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    Default Fanboy's Celerity with Quality Painting - Sprinting Thorn Conversion!

    So I think of miniatures as craft, not art. They have to be functional AND beautiful, and spending too much time painting them can lead to stress and rage as tabletop wear and tear takes its toll - at least for me. This goes double for metal miniatures, which chip far too easily even using the best primers, strongest sealants, and tender care.

    So I personally disassociate a bit when it comes to making a miniature as beautiful as it could be, compromising the art of it with the knowledge that it has to serve its purpose - and in wargaming, that purpose is to look like an army. With this sort of mini, I prefer to concentrate on the aesthetic impact of the whole force - rather than trying to make each miniature as amazing as possible - with a shared color palette that only allows minor deviations.

    That said, Haley2 is a wonderful miniature, and (frankly) one of two reasons that I picked Cygnar - the other reason being Haley3, which I haven't gotten yet. It was worth spending a great deal of time painting every detail on her, even if I was limited in my color palette to what I'd already chosen for Cygnar.

    Because to my judgment her cloak swirl is a magical effect, I tried to make it clear that at one point it transitions from a physical object to a ethereal object with a high gloss, an internal 'glow', and some wet blending that goes from the yellow to a dark blue. It's not perfect, but does serve to make her stand out from her army (not that it'd be hard, seeing as how she's a 30mm mini taller than some warjacks!)

    I didn't have my Thorn converted yet as of the time I took this picture, and my Testor's Dullcote ran out of cote after I finished painting Thorn - meaning he's just WAAY to shiny to take good snaps of until I get a new batch.

    Here's another snap that I set up to be more like a 'real' tabletop situation, terrain and all:

    As a side note, her cloak mysteriously chipped not a week after finishing her (while she was ON THE SHELF), and I had to touch it up - the spot's still not perfect, sad to say, and only telling myself "it's craft, not art" allowed me to accept it.
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    The mystery chipping could be, possibly, due to mold release agent that was primed / painted over.

    Do you wash your metal minis thoroughly ? If not, this is more than likely the culprit.

    Mold release agent is applied to molds to assist in releasing the cast from the mold. This agent cakes onto the finished mini, and is not removed before packaging ; if you've ever noticed a fine white dust on your mini (that will even brush off on the inserted foam square in a blister package), that's mold release agent. Priming over agent can lead to easier chipping / flaking of painted surfaces under friction conditions (handling, putting into game bag), but can also be the culprit for non-friction related flaking and chipping.

    Try washing your minis in warm soapy water (nothing fancy needed, a pot of Dawn dish liquid will do) and letting them dry thoroughly before priming them. If you do this, and use a good sealant spray (there's a bunch out there but i personally really like Testor's dull cote), you will have much, much less overall chipping / wear and tear on your minis.

    Just some helpful tips! I enjoy painting, but find it frustrating at the same time as to get the results i'm happy with i have to paint very, very slowly. With my schedule its hard to get the motivation to paint with such slow results, so i can empathize with the "WTTTTTTFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!" when you get a chip or nick on a mini you were really happy with.
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    Yep, did all those things and more - it isn't my first time dealing with metal miniatures and I took all the proper precautions. Which is why it was so frustrating to find a random chip in the cape; not even on the end but halfway down one side.

    It's killing me right now that I've run out of Testor's Dullcote myself; I've got a ton of minis that are just a bit shiny IRL but WAAAAY to shiny in photographs!

    Anyway, I'm getting more photographs together as I TRY to get this lightbox to work halfway decently. It's at the point where I've spent so much time trying to make something that I may as well have just BOUGHT the fancy fold-out one with the LEDs.

    Here's my sprinting Thorn:

    The only thing I'm unhappy with was the swan on the shoulderpad, so I added some battle damage.

    And here's my Laddermore:

    Unfortunately the camera died before I could get a shot of the dismounted Laddermore or her Stormlances. Nothing really fancy here, though.

    I made a conscious decision that any Living models would incorporate yellow in some way, to remind me that it generates soul/corpse tokens. I'm still not sure how I'm going to do that on the trenchers; probably a dirt-stained dark yellow.

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