerge, as there are no guns around. Snapjaw is in Ambush
    Daughter charge range, but they are unlikely to kill him so that's fine.

    Looks like the Commodore didn't move. Bold, Cotton, bold. By which I mean stupid, damn thing moves at the rate of Molasses uphill, it should move
    whenever it isn't shooting.
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    Menoth 2: The Daughter unit ambush in the bottom left of the table, from where they run in and threaten the Cannon,
    aside from the one who runs and engages Brun, so no Countercharge for me.

    Left side wise, Nicia runs to the extreme left, then The Flame Bringers come in. One gets butchered by the Snake's Counterblast,
    one contests the centre flag, the other two start skinning the Bear for his coat, leaving his Grievously Injured with just
    his body left. Going to be a poor showcase for this duo's abilities. One then Repositions backward, stays contesting the
    left flag.

    The right advances slowly up again, the Vigilant runs to contest the centre flag range. TFG Shield Wall and keep Occultation,
    Blood Martyrs behind them. Castigator goes on the right edge.
    Couple of Mishaps here, Thyra teleports to far behind the obstruction and leaves teh Castigator out of control, the Choir
    activate late and can't passage Vigilant.

    Merc 3: Alright, time to start scoring and deal with these damn ambushers. If I can clear out miscellaneous pieces I can ride
    the left flag to victory hopefully.

    Anastasia ambush in on the left, charges and kill Nicia like a boss.
    The left most Freebooter goes in and kills the Daughter Cav engaging the Snake/Lug.
    Dahlia runs up into the forest, tags the Officer of the Flame Guard with Haunting Melody. Snake charges and clears the Flame
    Bringer off the left flag.
    Brine ends up running over here, didn't really have a great plan here. I'd been hoping to throw the Flame Bringers into each other,
    but they were to far apart for such shenanigans to occur.

    Lug can't heal, so just sits and Pouts.
    Brun turns around, does his spray, boosts twice to hit and lucks out to pop three of the Daughters.

    Rorsh sits in the Wreck Marker, due to the Choir error the Commodore Slams the Vigilant, killing a few TFG and a Choir member.

    Shae drops back into the water (Amphibious triggered, can't possibly now right?(. I put down a Veil of Mists to protect the Commodore
    Cannon from the Ambush Daughters charge.
    Centre Freebooter goes to max contest on the centre flag, Snapjaw does the same on the right, in theory in charge range of the
    Castigator but being out of control means he should be quite safe.

    I go to 1 CP. Wish I could have scored the centre, Brine could have popped the final Flame Bringer but I didn't think my order of
    activations through and I suspect would peat him in range to get killed by Blood of Martyrs, which would have been not great.

    Menoth 3: So...remember how I wiped out that Daughter unit? Means I completely forgot about Vengeance. Alas poor Commodore.

    One Daughter gets the angle, charges and guts two the Commodore operators. A sad RAT 4 future is born. The other Daughter runs to
    be only just poking into the photo.
    The last Flame Bringer charges Skarath, injures him a bit and repositions toward the Menoth edge, contesting the left flag.

    Thyra feats, Strangleholds the centre Freebooter and ports back to the Choir, who sing Battle.
    TFG can't run due to Dahlia, so instead they advance up and Shield Wall (In hindsight they can't do that as Orders happen at the beginning
    of the Activation, I suspected this but wasn't bothered by it so it happened). Pyrrus charges the centre Freebooter, stabs him a bit with
    his spear.
    Vigilant walks back to where he was previously slammed from.

    On the right flag, Blood of Martys uses Thyra feat and Apparition to get into Snapjaw and brutally murder him, enough that he probably
    can't be made into a handbag, leather clad pen is the best you get. Castigator limps behind him to the flag.

    Points now at 1 all.

    Merc 4: Snapjaw's death is unpleasant, but the plan is certainly intact, as the Menites remain 85% committed on the right.

    On the left flag, I opt for Skarath to frenzy when he fails the Threshold check, as the Flame Bringer made itself the target. He goes in
    and easily kills it, though had he only hit Anastasia probably does the end work?
    Brun, having cut for Fury, heals the Bear and goes to the flag, in case Dahlia somehow dies denying me the Snake score in the Menite turn.
    Lug riles up and runs to between next to the flag, threatening a Counter charge on an models that come to contest.
    Anastasia runs up behind the wall, has a wrack in her sight for my next turn.

    I don't really need my feat for any long term threatening, so the various small bonuses it gives me this turn will do. Feat pops, Shaw himself
    hangs in the water to camp up with Storm Rager on. Feat lets the Strangleheld Freebooter advance to engagement with Pyrrus, Commodore
    to shuffle, Rorsh to turn to get the aim bonus on the Daughters in my back field, the right Freebooter gets away from the two TFG engaging
    him without freestrikes. All relatively little for a feat, but combined it feels reasonable.

    Rorsh then kills the Ambush Daughters.
    The Centre Freebooter in the forest runs, more to shield Dahlia then anything else. Commodore shoots the Vigilant, only knocks it back an inch alas.
    Freebooter on Pyrrus kills him without to many problems, Brine lends emotional support.

    On the far right, the last Freebooter to activate and Wrongeye go into Blood of Martyrs, knock him down to one box and as a bonus kill a TFG.

    Mercs go to 2 CP, it's all looking pretty good. A bit bemused by the end location of the most forward Freebooter, looking at it while writing it
    looks like a very silly, wasted position. I can only assume I was concerned about the Vigilant going into Dahlia, like got haunting Melody Blinded.
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    Menoth 4: Thyra charges into the forward Freebooter, messes it up right up. I think she puts her Strength buff on the TFG?
    At the end of the turn she'll teleport to be between the middle and right flag.
    The Vigilant manages to finish off that Freebooter.
    The TFG charge the Wardenbooter below the centre flag, mess it up badly, leaving just the Cortex and right arm truckin.
    On the right flag, the Castigator and Blood of Martys kill Wrongeye and otherwise due very little to that Freebooter.

    Mercs go to 3 CP.

    Mercs 5: I clock out a little here, I just have to keep Shae alive and otherwise kill everything. The Menites are losing army
    percentage at a surprising rate.

    Shae stays in the water, keeping his distance.
    Brine and the centre Wardooter kill TFG and fail to do much to the Vigilant, so I can't score the centre flag for the straight up win.

    The jacks are Passaged again, so the Commodore tries the longest odds shot on Thyra that misses.
    The right Wardooter finishes of Blood of Martyr's, does very little to the Castigator.

    At the last minute, fearing I'd misread Thyra's threat range, Dahlia runs to be in the charge lane on Shae just in case.

    Mercs go to 4 CP.
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    Bonus post because this forum has issues and thinks four images equates to five sometimes. Sigh.

    Menoth 5: The Vigilant runs across to contest the left flag.
    Castigator finishes off the right Freebooter.
    Thyra goes cray cray, kills the centre Freebooter and Brine.

    Menoth go to 3.

    Mercs 6: Dahlia runs back, the Snake tries to kill Thyra and fails
    I opt the no risk approach, Lug puts up his animus, boosts his attack roll, pushes the Vigilant 3 inches away from the flag.

    I win on CP, 5 v 4.

    Obviously not a great test of the Brlugs, Flame Bringers are a problem for Zoo builds, too quick, deadly and Grievous Wounds is evil.
    That said I like the scenario clearing possibilities of Lugs Animus, though probably not enough to play it outside this list at the moment.

    Anastasia is value, was happy even before she chewed up and spat out Nicia like she was Sauerkraut.

    Shae with Freebooters definitely has chops, the dudes worth something, my problem is I don't know what he ought to do exactly
    in a pairing. Worth examining.

    One more wish left Carey, with no promise of results anytime soon :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Angry Norway View Post
    Near the close of the game, in which three jacks are contesting both flags, Sturgis has to charge a bunny, pop his chain attack place 3 inch forward, then
    teleport to get to Bethayne/Belphagor with three boxes. He buys a ton of attacks, but can't chew through the armour/focus camp at all.
    Sadly, Sturgis' version of Teleport ends his activation immediately after casting. Oh how I wish he had gatecrasher...

    Keep up the entertaining reports!
    This post comes with the proviso that I am not the most competitive player ever.
    The Surgeon General recommends one (1) grain of salt be taken when consuming this post.

    Likes: Trencher Aesthetic, Crazy Conversions, Bad Puns, Fluff in General
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    Quote Originally Posted by elmagnifico View Post
    Sadly, Sturgis' version of Teleport ends his activation immediately after casting. Oh how I wish he had gatecrasher...

    Keep up the entertaining reports!
    Pretty normal miss in a Who's The Boss, yet to play in one when such a screw up hasn't happened
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    Random pick up game into Robadodob!

    Getting our Italian City State wars on as we Merc out.

    Bart1 - Galleon, 2x Nomad, Freebooter, Buccaneer, Reinhdolt, Orin, Anastasia, Dahlia w/Skarath, Commodore Cannon
    Objective: Bunker
    Ossrum1 (Hammerstrike) - 3x Drillers, Rockram, 2x Bashers, Forge Guard (Max), 2x Horgenhold Artillery, Siege Crawler
    Objective: Armory

    I wouldn't call my Bart a cohesive list, so much as it's 3 or so modules bolted together to see what sticks. It's also illegal,
    as I mixed up my lists and added an extra Nomad because I suck, didn't work it out until after the game was over :-(

    Anyway, testing:
    * Freebooter plus Buccaneer. Sweet tech I stole from one of the local Dominar's. Knockdown with Trash sweet, plus helps
    the harpoon drag (Ok, not into the Rhulic jacks, but live by the Sword of Who's the Boss to lose out in the Saturday casual
    * The Snake is there as a super contestor, drawing directly off the Shae vs Thyra experience
    * Commodore/Anastasia/Orin, basically all there to see if they independently justify their points. I'm confident on the solos,
    and wonder of the Cannon ought to be a jack.

    It's Extraction (OK, my phone generated Incursion again initially, but Muuuuummmm, I played that laaaast timmmmme......).

    I win the roll, after an initial period of stupification I realise I need to pick side due to terrain.
    My side has a concealment hedge, a flooded objective and a biiiig trench.
    The midline, from left to right, has a forest, an enormous obstruction and another forest right on the fascist flag.
    There's also a wall or something on the Ossrum side, it doesn't matter.

    Basically that Obstruction is far too limiting for my Galleon, and essentially generated my game plan.

