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    Default MDF Terrain options

    I'm looking to increase my terrain options. Is there anyone out there making interesting MDF terrain that you think fits in with Warmachine's aesthetic? This time, I do mean Warmachine specifically, as opposed to Hordes' more wilderness theme.
    Continuing to look for Warmachine and nWoD Mage games in South Central PA along 81.
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    If you want buildings, GameCraft has some options with a few styles (Old West, Brownstone, European).

    i haven't seen any of their terrain, but I have their paint rack and it's nice.
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    Really, I've thought that most "fantasy city" type structures -- that is, buildings with the German timber-frame look, and the taller and multi-storied the better -- would work just fine, just as long as you take some time to "steampunk-ize" it. ("Just Glue Some Gears On It (And Call it Steampunk)" -- in action!) A bit of plastic conduit or narrow-gauge pvc can go for some pipes. I've managed to accumulate some "bitz" from putting together terrain and minis for players of those other War* miniatures games, and glued a few retro-futuristic things, extra chimneys, etc., onto things to give them a more fantasy-steampunky look. Fortunately, we aren't under any great pressure to be "historically accurate."

    That, and rivets. Lots and lots of rivets.

    A friend of mine uses Hirst Arts Castlemolds for his buildings (which I helped to paint and do some touch-up work on), and basically combined some fieldstone walls with some industrial pipes for a hybrid fantasy-plus-industrial look for his tabletop scenery. Here's an example windmill hiding in the background of these blurry figures:

    It's not MDF, of course, but I guess it demonstrates the aesthetic that might pass for something that could exist SOMEWHERE in Immoren. (I've sometimes used plastic tubing in combination with the Hirst Arts joints and T-sections, as the plastic tubing allows for longer sections of continuous pipe for larger projects, rather than being forced to have lots and lots of individual short-section casts stuck together.)

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