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    Default Crossroads of Courage Motivation

    The Crossroads of Courage League has been a huge motivator for finally getting some models painted that I have had sitting around. It has also pushed me on trying to make terrain. It is something I have been meaning to do for years, but I have procrastinated because I wasn't sure how it would turn out. So knowing that I would get points for it was enough for my desire to win beating out the chance of the terrain looking bad. Overall I think it has turned out well, and the extra points I earned for the hobby achievement points has pushed me up to win the first two seasons. Our group only has about 8-10 players most weeks getting 1-2 games each so adding in a point or two each week for modeling is a 33-50% boost in points.

    So Season 1 started off slow. The second week I made a dynamite crate because I had picked Sowers (mainly for personal narrative reasons) and the week after I painted Gallant. Neither turned out great because, honestly, both were a little rushed.

    The fourth week I painted a Hammersmith, which is actually a fully magnetized kit, but I figured the hammers would paint up easy with no electric effects. I also made Mining Equipment terrain that I think turned out pretty well. Well enough that I may even make some tents to have a mining town set. The crate is big enough for a small base to hide behind completely or take cover behind the small box. For some stupid reason I really liked how the pickaxes turned out.

    So Season 1 complete with two new Heavy Warjacks and one good piece of terrain.

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    Season Two I stayed with Sowers which really worked out because of the 20" win condition and Cygnar being a perfect match. I was irritated by me bad luck. Since I play Cygnar the Trenchworks and Razor Wire are very much part of the Swan aesthetic, but it made me work on terrain I would not likely have done otherwise.

    Week 2 I had some time off of work so I tried a shallow water template and two light jacks (for a total of 19 points). Water always feels like a boring terrain piece and when people have 2D pieces it seems even more so, so I added a large rock/cover to it just to give it something move to impact the gameplay. The water is also big enough for two medium or one large/one medium base because our Press Ganger plays Minions and gators do not often get to utilize amphibious.


    Week 3 I made a mud/rough terrain template. I was not real happy with it because I made it a little small and the dirt trail in the middle turned out very different than I had pictured it, but I learned from it at least. Since I was cutting chipboard anyway I also went a head and made two Razor Wire obstacles even though I didn't get points for them.


    Week 4 I made a second water template and painted a Stormclad (18 points). Again you can fit at least two medium bases in the water and I stuck some cover on a corner. As this was drying I read a terrain advice article about painting water gray for model terrain instead of blue. So now I'm curious how that would look and if I screwed up the two pieces I have. If nothing else it was again a learning experience.


    So Season 2 complete with a running total of three Heavy warjacks, 2 Lights, and five pieces of terrain.

    While we are waiting for Season 3 if you have made anything please feel free to share it here too.
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    Very nice PVT Joker!

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    Well done, love it.

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    So still working with some Season 2 terrain I am making two trenches. I have wanted to do trenches for a while because I play Cygnar and it fits them so well. I have an old article from a No Quarter about making trenches that helped quite a bit. Results are below.

    So the sides are made with just wood filler because I do not have foam, nor a place to store a big sheet of foam. I was worried about the filler being to brittle and cracking so I slathered it in Modge Podge which makes a sort of plastic shell. Hopefully it will help it hold up to handling on the table and our not super safe terrain storage shelf. Then added paint and...

    Now I just have to add flocking and its done. Then I have the second one to paint, but happy with the results so far. I mixed some gray in with the third layer of brown and then a very light last level of gray that made the weathering effect turn out pretty well.

    Hopefully this Thursday I will be able to take a picture of a table with two trenches, two razor wire, two water templates, and two mud templates for a Season 2 Rainsoaked Battlefield.

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    Very nice there's no question of what the pieces represent. Very good.

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    Some more terrain for the Season 1 Mining Camp. Since the rules for the tents say that Medium and Large bases models remove tents on contact I made the tents at the campsite magnetic so that they can be taken off. I have some more details for the supply stash between the tents and maybe a burned out campfire for the front, but since I will be gone for a couple weeks I'll just post it as is.

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