    Round 1: The Horde of Ossum cheap heavies of evilness trample and Rep forward (slight lie about that back wall doing nothing,
    technically it cost a basher half an inch due to trample base placement).
    Everything sticks back outside of Galleon/Commodore range.
    The list has a small split, with a Basher/Driller going around the Obstruction to the left flag.
    The second Artillery piece is hidden behind the building.

    Obviously the Huge base with a basher on it is representative of the Siege Crawler, which is good as I maintain my position that
    it's normal model is as fugly as the methods used to determine how Democratic North Carolina is.

    My plan is fairly simple, I'll advance, Rob will do some irritating smart positioning. The Obstruction, however, is big enough that
    he can't hide behind it and contest, so Freebooter will clear the Galleon's path for it to shoot and try to clear the left flag, which
    Dahlia will score on and use the snake/cheat Nomad to help clear. He likely won't feat until after me, then it's a matter of Galleon
    getting in and swinging while bit pieces contests the right flag the Rhulics will most certainly claimed.

    Ergo my turn is just moving forward outside of feat/Energiser charge range of the serious heavies, don't want to lose something
    valuable this early.

    Ossrum 2: I get suuuuper Sucker Punched.
    Ossrum feats, ends up behind a huge clump of Hammerdwarves.

    I'd been careful to place the Galleon outside of the Siege Crawler's AoE gun range, as Crit stagger would be devastating. Didn't think
    about the Crit triggering with the blast, which happens as the Battle Engine moves to the right flag, shoots the Freebooter, steals
    both it and the Galleons initials.

    Just the worst.

    Every single heavy then runs up and jams, three of them get next to Bart.

    Hits the clock.

    Bart 2: Yikes, talk about sideswiping. Did not see that coming at all. Plan is to somehow have a turn in this madness.

    Anastasia appears, Snakes got other things to do so she's needed to score.

    I've got to get Bart away from these damn heavies. Commodore Cannon does it's Slam shot to clear one of them off (They were
    placed not to slam into each other, as Rob is an evil player that does smart things like that). It's Def 9 base on a Driller, so I need a
    5 to hit. I miss, hit the Buccaneer in the back before it activates to assault net the other one, gets Slammed down and loses an arm.

    Well, sobbing isn't helping. It can only go up from here!
    Bart feats and cops three free strikes, two from real heavies and the Basher, the Rhulic equivalent of a Freebooter (Good, situational,
    an excellent light on a Large base).
    In the grand swing and round abouts that is a randomisation mechanic, Bart gets missed each time.

    I allocated out to the right Nomad and the Galleon, so just camped two. I would have liked to give more out given batten isn't ideal
    right now, but without camp and being in the open it felt like a legitimate concern that Bart dies to the Artillery and Siege Crawler,
    specially with a cycled Fire for Effect.

    Freebooter flails ineffectually, takes the Galleon and the left unfuelled Nomad to waste attacks killing a sodding Basher. Snake walks
    over and sprays with boosted damaged, so Corrosion on a couple Rhulic jacks. Can't be stopped now! Those damage points will be
    super critical!

    The right Nomad (Which is the one I like to think I would actually have fielded) goes into the Crawler, does a good chunk of damage
    before it dies. Also serves to contest the right flag.

    Anastasia runs to the left flag. Reinholdt sits in the trench, waiting to be a suicide contest piece next turn.

    Barts gets 1 Up. Doesn't feel strong. Also note the extreme cruelty of those Forge Guard tormenting me with the best spray target ever,
    but being out of reach without a convenient charge target for Gunfighter that I don't have.
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    Ossrum 3: So I got a ruling 100% wrong on this turn, which seems to be my new bad habit. I was under the impression
    that changing facing wasn't an advance that would trigger Barts feat. Nope

    We didn't play it that way, which does create what I think is the most interesting play of the turn. And yes, the Rockram
    took a Corrosion point, victory now inevitable!

    Freebooter, Buccaneer, Objective all killed mundanely. Crawler Bulldozes the Nomad that hit it into the Driller, which turns
    and kills it. Then alongside Artillery shoot up the Galleon, take out the right side.

    Ossrum hides behind the forest as he has no camp. One of the Arty crew also moved up and stopped me scoring off the left flag.

    Ossrum gets ahead, 2 v 1.

    Bart 3: Claim points and try to scrap a win? Galleon has to attack heavies, but can't possibly do enough. Oh dear.

    Reinholdt runs and contests the Ossrum flag.
    Galleon moves up, kils the Rockram, knocks arms off the left most Driller. Commoder Cannon slams another Driller into the
    Crawler, knocks off the Drill arm. I'll take it, those were excellent damage rolls, akin to the Buccaneer hit.

    I use the cheat Nomad to kill the contesting Artillery guy. Eugh.
    Anastasia stays on the flag.
    Skarath sprays down four Forgeguard, corrodes another.

    2 all.

    Ossrum 4: Basher Slams the Commodore, kills the Crewman with a Flakfield and away it goes. Drillers, Arty and Siege Crawler
    combine to kill the Galleon.
    Driller goes into Skarath, takes out his Spirit and Body.

    Ossrum up 3 vs 2.

    Can't contest with anything in a bemusing reverse of my own plan.

    Mathematically impossible assassination attempt! I get a Skarath spray, need a 20+ on a three dice damage roll to get the kill.
    Surprisngly don't manage it. Can't get any other attacks, so that's done as Ossrum easily gets the scenario win.

    Ouch, what a mauling. So much for playing 11 points up.

    A poor matchup to test the various modules it would seem. Freebooter, Buccaneer didn't really get a chance, that many forward
    heavies is awful for Dahlia's deal.

    I'm loathing not having repair, but support bloat in Bart lists is awful. More testing required.
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    Well, this took a long time to get going. Stupid employment, does it not know I must recount my many failures at pushing
    war dollies around?

    Alright, new day, new random pick up game, this time playing a legal list (Sometimes I almost learn!):

    Bart1 - Galleon, Nomad, Freebooter, Buccaneer, Reinholdt, Dahlia w/Skarath, Anastasia, Commodore Cannon
    Axis1 - 2x Inverter, Cipher, 2x Diffuser, 2x TEP, some Puncture Servitors, multiple of the Reflex Servitors

    Outflank, the terrain I end up with a forest impeding access to both zone and a central obstruction. Convergence get a more
    awkward forest on the left, an experimental fog (Three templates, when the 1/2 comes up we randomise one of the templates
    to go rather than all of them) and a trench in the right zone.

    I win the roll, select first to get up the board. CoC, obviously, take the fog side.

    Round 1: Coc have gone refused flank with most of their stuff, so my opening move out features a little redeployment. No super
    concrete plan, beyond small module things (Orin to lightning out servitors, Galleon to shoot whatever is available). See how
    things pan out.

    On the left I have the Snake and the Cannon, the Commodore does suffer severe telegraphing when going first as it is so limp in
    its movement. It went left as it was the more open and trenchless side, I'm not expecting huge things from it this game.

    Centre rightish the Galleon goes up into the right forest, the other jacks then form a conga line to the left. Buccaneer/Freebooter
    where originally on the right, I trashed a move box to get the pseudo heavy across. Bart also ends up on this side, though given
    how super steady the enemy is I expect to hold my feat until a time when Axis will walk to commit, as the other non steady models
    are irrelevant (I think it's the Diffusers and the Corrolary). Orin is also on this side, I'm hoping to put him in the forest nook and do
    the electric zappy plan.

    Convergence mostly move forward. It's Servitors for days on the left, with the front line being the Countercharge nobs who Dig in,
    then a back line of the Puncture attack dudes.
    Centre has most of the Battlegroup and Axis. Diffuser goes into the right zone trench, after which go the TEP's. Behind the TEP's are
    also a couple more Reflex Servitors hoping to mess up Anastasia.

    The top left of the fogs goes away.

    Merc 2: Alright, so this looks to be working out. The Servitors are spread out far enough left and right that the Lightning plan, which
    was looking bad due to the TEP's sticking close to each other with their free Servitor chumps, is irrelevant. I'm OK with my 39 point
    activation not relying on the squishy solo surviving. I'm going to cede scenario points which I hate, need this turn to secure the left
    zone so I can turn that around next round.

    On the left is phase 1 of hopefully 2 Servitor clear outs. Anastasia ambushes in, between her, the Commodore and Snake the Coutnercharge
    bobbing heads all go away. Alas, Abinaaaar correctly didn't give me a Commodore Slam option to implode a back line Puncture dude.
    Dahlia hid behind the forest, Haunting Melody optimistically up (Living opposing models: Axis. List complete.).

    Centre wise, the Freebooter and Buccaneer move to the left. if my long term plan becomes apparent hopefully they can get stuck into
    whatever heavy moves over to contest the left zone, though again the amount of steady makes the module rather sad.
    Galleon goes behind the Obstruction, which saves it from being utterly trashed by jacks the next turn. Lines up on the left most Diffuser,
    begins the Pew Pew.
    Sadly I roll a low amount of shots, so pop the two central Shield Guards and only get one hit on the Diffuser. The price of relying on
    average dice rolls on your random shot generation is a mighty one.

    The Nomad slithers to be between the Obstruction and right forest. Turns out some of the local meta do read the blog and work out how
    I play, so there was a quick convo along the lines of

    "That looks like bait"

    So yeah, bait Nomad goes forward.
    Orin goes into his zone toeing forest corner, zaps a TEP. One bounce that fails to break armour on a Servitor. Regretting some life decisions
    at this point, though not as much as Orin is about to be.

    CoC 2: On the left, a Flarebot toes the top of the zone, hits Anastasia. The three Puncture bots then aim and do three point
    (Acupuncture: Not even once).
    There's one Reflex Servitor left on this side, it runs to be a few inches from the Commodore Cannon. That'll be a *great* 7 point activation....

    Centre wise, the Battlegroup advances tepidly, sticking out of the Freebooters threat range (Though really, the Sturdy jacks had very little to fear.
    Their armour isn't great, but they can easily weather the POW 14's.). The left most Diffuser toes the left zone.
    On the right, one TEP sprays the Nomad, rolls laughably bad, doing a total three boxes. The right Diffuser and a Servitor run to specific locations
    in front of the Nomad, serve as target locations for the Cipher to throw down rough terrain. I quite liked this play, though it makes the Nomad a
    sad sack.
    Last the other TEP moves far enough across to blast down Orin. Such was likely to be.

    CoC go to 1 CP.

    Merc 3: Bit of a quandary. I can't afford to give up the Galleon, which makes contesting the right zone problematic. My plan was to throw in suicide
    contestors into the right zone, curve the Galleon around the left side of the obstruction and effectively seal the left zone, so that I'd score on
    Convergence turns and pull ahead that way.

