This is replacing the thread I made much earlier that had 'Subterran Uprising' in the title. In said thread, I looked at the faction reference sheets found within the downloads. From there, I removed abilities already present on units and saw at what I had left. I took the remains and, using the rest of the faction abilities, made Series 6 figures for a certain faction using up every single last ability. I expanded it a little bit, got annoyed with this forum and Privateer Press in general, and took the stuff to another place. I finished it there, and am now traveling back into the forsaken lands of the Monsterpocalypse Forum to post what I hath wrought.

Kind of.

You see, it's huge. I made a Series 6 line-up for all 6 factions. That's 2 units, 1 installation, and 1 morpher monster each. That's 24 individual figures, written in basic MonPoc format, which takes up space. I have it stored, but I'm not going to copy and paste it here. That'd be excessive. Instead, have a link to the Online version:

If this has been performed correctly, then anybody with that link can view the entire work. Comments should really go here, though. All factions have been made, with commentary from the peanut gallery (me) to go along. If we dare, we could even actually use it!

I'm not going to name any names because, frankly, Privateer Press is just getting ugly. Firstly, Team Covenant was shot down for reasons as of yet unspecified, causing them to abandon ship, and now it's been a series of decisions regarding PP's flagship game that I question. I've heard that PP tends to 'Get Legal' with excited fans who try to create content, so that's kinda scary. You thought Giant Monsters were bad. Privateer Press made their building indestructible.