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    Default Clockwork Transcendence and how people react to it

    1) Does clockwork transcendence exist outside of the inner circles of the Convergence of Cyriss, like in one of the fringe cults?

    2) How do most people react to seeing a clockwork vessel out in society? There's a lot of factors to it, like how common it is, that it's dangerously close to a form of Necromancy, etc. But I do know that there are places where worship of Cyriss is public, like the Temple of Concord in Caspia. Is that an instance of where a nation sort of "turns the other cheek" because they are gaining the benefit of exchanging technologies for protection?
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    1) Given the time and resources that were necessary to develop the process and machines for Clockwork Transcendence, I think it is unlikely fringe cults have developed similar means. Also, since clockwork transcendence is considered sacred by the Inner Circle, I consider it unlikely that persons who are not awakened are put into clockwork.

    Quote Originally Posted by No Quarter #48, p. 63
    One of the greatest miracles of the Convergence is the ability to transfer the soul of a worshiper into an essence chamber, which can then power a machine body referred to as a clockwork vessel. This is seen as a sacred process, and forms the afterlife for members of the Convergence. All awakened aspire to become clockwork vessels, and nearly all can expect to achieve this state eventually.
    Although, the history of the Convergence knows precedents where former members of the Inner Circle have started their own cults and have used methods very similar to necromancy to transfer souls into clockwork (see Mortenebra's storyline).

    2) In my opinion, most people would not know a clockwork vessel contains a soul and would mistake it as an advanced type of 'Jack. Even most visitors of the Temple of Concord in Caspia would fall into this category. "Resources and tools for players and GMs of the IKRPG."
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    At least Morrowan faith view it as no more than the necromancy, for it forces the souls that prevents to go to urcane which they should.
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    1: As far as I'm aware, the only group to have anything similar is Cryx (in the Iron Liches), different method of course. No other Cyriss group has access to it for many reason; Convergence has better funding, and grabs the best and brightest from other cults, and the tools for such a project require immense resources beyond a small cult and took Cyriss decades of dedicated research and only got their break through by a fluke in the first place.

    2: Assuming they knew what they where looking at, an aborrent monster that has no place in civil socitity. Such abonimations transgress into what is rightly gods territory and need to be avoided, or if possible, destroyed. No local militia is going to be happy about having such a thing in their city, and no army is likely to abide it. You MIGHT be able to find habour in some open minded Cygnaran cities after the Convergence was allowed to build a temple in Caspia, and lost the legal distintion of being a cult. Still I doubt they're going to get many trusting shopkeeps willing to do honest bussiness with them. I also doubt passing yourself off as a 'Jack would be easy. Not only are they vastly different is scale and design, but there are a lot of little 'human' quirks that 'Jacks lack, a human awarness (or the lack of) is exactly what creates an uncanny valley effect in real robots, tiny expressions people are not really aware of making in body language that robots still lack, and Jacks are still generations off from developing. Much like how most people can tell a more advance cortex apart from basic ones by their 'odd' and human mannerisms and attempts at communication.

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    The Caspia angle may depend on the timeframe, considering Cygnar has engaged in extensive military operations against the clockwork soldiers of the convergence and would likely find their presence there cause for military action. However, there could be an opportunity for an adventure built around bounty hunters trying to capture a clockwork body intact for a reward Nemo posted so he can study them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yord View Post
    2) In my opinion, most people would not know a clockwork vessel contains a soul and would mistake it as an advanced type of 'Jack. Even most visitors of the Temple of Concord in Caspia would fall into this category.
    I think they might think it another type of Iron Maiden (the necromantic clockwork creations found in the Monsternomicon). Not that its necessarily a better thing to be thought of!

    Either way, the smaller, more humanoid ones would be worth a lot to engineers and the like, I think, just for the purpose of figuring out how they work. Doubly so since there's no smokestack, no boiler, nothing.
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