    Clearing out the left zone duty first, the Snake pops the contesting Flare and a Puncture Servitor. That success lets Anastasia move right up and kill
    the Reflex Servitor threatening the Commodore. As the Snake maxed Fury to cast Counterblast, Dahlia runs to the extreme left, relying in distance to
    keep her safe (Puncture bots being incapable of killing her. 5 health boxes stronk!

    This leaves the Diffuser towing. Galleon moves around, little guns blow up the Diffuser and he then drags in the Inverter next to it and smacks it to death.
    Eventual Shield Guard kills benefits.

    Commodore, Freebooter and Bart all move around in the backfield, the Cannon desperately attempting to be relevant, Bart hiding behind the Colossal,
    the 'booter getting set to replace the Nomad as the one off contestor next round.

    Said Nomad charges into the zone, triggers a counter charge that moves the Cipher forward (inevitable but ultimately acceptable). Hits the Diffuser for a
    reasonable sum according to my hazy recall.

    Reinholdt is also still alive, getting intimate with the far right board edge.

    Scores go to 1 each.
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    CoC 3: On the left, a Puncture servitor moves into the zone 9I should have moved the Snake further across for the Counterblast
    trigger). The other hangs back.

    On the right, the clockists get control of the zone super hard. The TEP's kill the Nomad, in a sharp reverse of their previous attempts.
    The Cipher charges forward into the Freebooter, I think it pops off a claw and otherwise rolls awfully.
    The Inverter stays hiding behind the objective, making the Commodore a sad man (Though, as a withered corpse consisting of at
    most 50% it's original state, he was probably already sad if we wre to transpose some manner of humanoid thought to him).

    3v1 to Convergence.

    Merc 4: Well, this is awkward, I've not accounted for Dominating the zone appropriately in my long term planning. Have to contest
    the right zone as much as I can. I'm well ahead on clock, so we'll try to push through that.

    The left zone is easily cleared, as Anastasia kills yet another and the Snake does another and Counterblasts, moving to trigger range
    of anything going for the left zone. Dahlia stays super out of the way.

    Now, onto the dear-god-how-do-contest part. The Cipher is blocking everything, so the Cannon tries a Slam shot as the only viable
    option (Freebooter ain't killing or throwing it with one hand, Galleon has other places to be). Unlike last time I tried a desperate
    Commodore Slam, this time it hits and knocks the Cipher well out of the way.
    Freebooter tepidly slaps at the Cipher, but ultimately doesn't do great.
    Bart feats, hangs in the backfield out of TEP spray range, camps 3.
    Galleon runs to get into the zone, engages all the jacks to stop Counter Charges.
    Reinholdt runs into the right edge of the zone.

    3 vs 2, still Gearheads in charge.

    CoC 4: On the left, a Servitor suicides to get rid of Counterblast, freeing up another to go in and contest.

    On the right, a TEP advances, sprays the Freebooter down to a box of movement.
    The other TWP pew pews at the Galleon.
    Cipher and Inverter go into the Colossal, there was a timing/space issue here, in that the Cipher wasn't in range to pass on focus.
    Only one of them Axis feat as well, though I don't recall exactly how it played out. Galleon ended still with his left grid on about 2/3rd's

    Axis feated and charged in for the win, per my mild dreams this meant he went into Bart's Feat and fell over in front of the Galleon.

    With that, I surprisingly live, with Axis knocked down and camping 3 in front of me. Time to try to screw this up. Scores remain at 3v2.

    Merc 5: The plan is devastatingly simple. Punch Axis 5 times, four of them being the good arm. Or we could have a sodding embolism
    and not do that at all.

    Bart moves up, puts Hot Shot on the Galleon, sprays it to hit Axis, boosts damage for not much.
    Galleon rolls up shots, hits Axis with the Harpoon. The last available Servitor Shield Guards it and dies, so no melee attacks for this activation.
    Oh god. My mental stats are clearly the equivalent of High Shields (Needs a solo to fix it).

    My saving grace is that I rolled a high amount of shots on the good arm. When the dust settles, Axis is down to about 5 or 6 boxes and
    no camp.

    Time for mega desperation.

    Dahlia runs across. Skarath moves over, sprays. Hits. Needs a 10 to kill. Boost.

    I roll exact.

    Undeserved victory!

    Convergence: Not getting me to drop Bart anytime soon. Or at least this trashy iteration. One day the Freebooter will get a chance.
    It feels reminiscent of my Cancon IG lists, which telegraphed that you should drop your Pull immune stuff, except it applies to Knock Down.
    Granted, not as likely to happen generically then if I just do pick up games into Convergence.

    My real issue is I finally did the latter half of this one on the day the Una nerf came out, which is what I'd been dojoing for. Now I've got to
    realign myself, whilst I've also been missing game nights due to overtime.
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    Yeah, this'll be a cliff notes version. Basically I had one list, and fell prey to the mighty Shepherd lets-strain-the-game testing.

    I've got Bart with Galleon, Snake and some random jacks.
    He's got 70 odd Winter Guard Infantry, a couple UA's, Josef, a couple Destroyers. Irusk2.

    There's an immense mass of various infantry ready to die for the Motherland!

    Uh, yeah. I took first and ran up. The horde of funny looking Winter Guard move forward in a manner that gave me flashbacks
    to the Goblin horde played in a different era.
    I move up and do some pew pewing. This is about the time it finally gets through my thick skull that Irusk2 has Solid Ground
    these days and the Galleon isn't killing squat.

    The horde moves forward, the Destroyers and Field Gun (Oh yeah, there was a Field Gun that got Fire for Effect) pew pew the Galleon.
    One squad kills Skarath with three CRA's of two blokes. Jeepers.

    Nomad/Buccaneer jam up, I do shoddy attacks back.

    This ground out for a round, the Galleon loses a side as the WGI move around, one squad gets Battle Lust and Joe's strength buff and
    puts the Nomad on three boxes.

    Bart goes for Glory, charging a couple WGI. Kills two to get to a line up around the Buccaneer. The next WGI tough three times before
    dying, murder spree shut down. Urk.

    Nomad and Galleon get stabbed and shot. Objective also dies to a couple WGI charging.

    My models do some jigging with it, then it's game over.

    So.......Immune to Knockdown aye? To the shelf Bart! We need some time apart while I discover myself traveling a very limited part of Europe!
    Or prepping for that anyway....
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    I think it may soon by time to break from recent tradition and play a list in which all the models I am using are in fact the models I am using.

    That Irusk2 list though. One out of two gets blunderbuss. The one without, follows him! When the man with the blunderbuss gets killed...
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    Good thing about prepping for team environments with some notice is it lets me get past my SUSS. Such a flawed brain alas.

    First game into J-bell in what feels like an age!

    Stealing some Polish stuff:
    Ossrum1 - 8x Gunner, 2x Blaster, 3x Driller, Reinholdt, Eiryss, Tinker
    Damiano1 (Kingmaker) - Mule, 3x Nomad, Buccaneer, Trenchers (Max), Steelhead Halberdiers, Steelhead Cav, Kell, Stannis,
    Sergeant Nick

    Rolled up Outflank. Game takes place in an air coned refuge, so no clock.

    I lose the roll, get given second and take the side less mucked up by the central obstruction.
    Relevant terrain on my side is a blob of rubble on the left, a forest on the right side of the left zone, next to a wall that toes
    the right zone.
    Damiano's side gets a forest, the previously mentioned house obstruction and nothing else that ends up mattering.

    My expectation is that I'll get hard to kil Trenchers in my face, basic plan is to shoot anything else if I can, wait out Damiano's
    feat, use Bulldoze to push the Trenchers away and strip Dig in then shoot them all down.

    Round 1: It ends up that Damiano is going up left with Trenchers, the Buccaneer and two of the Nomads. Then Kell is in the forest,
    ready to core out systems with the best of them. The Mule and Nomad are central, then it's the Steelhead boat on the far right
    ready to fight over the other zone.
    Road to War on Damiano, Surefoot on the Trenchers.

    My list of models is such that there isn't exactly a massive amount of counter deploy to be done. want a Spray Bunny either side,
    I want some Gunners either side. Eiryss goes int eh forest in Ossrum buff range, the only real decision I have to make is to put the
    second Driller on the let where Damiano's Battlegroup is present.
    My jacks go up as their respective halves, one goes straight up the guts for a potential pop Kell move next turn. Ossrum Bullet Dodgers
    himself, as when I ran him in the Journeyman league when I lost it was usually by assassination. The Gunners shoot down some Trenchers
    and two of the Steelhead Cav.

    I also have a 72% play that is pure gold. Snipe goes on Eiryss, she goes into the left zone, lands a Disruptor bolt on Damiano. Best
    anti-upkeep around, whilst also being something I'm reasonably sure I'll never get on J'cam again. Eiryss will die now, I made peace with
    that when I did the play.

    Damiano 2: The upkeeps all drop.
    In the left zone, the Trenchers move around, four get within stealth range and blow up Eiryss. Expected.
    The Buccaneer goes behind the Rubble and knocks down the leftmost Driller. The two Nomads on the left move into the back of the zone.
    Kell aims in the forest, takes out the Movement on the up the guts Gunner.

    In the centre the Mule and other Nomad move up behind the house, shoots the up front Gunner, hits and boosts damage to put it on two boxes.

    On the right zone, the Steelhead horde moves up, halberdiers out the front of the remaining Cav. Stannis shoots the messed up Gunner
    and kills it.

    Ossrum 2: Too much stuff in both zones, so its keep the attrition going.
    Ossrum feats, goes into the forest, keeps enough distance to stop Kell or the Mule getting up and shooting him. I miss a pot shot at a Steelhead.

    On the left, the spray Bunny goes first to clear a lane for one of the Drillers to go into a Nomad. Kills one, causes a couple toughs.
    Spray Bunnies then clear out the remaining blockers, though in hindsight we both forgot about Feign Death (Easily solved for me by having
    the Spray Bunny go last after the Gunners do the clearing work, but oh well).
    The left most Driller, for whom the need to Energiser meant I couldn't give any focus after he shook his Knockdown, walks up to the Buccaneer,
    sits in the Rubble, Drill knocks off the Spear arm.
    Fully loaded Driller goes into the Nomad, stabs a bunch, ends with the Nomad being a couple boxes of Cortex.

    On the right, Driller walks up, toes the right zone, kills the couple Halberdiers engaging my Bunnies.
    The Spray Bunny on this side goes up, shoots down a few Halberdiers and Sergeant Nick to get rid of the tough bubble.
    The three Gunners then try to pop more Cav, unlike my last turn they fail somewhat, leaving one on a single box and another on three. Alas.

