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    Default Hidden Forest any good?

    A while back I posted in here asking about some quality ways to make your own 2D terrain and after taking your advice and doing a little looking myself I have stumbled across a company that seems to be making a decent set of 2D terrain but I don't know if you all had any opinions on them. The terrain is on a rubberized material and seems to be printed fairly well but before I invested in some for my local gaming group I wanted to know what the consensus on pre bought 2d terrain was.

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    We have a few guys here who use them. They are good. We've played on them for most of MK3 so far and they are holding up. Talking about 5-10 games on them a week.

    I like them as a TO and as a player. There's nothing more frustrating when the terrain is causing placement issues and you have to balance models on dice to keep them where they are supposed to be.
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    I own a set of the Hidden Forest 2d terrain and think the quality is amazing. I recommend them to everyone.

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    The Hidden Forest stuff is fantastic. It's absolutely worth the small amount of money it costs to purchase. I carry a set around in my bag and use it in nearly every game I play.

    Also, for my money, it's better than any of the alternatives (Muse on Minis, etc.) in both visual appeal and playability.

    Caveat: Just make sure that you get the rubberized (neoprene) set. The one that is just laminated paper is (for obvious reasons) garbage.

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