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    Default Urban Table options for Warmachine

    So I play some more games than just Warmachine and I finally have a spot in the house where I can play.
    The only problem is that I only have storage room for 1 game table option and I choose to make it an urban one.

    Untill now I have this:

    I have enough tiles to build a 4x4 field.

    Its just all the terrain on this board isnt fit for Warmachine.
    So what do you guys think would be some good "Urban" terrain useable for Warmachine?

    I was thinking of these:

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    Those are very nice pieces but they seem to be too modern or sci-fi to fit very well with the steampunk theme. Tabletopworld has the nicest medieval buildings out there but they are very expensive. Look through their website to get an idea of what can be done with fantasy urban buildings.

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    Honestly, tarmac roads with painted lines are never going to fit a Warmachine themed table. Period.

    Surely you can find some storage space under a bed or behind a couch for two 2' x 4' boards for WM games. Give is some brown paint and flock and you are good to go. Then you should be able to find some terrain pieces that could work with either table. The ones you posted could work but look a bit hard to put minis on without falling over.

    If that's really not possible, (really?) best solution for space constraints I would say is to get a FAT mat and just put it on top of the table you have when you are playing WM and use some of the 2D terrain that you can buy online relatively cheaply. (Personally I'm not a fan of 2D terrain but when you have space constraints compromises must be made sometimes)
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    Quote Originally Posted by MoFaux View Post
    Honestly, tarmac roads with painted lines are never going to fit a Warmachine themed table. Period.
    True dat.

    You know that pebble-textured linoleum that you see on fast-food restroom walls? I've been thinking that a couple 2'x4' pieces of that stuff, Liquid Nails-ed to two like-sized hardboards, would make for a good cobblestone base to set steampunk urban terrain on. Just paint it mud-brown (or better still, find some that comes in mud brown, rather than the ubiquitous off-white), then use foam brushes to skim the surface with stone grey.

    Awesome table, by the way, Method1105. Is that for HeroClix?
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    Paint the bottoms of the street tiles with a mottled green or brown and flip them upside down. you can even paint it with finely textured paint. Make certain that both sides are protected with a durable spray sealant like for ceramics (buy it at one of those craft chains that are always giving you a 40-60% 1 item coupons). Lastly, put a soft fabric down on the table, under the tiles to protect both the tiles and the table.

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    Flip the tiles. Thats what I did with mine at home and I had a big box for terrain enough cool lazor (it's an inside joke) cut terrain for a 40k (shudder) or infinity board. The one side was street and hex paving and future stuff and the other was cobbles and bricks and things. For Warmachine, I have ruins mostly (seriously, have you ever seen more major cities destroyed in a story?) as that is usually no more than flatish rubble and low walls so that fits around the bigger buildings in the terrain box.

    I use a couple of colonial type buildings for both but they were also painted really nicely and fit on a diorama on my geek shelf.

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    The new Lake Town by GW looks nice and affordable. Even though I have enough terrain for my games, I'm eyeing those buildings
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