    Damiano 3: Feat gets popped, then he goes to the top left of the left zone.
    The messed up Nomad is just in the way, so gets killed by a Freestrike.

    The other two are fully loaded and go into a Driller each. The first one hits the left most, takes out three columns and no systems. The other Nomad,
    on the right most Driller, does a bit better, leaving on 7 boxes with no Drill arm. Kell then aims, shoots the right most Driller (Left one is in rubble and melee.
    Defence 17 Driller! Feel the power!), leaves it on a single box of Movement.
    One Trencher goes up and engages a Gunner, the others stab the single box Driller but don't finish it off.
    The Mule moved up earlier, tried a crit fish shot on the left Spray Bunny and did no damage.

    On the right zone, the Halberdiers go in and do very little. Cav and Stannis then charge in, they take out a Head system and otherwise do not much.
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    Ossrum 3: It's a round later than usual, but let's start the scoring.
    The Driller up left living is awkward, as I'm out of control range. Oh well, it's all about claiming the right side anyway.

    Left side, the damaged as Driller swings at a Nomad, actually manages to do the maximum amount of damage (2 points.....).
    The healthier Driller backs into the rubble a little, knocks off the other arm of the Buccaneer.
    Spray Bunny kills the Trencher that is engaging. Gunners spread out, kill a Trencher engaging the right Driller and do some
    scratch damage to the Mule. At the end of the turn the seize the right zone plan will be super telegraphed, so the Mule is
    positioned to be a contesting model I have to deal with.
    Reinholdt and Tinker run around to far away positions, ready late game to run in one by one to contest that zone.

    Centre wise, Ossrum puts up Unstoppable Force, camps and hides behind the forest.

    Right zone, a Gunner pushes two Cav forward, incurs a Halberdier freestrike because that's how it works. Doesn't lose any
    systems because Bunny Grids are excellent. The Driller then kills the two regular Cav, Gunner shots kill off Stannis and a Halberdier
    in the zone, can now score. One Gunner does take maximum damage from a freestrike to lose his movement, goes next to the forest.
    Spray Bunny is somewhat boned, tries a melee attack as he has no head and a boosted damage roll would be funny. Misses.

    Ossrum gets up with 1 CP.

    Damiano 4: The Trencher and Damiano try to finish off the single Movement box Driller and fail, so Kell has to do it.
    Also on the left zone, one Nomad kills off the other Driller, the other has to spend a full stack to kill the Spray Bunny and engage a
    Gunner after the Mule fails on a crit fish shot again.
    Buccaneer backs up, boosts to hit and knocks down Damiano, Feign Death stopping the lazy assassination attempts next turn.

    On the right the various Steelheads finish off the Spray Bunny.

    Ossrum 4: Plans working out, keep at it.

    On the left, engaged Gunner just does a jig. One Gunner finishes off the Buccaneer, the other pings the Mule, rolls amazingly and
    takes out the Cortex, so now it can't get into the right zone. Reinholdt/Tinker keep waiting.

    On the right, the two unengaged Gunners finish off the Cav, Driller pops two Halberdiers, now freed up Gunners finish that unit off.
    Ossrum runs across to be behind the wall, camping three.

    There's some staring at the table, ultimately nothing can contest the right zone (Kell lacking pathfinder is just weird). Ossrum is both
    unkillable and can't be stopped from getting the winning Dominate in my next turn, so the opposing Mercs concede. Fair enough.

    This is the sort of thing that makes me regret my SUSSness. This is the most enjoyable Ossrum list I've played I think, though as
    anticipated even slightly spread out scenario's produce difficulties. I was contemplating scraping a Bunny and Driller for the Snake,
    though then the excellent feat is doing a lot less. Still using Reinholdt poorly (i.e not at all).

    More games needed with this one.
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    Sunday games got sidelined by accursed real life, so we just have a single Monday pick up.

    Still using the farm, went into some Wardian Palette cleansing.

    Ossrum1 - 8x Gunners, 2x Blasters, 3x Drillers, Tinker, Reinholdt, Eiryss1
    Objective: Bunker
    Caine2 - Centurion, Defender, Squire, Junior + Charger,Trenchers, Rangers, Storm Lancers (Min), Runewood, 2x Gun Mage Adepts
    Objective: Bunker

    Extraction, I win the roll and nab first as the terrain didn't super bother me (A whole turn of Pathfinder.....yes.....yes........feels
    so good.......moist......).

    Essentially I'll get either a central Trench or wall. I end up with the trench. The other terrain isn't going to be super relevant.

    Merc 1: So my big fear is an assassination on Ossrum, so he Bullet Dodgers himself, Energisers and the various jacks form up with
    a massive anti-Shadowfire wedge of Bunnies in front of him. Probably not super relevant, but I also wanted to use the trench and
    had to go around that small blob of water.

    Two Drillers go left, as they'll have to beat their way through the Centurion to get some scoring happening.
    Eiryss is also on the left, as I intend to disrupt said Centurion to stop his Imprint, allowing the Driller charge down the line.
    Courtesy of Reinholdt Spyglassing at the start of the turn she also shoots down a Ranger, which was done as a no risk proposition
    (A single Trencher Grenadier makes me unenthused for that).

    One Driller goes right, ready to stomp the Cav or Defender.

    Cygnar 1: Sure enough, Caine puts Bullet Dodger on himself and goes up behind the wall.
    He's joined by a GMCA, who gets Fire For Effect.
    The Trenchers get Heightened Reflexes and make a nice long cloud wall, with a couple errant shots that don't do anything.
    The Rangers chill out in the left forest, Centurion with Arcane Shield goes next to them and asks for a kipper.
    Defender goes on the right, with the other Gun Mage Captain Adept next to him.
    Storm Lancers go far right.

    Merc 2: Plan is to snipe out the Gun Mage Captain Adepts, so I can live a live without Flare (Alas poor ghost of Liberace) and
    otherwise just attack targets of opportunity.

    Ossrum feats, Energises, whistles as he walks through the Bunnies to get into the trench, camps 2.
    The Spray Bunnies go forward, they both get a Gun Mage Adept each, one also clips Caine you gets a Dodge advance to move a
    shade further.

    Those goals complete, its' time to attack what I can. Two Bunnies go way forward of everyone else, toe a cloud, shoot deep into
    the backfield and kill Junior. That felt pretty damn good.
    Two Bunnies move into the bottom edge of the right zone, they shoot one of the Storm Lancers, but only do a little damage.
    Arcane Shield not always required.
    A Driller then runs into each zone, out of threat range of the Cygnar heavies.

    Scenario defence covered, I then need to make sure Ossrum lives, as his death on feat turn is how I lost games in the Journeyman.
    Four Gunners and a Driller surround him. They also take potshots, killing a few Trenchers.

    Lastly Eiryss runs way into the backfield, as there wasn't really a target worth her time at this stage (Could have killed a Trencher I guess?)

    Cygnar 2: It's looking bad for the Swans. I can easily contest everything, Bulldoze to clear most of the opposing models away to take shots,
    I'm completely undamaged with the armour buff up.

    It's super Hailmary time. Rangers move up. Caine moves up, feats, drains all his focus (Dropped all upkeeps) on shots on Ossrum, causing
    one focus to be burnt. Defender moves up, shoots Ossrum, also misses. Concedes at that point, hard to argue for the reasons already listed.

    Well, the Farm is looking good if it survives Errata.
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    Random interstate visit from the master of Crockery leads into some revamped Skornage time.

    I'm still working out the Bunny farm, I'd eyeballed Trolls and Skorne as likely being bad for it, so good to try that out.

    To my fortune, it was right after a different game (Ossrum Hammerstrike) wherein teh Xerxis armour brick was used, so
    for a change the second list popped out which was definitely an easier matchup list wise.

    Ossrum1 - Reinholdt, 8x Gunner, 2x Blaster, 3x Driller, Eiryss1
    Objective: Bunker
    Rasheth1 - Cannoneer, Krea, Agoniser, Willbreaker, Void Spirit, Master Tormentor, Pain Givers (Max), Karax,
    Venator Reivers + UA, Venator Dakaar
    Objective: Armory

    Scenario is Recon. I won the roll, and against the unknown I generally prefer to go first, but a house Obstruction and large
    patch of obstructive forest caused me to go second. I get one turn of pathfinder, would rather use that feat for its other
    benefits as well.

    The Skorne side consists of the house and a central forest plus a wall, mine is a large hill abutting some water, a mini wall
    behind the objective and a forest on the right side.

    Round 1: The Animantarax gets whipped, healed and runs up the front into the zone.
    In the alley created by the hosue and forest the Karax funnel through, followed by the Cannoneer and the Willbreaker.
    Rasheth goes behind the forest, puts up Paralytic Aura. The Krea runs into the centre of the forest.
    On the right, the Venators crowd around the wall
    On the extreme right goes the Master Tormentor.

    So I've got six bunnies in range of the Battle Engine and it's the only turn it won't be under Krea armour of doom. Did the
    calc afterward, it's a 40% play, or 65ish if I had feated to get all eight in. I opt for the non-feat version.

    Ossrum Bullet Dodgers himself, puts Snipe on Eiryss. Energises. Hides behind the wall.
    When the Animantarax ran up, I was asked my non-Energiser threat range. It was only midway through the turn the mistake
    was noted (Misconception between Energiser and Locomotion).
    In any event, I kill the Battle Engine exactly and its going to be a hard attrition slog for Skorne.

    One spray Bunny goes up the centre to be in a convenient position, the other goes far elft as I expect I'll have to clear off a
    line of jamming Karax.
    Eiryss goes on the hill on the left, shoots the Cannoneer to strip his Fury (This was a waste. Should have kept her back for
    late game, alas I was clearly in super greed mode).

    Skorne 2: Rasheth cuts for 2. Yeah! Valid 7 point solo activation! Woo!

    Krea stays chilling the forest, puts Paralytic Aura. He then temporarily thinks he's a baby Metal band in South Korea as he gets
    mobbed by Venator Reavers, though they are just using him for his sweet magic. They pop their mini feat, try to shoot down a Bunny.
    Take out a few columns, though no systems.

    Karax and Void spirit spread out in the zone, front three engage various Bunnies.
    Rasheth arcs a Breath of Corruption through the Void Spirit, hits five Bunnies, does some random damage amongst them.

    Cannoneer gets Puppet Strings, Eyeless Sight and aims. Eiryss gets atomised, making some extremely ancient Greeks very proud.

