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    Default Help me plan my next purchase's

    Hi guys,

    New player starting out with Khador. I really like the idea of Infantry heavy armies (for me swarming the board with jacks just takes away from their appeal and uniqueness) which has drawn me to our beloved mother land. I have a few models already and was hoping I could leverage the hive mind to help me plan my next few purchases.

    I quite like the Man-o-war models and can imagine they could synergies well with the winter guard and IFP. The purchases I make, I want to utilise them in their entirety e.g. If I buy the WG Infantry boxset for the rocketeer I want to use the infantry and not just have them sitting on the shelf so the rocketeers can be paired up with rifle corps (even though I'm quite fond of the rifle corps).

    Full MoW Shocktroops + UA & Kovnik
    Full Widowmaker + Marksman
    Full IFP/BD (Still haven't put on their shields so they can be either)

    Reading over Irusk1/2 both seem to fit my infantry heavy style however I am open to using any caster.

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    Kayazy Eliminators.

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    Funnly enough Eliminators seem the least appealing of the infantry.

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    The Irusks are definitely the best infantry casters. He likes to have minimal jacks, usually he takes only one (Behemoth). The MoW Shocktroopers are amazing right now, though they really want their CA and the MoW Kovnik. The demo corps and bombardiers are playable but sub par. I like a wall of shocktroopers with a Min Demo corps behind. However with your current models, I would have the shocktroopers following the IFP, as the MoWs make an excellent second wave unit. If you're going to get the WGI box, I highly suggest the CA for that unit as well. Reposition [3] is insanely versatile by itself but the Gunfighter spray mini feat is the real money. The mini feat changes the WGI from a midrange shooting unit to a capable 'melee' force. The low RAT 5 is the one weak point but Kovnik Joe fixes that up. As Tapecrawler mentioned, Kayazy eliminators are amazing they are one of my favorite units. If you don't like the models though feel free to pass on them they are hardly a necessity.

    Looking at what you've got now, I would suggest picking up either of the Irusk models first. A new caster will switch up playstyle more than a new unit will and either Irusk is a fine addition. I can't offer much specific advice beyond that though because I don't play Irusk at all. After that the WGI with the rockets, Kovnik Joe and the CA I would get at the same time and then rifle corps after that. Actually, I would probably just get all of the winter guard stuff at the same time becasue if I don't say that I'm going to get torn apart for suggesting the WGI are any good at all.

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    If you go with MoW-Shocktroopers, do consider getting an unit of Battle Mechanics. A four man unit is only 3 points and MoW can be repaired, you know. You could shave the three points by getting a Kodiak (which is awesome) to replace the Decimator (which is a bit unwieldy like most mixed arms-jacks).

    Out of the two Irusks, I would recommend Irusk1 (even though I haven't played him) because his spells (including Iron Flesh!) and abilities seem to support MoW really well. Meanwhile, Irusk2 wants a bigger head count than the MoW can provide because he supports single wound infantry better than anyone else in Khador, at least when it comes to defense.

    As for WGI? They can work but I wouldn't even attempt a full Deathstar without Irusk2. With all the defenses Irusk2 can provide, WGI can be a real headache for some lists that didn't bring the right kind of infantry removal options (like sprays). But if you can keep them alive, they are a solid and a pretty flexible option. Either way, they are not "point and click" and you need to have more thought with them. All in all, WGI isn't running for the best unit in Khador but that doesn't mean they don't have a fighting chance.

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    The most things are mentioned here.

    I would also suggest:
    If you want to go MOW get Irusk1 and maybe another Jack (Kodiak is awesome). But I would suggest the Kovnik and CA. They both add a lot

    If you like the IF/BD more get Irusk2, maybe Behemoth and your desired choice of WG

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    Thanks for all the advice everyone.

    So based on the advice so far Irusk1 will more than likely be my first purchase along with a Behemoth (for infantry/stealth clearing), along with demo corps and mechanics. That should get me to 50 points.

    Once all that's painted I'll then look into building up the Winter Guard collection along with Irusk2 and Kodiak and maybe another juggernaut.

    I'm thinking I'll build the Black Dragons so that they can be inserted into any list when I want to switch things up.

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