    Lastly, the Master Tormentor runs into my right side forest.

    Mercs 2: Well, Breath of Corruption is going to be annoying. The silly death of Eiryss means that to kill the damn Incorporeal Arc
    Node requires Ossrum using Stranglehold. I end up deciding its not worth, as I genuinely forgot I was second player and clearing
    the zone was an option.

    In any event, I opt to hold my feat, as we are playing a distance game right now and I want it for Ossrum when he decides to move
    out from the wall of safety.
    Ossrum Energises, most Bunnies don't move much, it primarily gets one into the right side forest with enough distance to get through
    and plink the Tormentor.
    He pots shots a Karax, so bonus.

    The leftmost Bunny aims, kills two of the jamming Karax.
    The other Bunnies then go, one takes a Karax free strike for nought and wipes out the Skorne unit. The right most Gunner misses the
    Master Tormentor, which was a shame.
    The other spray Bunny, being the most damaged from Corruption Breath, walks up into the zone to spray down the final two. I have
    two of the Drillers go into the bottom of the zone, as Attrition is strong and Ossrum is safe I don't want Scenario to go against me
    (Not like Dominar Lard is getting to a flag anytime soon).
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    Skorne 3: Rasheth chills in the forest, feats. Arcs another pair of Corrption breaths, which damage two Gunners enough
    for the Reavers to finish them. They also damage the suicide Spray Bunny, who dies to the Cannoneer shot.
    Paingivers run up to annoy. The Void Spirit charges the right most Driller, knocks out his 1 and 6 columns.
    Master Tormentor goes into the Bunny that failed to kill him, alas Rasheth control area is just shy and he does no damage.
    I think this is the turn I was asked how much the Bunnies cost ("Your farm appears to be cooking its books" is how I think of it)

    Merc 3: Grind on, this time with some scoring hopefully.

    Tinker repairs a bunny, Ossrum pops his feat then walks to the left in case the Bunny fails to kill the Tormentor again.
    Casts Unstoppable Force, boosts a shot that misses the forward most Paingiver.
    Gunners do various shots, killing the Willbreaker, Tormentor and a few of the Reavers. One walks and does two Bulldozes
    to get the forward Reaver and Void Spirit out of the zone, then kills the Spirit anyway.

    I can bulldoze the Cannoneer out of the zone, so I just have to deal with the Objective and one Reiver remaining. Sadly I've
    done my order of jack activations not particularly well, so when the Driller goes into the Obejctive and ends having to burn
    all his focus to kill it (Rasheth feat countered for, Agoniser was not), he only gets his claw initial on the Reaver which misses.

    Ergo no score. I run another Driller into the zone, I highly doubt Skorne have the mass to kill it and I can use it to clear the zone.

    Skorne 4: The Paingivers runup to be Arcnodes as the hailmary assassination run comes in. Two Breath of corruptions on a
    Bunny with boosted damage put Ossrum on 11 health, Cannoneer does no damage and that's game.

    Reinholdt/Eiryss poorly used, but more than that I hadn't really twigged that Bulldoze wasn't limited on a turn basis but an
    activation one. Should have just used a couple running bunnies to clear the zone, against the non-Sturdy list there isn't much to
    stop me winning on scenario once the Battle Engine dies.

    We continue the testing march. I doubt this particular matchup would ever happen in a tournament. Plus I declared my confidence
    against Skorne with my other list, so at some point we'll have to test Gorten vs Xerxis1.
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    Standard J time store, drifted lazily around tapping out until it looked like even numbers and I had to kick my Sloth off my nose.

    Into Republican Chain Breaker, I'm still hard testing into what I armchair general-ed as being bad in general, given how the
    theme force pans out.

    Ossrum1 - 8x Gunner, 2x Blaster, 3x Driller, Reinholdt, Tinker, Eiryss1
    Axis1 - 3x Inverter, Cipher, Conservator, 2x TEP, 15 Servitors in Elimination and Attunement versions

    Dammit. I now know the actual Clockwork models names by Osmosis.

    It's Outlast, I lose the roll and get given first.
    I wasn't hopeful terrain wise, I've got some water and a wall, centre line has a central wall and a forest in the right zone
    (Though it's angular nature favours me), Convergence side has a not relevant forest, an irrelevant Cloud and a long trench that's
    dripping in sauce with the flavour of Meaningfullness.

    I wasn't super worried about the Trench, there's enough stuff that I'll be able to shoot something. The forest in the right zone
    looked annoying, as it vectors me to not shoot stuff that'll contest the right zone, which isn't ideal as the water funnels me to
    that side a little.

    I basically have to apply force in a very small area and accept that there will be several rounds here only servitors die, unless I
    can get critical activations out of my two Spray Bunnies, which is hampered by Countercharge (Spray 8, Countercharge 6,
    Servitors 3 inches behind means I need to stop the charge in order to get into a good position). The list change of dropping some
    light from our last game helps me with that. The TEPs are the biggest issue though, I have to kill them with Drillers which are precious
    as it is.

    Almost Symmetrical deployments from both of us, TEP's and a Driller on the flanks, caster dead centre.

    Oh yeah, Eiryss1 is lost on the wind somewhere, so she is proxied by Rask. Times are tough in Mark3 (Line stolen from Chappie. The person, not the movie.)

    Merc 1: By dint of the water and the annoying forest, the Bunnies form a wedge of doom in the centre. That wasn't really intended,
    its just how it panned out once everything moved up.
    One of my few decision points is where the third Driller goes, he goes on the right as it looks like the heavy Vectors are slightly
    leaning toward the left, though I can't pretend I devoted appropriate thought to it.

    Eiryss gets Snipe and goes behind the right forest, in the anti spray nook. If Convergence hold back she will just do Phantom Hunter
    shots on Servitors, if they move up all aggro then she'll have to fall back.

    Ossrum Bullet Dodgers himself out of a desperate desire to live.

    CoC 1: Gearheads run.....wait a minute.....they have gears everywhere, most of them are robots....
    Gearbutts run up, starting from the right to the left, where we get a classic case of Huge base discombobulation.

    Essentially, on the left the TEP correctly keeps itself just shy of the left Driller threat range. The right one didn't do so, I think an effect
    of the Driller over there having a wall and forest in the way, which requires keeping in mind my threat range, feat granting pathfinder and
    that when the model is lanky enough it is visible regardless of terrain impediments.

    By god Eiryss is panicking though.

    Merc 2: The right Driller can go into the TEP on the right, so that's enough to make it worth feating. Got to pop that smuck and otherwise
    start chewing on Shield Guards.

    The left Driller is in range of the Conservator and the left most Inverter, so I opt to drop both upkeeps (Feels.....awful....) in order to fuel
    both heavies and for Energiser, which was needed for the threat range to be fulfilled.

    Ossrum feats, Energises, moves across to be next to the wall on the right. Shoots at the Axiom, hits and kills a Servitor.

    I have to deal with the Counterchargey brick in the centre, as I don't want an Inverter to do a knock down rescue for the TEP. A Bunny
    slams at Axis, triggers the left most Inverter who charges in and knocks it down while also trashing the cortex. A second Bunny goes for the
    Corollary, finishes the tie up. Misses his target, but I wasn't exactly hanging out to do POW 6 damage rolls.

    The right Driller goes into the TEP on that side, easily kills it. The spare Driller runs to be behind to avenge his soon to occur death.

    Bunny wise, both Spray Bunnies go up, one behind the centre wall, the other camps out in the right zone forest, they both spray down some
    Servitors and do incidental damage to Vectors.
    Four Gunners hang around Ossrum to fort him up later, the Counter charge Inverter has limited shield Guards so I shoot them down and wing
    said Vector a little bit.
    Remaining two Gunners go to the left zone, one of them gets heaps out of control to be in an annoying spot, further plinking on the now most
    forward Inverter.

    I have two activations that matter left, Eiryss and the left Driller. The Inverter isn't missing systems, but has lost a chunk of armour, so I elect to
    disrupt him with Eiryss and send the Driller into the Conservator, which he manages to destroy without issue.

    Happy with the TEP, Slamming, Plinking and Ossrum cowardice.
    I thoroughly regret the left side Driller, that was a waste. Given where the other Drillers are, I essentially ceded any practical ability to deal with
    the left TEP and consigned myself to just contesting the left zone. If he just moves to be between the water and the centre wall, in Ossrums
    control and with a couple Bunnies in front stopping him getting wrecked by charges then he is an active participant in later rounds and likely keeps
    my attrition game alive, which I think I lost at this point. Also Conservators don't feel good enough to me.

    CoC 2: Axis counterfeats, a shortage on threat range I didn't consider with my revenge Driller placement. The out of control Bunny, Ossrum, Tinker
    and Reinholdt are all outside of Axis' control range as he wisely camps out in the trench. He beats on the knocked down Bunny in front of him, but
    rolls poorly at best. Corrally makes attacks to pass focus across and manages to strip an armour point of the standing Bunny, so that was something.

    Left zone wise, the TEP and Cipher capitalise on my error and punch through the Driller. The disrupted chipped Inverter goes behind the centre wall,
    engaging a Spray Bunny.

    In the right zone, two Servitors go on either side of the Spray Bunny in the forest. The Inverter, with a full focus load, stabs the TEP destroying Driller,
    knocks him down and takes off his claw arm.
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    Merc 3: I'm hoping this is my score turn on the right zone, otherwise keep popping shots.

    Zone clearing attempt first, the forested Spray Bunny walks out of melee, cops a good hit from the Inverter I neglected to
    notice was in melee range and takes out the Cortex. He still manages to kill the Servitor he needed to, so that was good.
    Ossrum puts Bullet Dodger and Snipe on Eiryss back out, goes back a little bit to be behind the defensive wall on the right zone.
    A lucky shot (But not Lucky Charmed, because I'm Gobber blind) pops the Servitor in the forest, leaving just the Inverter
    remaining in the right zone.
    The damaged Driller was the only one in a position to get it done, sadly the Inverter wisely engaged at further than one away,
    so he had to burn a focus to shake. He walks up, Axis' feat stops him, doing to much. back up Driller hangs around, in position
    to be in Energiser/Charge range of anything going into the zone next round for the sequel (Zone Clearing 2: Dominate Harderur).

    Centre wise, the spray Bunny behind the wall backs up, my thinking being that he'll survive the freestrike (did so) and pops some Servitors.
    Alas, I didn't factor in the reduced speed, so he in fact was just a cog up for the Cipher to charge in and put him on one box of Movement.
    The various Gunners then go, the very top active one takes the Corrolary freestrike. Three of the back ones wall up in front of Ossrum.
    Between them all they shoot down the damaged Inverter.
    Eiryss plinks off a Servitor.

    Left zone wise, the "What's a control range like?" Bunny moves further left. He can be killed by the TEP, but it's an inconvenience and likely
    not the optimal damage output activation for the battle Engine. He plinks down a Servitor, though one of the TEP's dudes should have taken
    it as they regenerate, but oh well. Little things.
    The Tinker and Reinholdt run to the left backfield ready to run in and contest later on. This is a weird go to move I keep doing. Definitely
    value the lives of those solos....

    CoC 3: Right zone, he inverter polishes off the Driller that previously floundered at him.

    In the Axis dugout, he finally pops the suicide Bunny that's just been limping a River Dance in front of him, he keeps a couple Servitor Shield
    Guards and the Corollary in his vicinity.

    Left wise, the TEP and Cipher kill the Spray Bunny and the nearby contesting Bunny, the far left one who feels no need for focus carries on.

    Merc 4: Attrition looks alright on paper, but the TEP is definitely beyond my means to kill and that's an issue. I have to finally get that scenario
    churn going.

    On the right, a pair of Bunnies that can get Line of Sight shoot the Inverter to ensure the kill, they roll outrageously well and do far more damage
    than they had any right to.
    Ossrum Energizes and walks into the zone.
    The Driller then goes in and easily removes the Inverter.

    The other three Bunnies nearby wall up Ossrum, plink at the Cipher and average out my earlier damage rolls by being quite miserly with the pips.
    Eiryss backs up, don't want to lose her trivially to the damn TEP. Shoots the Cipher and disrupts him. Glorious.

    Left wise, Reinhold continues mission run to location of temporary safety. The Tinker says sod it, shoots the Cipher and does couple damage points,
    because he's a WARRIOR. Sort of.
    The contesting Gunner stays chill, does sweet sod all.

    Mercs get the leg up with 2 CP.

    CoC 4: Axis tires of playing the field and commits.
    He charges the Driller in the right zone, drains his stack to kill him.
    The Corollary goes into the most forward Gunner around, does nought.

    Cipher limps across, shoots a rough terrain on the Bunny wall. Luckily for me it scatters and only enshrouds the least important one, I'd actually failed
    to even consider that the Cipher could shoot at this point, so this was easily the most useful action for it take.
    TEP moves up, sprays down the central Gunner, also tries a shot on the Gunner that's up in the guts, doesn't do anything to the Bunny unfortunately
    also hits the Corollary, his dice stab in the eyes lacking the good grace to even try to do it in the back. Puts it on 3 boxes.
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    Merc 5: Axis taunts me on zero camp. With two Shield Guards, the forest and the Counter Charge options I'm not convinced
    I can get a reliable assassination. Ossrum can't get to him without shenanigans, but if he does so and it'll be with an Energiser
    and I don't trust a shiddy crit fish assassination when I think I can get scenario without too much issue.

    I fall back into the "do the important stuff first" brainset, which is an awful mistake. Eiryss shoots to disrupt the Cipher, which the
    TEP ball hurls itself in the way of. Dangit.

    Gunners move around in a wide triangle formation, the top one goes into Axis' trench and kills one Servitor. Another moves into the
    right zone to get line of sight past the forest to pop the other Servitor. Third one crawls out of the rough terrain to explode the Corollary.

    That's the zone cleared, Ossrum falls back and camps as a last ditch assassination is the best CoC play (Low clock assist here).

    The Cipher sadly will be able to run and contest, I run the Tinker around to vaguely annoy him out of mighty optimism.

    Reinholdt, being a hero, is far back left that he's just barely in the corner of the photo.

    I go up to 3.

    CoC 5: TEP sprays down Tinker. SAD.
    Cipher runs and toes the right zone.
    Axis turn around and beats down the Gunner in the trench, camps three or so.

    Merc 6: Dammit. That top Gunner was my central plan at this point, pre-measuring however determines that the plan is just possible.

    Ossrum Energises, walks into the zone, casts Unstoppable Force. Bunny in the right zone runs through the forest, pushes the Cipher
    back an inch, keeps engaging so he doesn't Counter Charge back in.

    Get to 5 CP, happy with pulling that one out. Damnable TEPs.

    At the beginning of the game I scoffed at the notion of ever using Stranglehold in the matchup during the "This is what this caster does" spiel.
    In hindsight, that is a very silly perspective to have on an excellent spell. Having now done the math, in later stages if Ossrum was central he
    could get just within 10 of a TEP, upkeep Bullet Dodger, do a Stranglehold with boosted damage at a 72% chance to work. If it does, he then
    Energises backward and is completely safe from it attacking. If he fails, then the Battle Engine actually has a minuscule chance of killing him
    (Assuming I did the math correctly anyway. Glad the match cracked that mental issue for me, though it's a bonus given me and Abe always
    have sweet games.
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    You should put pics of bunnies on your bunnies... How cool would it be to have Anna Nichole Smith Bulldoze stuff out of the way?

    Thx for all the reporting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jisidro View Post
    You should put pics of bunnies on your bunnies... How cool would it be to have Anna Nichole Smith Bulldoze stuff out of the way?
    My optimistic google search for a meme of Anna Nicole Smith driving a Bulldozer through something was sadly a dissapointment :-(

    Quote Originally Posted by jisidro View Post
    Thx for all the reporting!
    I support non-image bloated signatures. My sense of humour is deficient.
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    Time for some sweet Clash of Titans action!

    We arise eight and a half hours before dawn (Note: As far as I'm concerned dawn is Midday) and travel up to the countries
    false capital (If you contextualize capital cities as being the one containing a building where politicians can be safely
    segregated from the population they purport to serve).

    Sadly a smaller event than the previous iteration, hopefully it picks up again next year.

    I've gone with the Gorten maybe-you-should-stop-thinking-it's-perfect list and the Ossrum Bunny farm.
    So I've gone in, filled with Uniqueness, Nerve and a lie about degree of talent. To discover I'm as about as unique as a case
    of Syphilis, for I am the third Ossrum Bunny list. At least one other was paired with Gorten and some Lessers. Ye gods,
    Cancon's Merc lists were all different and with a more numerous player total.

    Round 1 is announced as the Pit, so it's already looking good. I get drawn into Skorne, so that Flippant statement from the last
    Skorne game can go through its test.

    Gorten1 - 2x Gunner, 2x Driller, 2x Blaster, Wrongeye + Snapjaw, Rorsh + Brine, Aiyanna + Holt, Ragman, 2x Eliminators, Tinker
    Xerxis1 - Tiberion, Krea, Legends of Halaak, Zaadesh + Gladiator, Cetrati + Vorkesh, Swordsman + UA, Paingivers

    Possibly some Skorne bits missing. The Other list was Makeda1 with a Hydra, regardless neither list looked like Ossrum wanted a
    bar of it. Plus this scenario might as well be written for G-dorf to win as far as I'm concerned.

    I'll note this was KR's first game in a few months. Awkward.

    I won the roll, picked the side which lacked a wall that might hamper me.
    Noteworthy terrain being both flags having a large Hosue obstruction next to them, a circle forest in almost the centre of the zone
    and skorne having said long wall.

    Round 1: Gorten and battlegroup head for the Merc flag, Solid Ground and Strength of Granite on one Driller. Crocs go central, that
    kind of forest is usually a good means of him projecting Star Crossed with little danger.
    Rightwise, Ragman hides behind a small obstruction, Kayazy and Acosta go in front of it (Obscured in photo by said terrain).
    Ninja Pigs go hard right because I love to flank and threaten the Skorne flag, plus with his Animus Brine is probably the best model
    once arm debuffs are applied to kill Tibbers when he gets Defenders Wardered and stays out of Driller threat range.

    Skorne deployed with a weird slant, which gets mirrored as they run up.They get the Gladiator on their left side and Tibbers on the right.
    Behind the wall is the Praetorisns and Xerxis, Legends are on the right flank of the brick.

    Merc 2: I set up the "Attempt to score on the opposing turn".
    Gorten goes to my flag, Rockwalls forward. Bunnies and one Eliminator unit go to blocking locations. The Gunners do some winging
    shots on the Gladiator, its under the Krea Animus so the small damage they do is just Gravy on them getting to the locations I want.
    The Crocs fall back to this lot and put up Star Crossed. Strength of Granite Driller also goes to this side, as I might need to do some
    damn heavy clearing out on Cetrati.

    The other Driller and Aiyanna/Holt fall back a bit in case Tibbers wonders this way and I have to set up a feat positioning game,
    though the Elf/Human pair should have been behind the little obstruction for more free movement (So little opposing guns the Line of
    Sight block isn't needed, just habitual thinking/practice at work their).

    On the right, the Pigs travel way up right as they are wont to do. The other Eliminators and Acosta then go between the Pigs and Tibbers,
    though I ensured the Skorne Heavy couldn't get sight on Brine and would have to trample if worst came to worst.

    My optimism their was Tibbers would get dawn in, then Aiyanna and Brine could get him killed. This left me with a Ragman positioning
    uncertainly, as I'd want Dark Shroud up their for certainty, whislt I would also most certainly want it near the Gorten blob for the Cetrati.
    I ended up decided that the Cetrati were a certainty, whereas the Tibbers plan is a silly gamble as it relies on opposing Player error, so
    Ragman goes to the left.

    Skorne 2:On the right, the Legends come in to clear out the Eliminator and Acosta. The Kayazy dies with ease, then it's one attack from
    the Spear model on Acosta needing 7's to hit. This is basically what I think of as a classic Savio gamble, if it hits then all good, you can't
    field Acosta and not expect him to be terminated with extreme prejudice. If she misses however, then all the Legends are going to die and
    he can threaten it next turn.
    Alas, he decides to try to swallow the pointy stick and carks it. Oh well, it was a 58% hit chance.

    Tibbers doesn't fall for the death trap, he gets Defenders Ward and hides behind the forest.
    The Cetrati go up to my wall and stab at Bunnies. With the wall and Star Crossed, they miss every attack.
    The rest of the Skorne list hovers around the wall, mostly in front of it. Xerxis is in the middle on 3 camp.

    Nothing got in range to contest and I go to 1 CP.

    Merc 3: So I have an excellent assassination chance of pushing Xerxis to the right into Brine range. Howeverm regardless of how good it is,
    I have to move Gorten off the flag to nab a blocking Praetorian and I feel my scenario game a 99% win chance, so that's a no go.

    The first part is keeping my flag secure. Gorten moves through the flag to feat on the Gladiator, Xerxis, Tibbers, the Cetrati and some Swordsman.
    Cetrati/Tibbers don't move, everything else goes way left, taking the Gladiator in particular far out of Zaadesh' control and stopping Rush being a factor.
    The Bunnies do nothing, Strength of Granite Driller moves to the right side of the warjack blob. The other Driller and Snapjaw move to threaten
    Tibbers, if he doesn't back up or go somewhere meaningless he'll be in a spot I can get quality attacks on him.

    Now the bonus point, attempting to score the Skorne flag.
    Holt just has to clear one Legend, naturally he just wings it and does a damage point. Dammit Holt.
    Brine goes in and kills the two right most legends, now it's all down to the one Kayazy. She moves up, hits the Legend, sidesteps, thankfully not
    killing her allowing a second stab which does and lets her sidestep to the Skorne flag.

    There's a quick stare at the table, Kellbro puts forward that he can't see how it doesn't lose, I also don't see any way for him to do much so we call it there.

    Obviously I enjoy The Pit, whilst completely understanding why it is going away. It's been some great Sprinkler time in the meanwhile.
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    Round 2: Let us Clash again.

    It's into Dils Per Second, who ostensibly had both Rahn and.....Ravyn?! Doesn't matter, he'll drop Rahn, so it's Gorten as
    Ossrum can't stop Force Hammer/TK/other Knockdown shenanigans.

    It does take some time for that conclusion to be met to my surprise (I believe the contention point was Ravyn with double
    Strike Force would mulch Ossrum jacks, seems irrelevant when Rahn is fine and there's no Divide and Conquer).

    Gorten1 - 2x Gunner, 2x Driller, 2x Blaster, Wrongeye + Snapjaw, Rorsh + Brine, Aiyanna + Holt, Ragman, 2x Eliminators, Tinker
    Objective: Bunker
    Rahn1 - Helios, Phoenix, Chimera, Sylys, Artificer + Hydra, 2x Battle Mittens, 3x Arcanist, Magister
    Objective: Fuel Cache

    After our last game at Cancon, plan was to hide behind the Crocs again but this time have a jack behind so I didn't get
    propelled backwards and effectively advance 1 inch per turn. Damnable Helios.

    I win the roll, pick second for the scoring and to avoid a nasty long forest that looked like it would be painful to deal with.
    Otherwise its loads of house obstructions, including one poking into the zone.

    Ret 1: Mittens are on the far left, with the next unit behind the Ret Objective. Hydra (Yellow) and Phoenix (Black) get up in
    front of them. Helios, being the Pathfinder model (I know that pain) is on the right. Rahn bravely stands at the back shipping

    Merc 1: Gorten bunkers up behind the Submerged Crocs, three Bunnies surround to stop the push shenanigan. He puts up only
    Solid Ground, as I fear him being just straight up shot at and needs the camp (Crocs don't block Line of Sight when Submerged).
    One lot of Eliminators goes up the front to make it a little harder to get the Heavies into melee with the Crocs (Cause Stealth is
    good yo).

    One lot of Eliminators and a Gunner are on the left to fight the Battle Mittens on that flank.

    On the right, the Drillers stay near the zone, Pigs, Aiyanna and Acosta go further across.

    Ret 2: Rahn magic time.

    Chimera runs up be to the left of the Gorten brick. Rahn feats, Gorten relises with his wall of metal and leather that though a
    window added to his lifestyle a turn ago, it was now a hideous death trap as he gets placed outside of the Brick. One Driller then
    gets TKed and moved into position, so Gorten gets Force Hammered into him.

    Helios then Tramples forward, drags Gorten up into the zone with shots. The centre Mitten unit then drags Gorten further up and
    starts slashing at him. Between the Arcanist fueled Hydra and Sphinx plan "Let's roll loads of tough without knockdown" doesn't
    even get off the ground.

    I was cracking up in that. Gorten traveled 15 inches, he couldn't do that of his own accord even when he could make a Strength
    of Granite Driller throw him. Dyls a sodding artist with this stuff, I have to treat it like Lylth2 and sit down to work out how the
    Bunker is meant to go, need some local Ret play.

    List wise, I don't think Orin cuts it, as TK's drain out his power tokens and Rahn waits a turn, keeping enough elements safe out of
    Gortens predictable threat range.
    That leads me to think the list either needs clouds (Not doable in a feasible manner. Yes, someone said TAC were an option.
    Yes, I mentally set them on fire), or more likely a better pairing. Kingmaker is definitely one option, though an unshiftable caster
    would also be ideal, which I think means the available alternate is.....oh god.....

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    Forgot to mention: There was an initial pairing error that had me playing against a different Ossrum/Gorten player.
    I was still at the "oh god wut" phase when the pairing was changed. An Ossrum Bunny battle would have been nightmarish
    (Gunbunny advance. Shoots Gunbunny. Repeat statement 16 times each round until the sodding things finally start dying.
    Clock out marking card damage.), the Gorten off would either be fantastic or revolved on either player making a single
    positioning mistake to swing the match.

    The thing about traveling 300km to a tourney is you will inevitably face against one of your local players. Enter the motherland
    expat currently touring through Swan land on a temporary visa. It's Maddox and Caine2, given the last game was abruptly
    ended with James throwing pistol vaguely in Ossrums direction before exploding it was going to be Maddox all the way.

    I briefly cavorted with putting down the Bunny Farm, then shot it in the head and jigged away with the excuse that Gorten into
    Cygnar needs to be practiced.

    Gorten1 - 2x Gunner, 2x Driller, 2x Blaster, Wrongeye + Snapjaw, Rorsh + Brine, Aiyanna + Holt, Ragman, 2x Eliminators, Tinker
    Objective: Bunker
    Maddox1 - Stormclad, 2x Firefly, Squire, Junior + Charger, 2x Storm Lancers (Max), Stormblade Infantry w/ UA and 2x Storm Gunners

    Word of warning: The table is pretty. It isn't, however, conducive to Orange Cygnar being identifiable.

    Scenario is Extraction.
    I win the roll and pick second, giving me a side with a largish forest that looks ideal for Croc Star Crossed shenanigans. There's a
    large central obstruction that leans more to my side, one of the factors being that it would serve ably as a feat blocker for Maddox
    if the Swans had it. Lastly, there's a weird thing of barrels, which due to its non-Warmachine model nature was declared an obstruction
    for sanity reasons.
    The Swans have a small forest, which would have been annoying for my slower force to work around, though it won't do that to the Cygnarites.
    They also have another large obstruction on their right, though given the battle lines we end up with it isn't an important feature.

    Round 1: Sure enough, the flanking Storm Lancers have no issues riding around the terrain and playing a Bugle march beat that I
    found threatening.
    Left to right outside of that, there's a Firefly amongst the left Storm Lancer unit, Laddermore in the mini-forest, Maddox behind the green
    Objective Marker, Squire and Junior way behind her, the Charger to the right of the Objective, then the black undercoated Stormclad, with
    the other Firefly to his right. In front of that line of three jacks is the Stormblades.

    The Stormblades have Dauntless Resolve, the Stormclad Assail, the Charger Snipe and the far right Lancers Arcane Shield.

    Per the original idea, Crocs go behind the forest and Star Crossed. I blip out on casting Submerge with Snapjaw because I need Mr T to pity me.
    One Eliminator chills with the Crocs, the other goes forward into Pony charge range, Acosta five inches behind her as I hope for her horrible
    gribly demise.
    Gorten goes up to my objective, Solid Ground up. Dwarf Battlegroup go to his right, Strength of Granite up on one Driller.
    One unit of Eliminators stays backfield, as I want them to be suicide contest pieces in future rounds. Aiyanna and Holt stare at them in
    bemusement, as usually they are off on a mission and not chilling with the support crowd.
    The Pigs go behind the Obstruction, outside of the right Storm Lance line of sight. They get their with a smoke cloud pop, as I wanted
    Rorsh to maximise his amount of transfers.
    Tinekr is far back, wishing his pile of rubbish included a copper rod ( Khador essentially one Copper mine short of squishing the swans
    once and for all?!).

    Cygnar 2: Charger aims, pew pews Brine, though rolls poorly.
    The Stormblades then get up in my business. One charges the suicide Kayazy, the others go into Brine or make Assault shots on the Driller.
    The heavy takes six points, Brine gets dinged up a bit but loses no aspects. Lastly, sadly, the Eliminator survives. They retain Dauntless Resolve
    and pop Iron Zeal to get fully armoured up.

    The right unit of Storm Lancers just run to super flanking position. Rorsh files for copyright infringement.

    The left unit, Laddermore and that sides Firefly all move up and do shots, the jack goes base to base with the flag to force contesting from
    me next turn. As I foolishly didn't Submerge Snappy, they kill the hidden Eliminator as well as the suicide one, though they certainly had easy
    options to kill them by arcing on friendlies. Alas, not being Melee attacks meant Savio's Vengeance didn't trigger.
    This unit of Storm Lancers, clearly being in the thick of it, get Arcane Shield (The flanking unit can suck it up I guess).

    Maddox, the Stormclad and Firefly don't move much, keeping shy of Gortens feat range.

    Merc 2: Simple plan this turn. Keep feat, these infantry mans are just a distraction at present, so clear them out as much as possible. Contest
    the left flag, kill everything on the right one.

    Starting at the left, where Wrongeye finishes my stupidity by cutting himself for 1. He then crawls up behind the forest and pops Star Crossed,
    Big Croc riles and also slowly saunters up, using the forest to not get in Lancer charge possibility. They both Submerge this time.
    Acosta runs into the forest, keeps in range to make Star Crossed relevant against the Lancers (Completely within 6, so 2 inch reach means you
    still get starry eyed and go into some manner of seizure). Green Eliminators run up, get in the way of the most forward Lancer and the Firefly.
    Quite sporting of them, seeing as how they stomped through the charred corpses of their body doubles to get their.

    On the right, Aiyanna Harms the Stormblades as Holt caps one, annoying a Blaster to go up and kill another three.
    Rorsh pops smoke and the Pigs bug out, which lets the other Blaster, Gorten and the Tinker put the unit down to its Standard Bearer.
    One Driller, the one lacking Strength of Granite, moves up to Stormclad charge range, or as we call it "Bait bait bait bait bait bait would you like
    some bait bait bait bait bait". That probably works better with a beat behind it, but not by much.

    Gunner combine to kill one of the flanking Ponies, Brine puts up his Animus and walks in to eat two Horse men and mostly heal up. I left Rorsh on full
    camp anyway, as he becomes the logical target. It most certainly raises the possibility of Brine Frenzying, but that's just how Lesser Warlocks go sometimes.

    Cygnar 3: Damn, thought I was so good about taking pics. Oh well.
    On the left, the Firefly shoots a Lancer, gets max bounces which is what was needed to clear out both Eliminators (Though the flag made them
    amusingly hard to get rid of without a Stormlance unit activation).
    Laddermore walks up to get her Command range happening. The Storm Lancers then charge in, two go into Acosta, the other go into the Eliminators.
    The Kayazy die, their time cut sadly short.
    Acosta kills two Storm Lancers and chills in the forest. Sometimes he gets it done. The Charger, fulfilling its destiny of being a royal pain, aims and
    gets a shot.
    The Khadoran dice apparently know they are rolling for their fictional ancestral enemy, so it's a miss. I then dodge in the forest to have Laddermore
    block line of sight for the second shot. Whoop whoop.

    On the right, the Stormclad continues to hang back, the Firefly moves up and toes the right flag, misses a shot on the Tinker (I'd positioned to stop
    any arcs going to him). The Stormblade charges in and flails at.....something?

    On the extreme right, the pair of Storm Lancers charge and kill Brine, then repo backwards.

    Swans go to 1 CP.

    Merc 3: What a silly point cede. I should have put the bait Driller into contest range of the flag. Hell, even an 8 inch threat only needs to be just shy
    of 3 inches from a flag to threaten any contesting piece.Good thing Acosta covers my mistakes.

    On the left, Acosta uses Vengeance to.....pop out of the forest. Rare is it that I get the Vengeance as an attack roll.
    Aiyanna and Holt shift across in the backfield, Harm Laddermore because she is the Darragh of Mark 3. Think about it. Omnipresent. Aura of evil. Undead.
    OK, just heartless, but moving on.
    Holt shoots her and manages the dismount.
    Blaster moves up, shoots Laddermore, the Firefly and a Lancer. Puts the evil one on a box, otherwise does little (He shot an ARM 20 Lancer. I wasn't
    hopeful on that one.).
    Acosta goes in, the charge on the firefly is an average roll. Which is a load of damage because POW 13 Weaponmaster, but leaves a couple systems up.
    I opt to finish off Laddermore with his second attack, as her buff is bigger than a Fireflies? Right?
    Snapjaw riles, Submerges and advances to max flag contest range.

    On the right, something kills the Stormblade? Eh, whatever. I dropped Strength of Granite incidentally, wanted a touch more camp on Gorten while I fueled
    the right most Driller, who charges and puts down the scoring Firefly.
    Still fearing a random loss to a gun assassination, I run the other Driller in front of Gorten.

    Extreme right, Gunners kill one Storm Lancer. Rorsh charges the other, burns his Fury stack but leaves him on 1. SAD.

    This photo was taken before my failure to activate Ragman was point out. Ragman had actually run super left, as he wasn't really needed and is an easy
    electro leap target. He starts mission distraction, runs to the extreme left of that sides Lancer unit (Waste attacks on me! Please! It's my mission right now!
    These rags have earthing properties right?)
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    Cygnar 4: The left side Storm Lancers, still Arcane Shielded, charge in and pop Acosta. Rest well, you giant tool. I think
    the Firefly is kinda wrecked and just flag camps?

    My fear of Gorten being randomly offed by gunshots proves to be a slight undoing, as Maddox feats and sends in the
    Stormclad, who trashes the Driller shielding Gorten and leaves the other a limping wreck. Said limping wreck then gets
    charged by......the can do that? Isn't its name generated ironically? Anyway, I lose a Heavy to a Charger in
    melee and it's weird to me.
    Maddox gets Arcane Shield from Junior.

    The lone Lancer on the right tries to poke some little Piggy, but it was the wrong house.

    Merc 4: As a weird oddity of this game, I was well up on time per the clocks (10 vs 25 minutes). Psyche Major was going
    into speed turned mode, I did the same, as I've seen him do 1 minute successful turns to often and we'd jsut watched a
    game where both of us watched one of those dirty clock wins where a bloke with 3 minutes clocked out his opponent who
    had 15. Things do happen.

    Regardless, my plan was clear, use my feat at last, start scoring and chipping at the Jacks.

    On the left, Ragman advances and Deathfields in the middle of no where. Because I'm worth it.
    Grimes, I like your weird aesthetic choices, your voice I think is a dealbreaker for your music. Sorry.
    Snapjaw goes in and eats two of the left unit of Lancers. The Blaster chips the Firefly again, kills the last Lancer on that side.
    Wrongeye moves up and Submerges, which I again didn't do with Snappy. Good thing there's sod all Cygnar left.

    On the right, Aiyanna Harms the Ironclad. Holt, Gunners and Tinker all wing the Stormclad. Gorten, having dropped Solid Ground
    as it isn't actually needed in the matchup, charges. Buy Forge Father attacks and does sod all, because that's how randomization
    mechanics work. I then feat, getting just the Charger and Clad, who I push backward away from me. Blaster moves up to score
    the flag, also wings the Clad, I believe he's left with an arm and movement, but could be wrong.

    Extreme right, Rorsh finally kills the Storm Lancer. The Ponies are dead, and its great.

    I go up 2v1.

    Cygnar 5: On the left, the Firefly wishes it was somewhere else, stabs something ineffectually.
    On the right, the Charger gets up to contest the flag. The Clad doesn't make it. Maddox moves up behind them.

    Mercs 5: Left side, Snappy kills the Firesly with Deathfield assist. Blaster fails to kill Junior.
    Between Harm, Holt, Gunners, the Blaster and Rorsh I shoot down the Stormclad and Charger.
    I can only really lose on assassination, so Gorten runs backward.

    Go to 4v1.

    Cygnar 6: Maddox charges up, kills the Blaster on the flag. Quick Work shot and Lightnings Gorten. Junior walks up and shoots Gorten.
    They don't even get close, because he's to boss to die.

    I get up to 5 on points and there we go.

    Alas Drillers, we knew ye only for our misuse of ye. Content with Gorten into Maddox I think, though I really should line up Haley3 games (Blergh).

    Anyway, 2v1 up, so still a game left in the day :-)
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    It's a pick up game into the returning Key Ran, using that army I'm totally repping for February.
    Quiet you, I already know. Team Tourneys man, beats down my poor SUSSness.

    The Rahn matchup touched me pretty badly (In the whole "That was sweet, I'll get the mop for the blood" way) at Clash,
    so need to refine the list pair. Ossrum Bunnies is the first list of the little dude I enjoyed, but it really just added a second
    generalist in my list pair which isn't needed.

    Ergo, work beinig a bit more intense than normal, I hammered this out in about 10 minutes then hurriedly packed it up for
    the game, thus our matchup is:

    MacBain1 - 2x Nomad, 2x Buccaneer, Freebooter, Madelyn Corbeau, Trenchers (Max) w/ 3x Grenadiers, Croes (Max), Rangers,
    Boomies (Min), Kell (Free), Orin (Free)
    Maelok1 - 2x Wrastler, Spitter, Bullsnapper, Wrongeye + Snapjaw, Croak Raiders, Bokor + Shamblers, 2x Bog Trog Trawlers

    So me and MacBain had a tiff at the start of Mark3, in that the various elements of his list didn't do what they used to, Gun Mages
    were no longer available, Grievous looked to be on the rise and his Feat being made slightly weaker (Though I had many a contentious
    argument with the watery Mike over that one) didn't endear me to him.

    I'm trying to do new stuff with him here to get away from that, with the big decision point being to drop the Galleon, which was also
    a hassle in that once I took it and a couple Buccaneers to ensure Feign Death triggered when needed craped my points style.
    Plus Energiser should be good. Right?
    Croes are for a Counter Measure target and because I got some second hand with a nice paintjob. There isn't much in the army that
    doesn't like Fortune.

    I also haven't used this many models in a list in a while, so that will be a nice change of pace.

    Scenario is Take and Hold both flags have a hill and fog next to it, the side I end up with has a trench and large body water, the
    opposing has a trench and a wall.
    I won the roll and selected first, as I didn't detect a super advantage terrain wise. More on that later.

    Merc 1: All my units Advance Deploying or Ambushing is pretty neat, made deploying not a nightmare (Things I'm not playing into anytime
    soon: The Legion Theme Force).
    Croes go left-ish with Countermeasures up, Trenchers either hold back, put up clouds or dig in. I contemplated assaulting with Grenadiers,
    but lucky scatter plans tend to be bad plans (Alas Dougal Galleon of old).
    Rangers go out right.

    Going from the normal Deployment line, MacBain had charged previously to end up behind the clouds.
    Nomads go left, with Ace way behind as a Buccaneer proxy.
    Freebooter and Buccaneer run into the water to mock the Gators I guess?

    Minions 1: A Wrastler goes out left as the Death Pacted Croaks form a vague front line, they shoot down a Ranger and a Cutthroat in
    the meantime.

    The other Wrastler, Maelok and the Efaarit standing in for the Spitter go behind the wall of doom, which I only realise at this point is
    going to be super annoying.

    The Bokor and Snapjaw go into the trench with a couple infantry.

    Merc 2: The cloud the Rangers wanted to hide behind goes away. Typical.
    I became fixated on a stupid notion: Hit Maelok with Hiss and stop any spell casting.
    Aside from that, Death Pact means no friendly corpse collection and the field has a bunch of models that want nothing to do with my
    POW 10 and 11 guns I've got in droves, so lets do that.

    Croes get Fortune, between them, the front line of Trenchers and the Rangers most of the Risen and Croaks die. A Grenadier lands his bomb
    in the trench, killing a bunch more Shamblers with passed on Bokor damage.
    Croe misses his shot on Maelok (Re-rolled 8's are still bad).

    The Failsafe Nomad gets up the board a bit, his bro goes into my trench, where Kell takes out the let Wrastlers mind.
    The Freebooter stays in the water. Turns out the Buccaneer doesn't have amphibious, which is just weird.

    We become cloudless.

    Minion 2: Trawlers ambush, one from each side.

    The three remaining Croaks move up, pop another ranger as does that sides Trawler.
    Wrongeye and Snappy hang out in teh Trench, Submerge and Star Crossed going.
    The Bokor charges up and eats a Croe, the centre Wrastler moves up behind them.
    Spitter pops some more Croes.

    Maelok hides behind the wall of doom, making me very sad. Bull Snapper goes in front of him.
    I support non-image bloated signatures. My sense of humour is deficient.
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