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    Default Imprecise Board Measures

    Hey everyone, my local gaming group is in need more/better tables to play on so I was planning on making making some. Nothing fancy but something that would get the job done. My local hardware store sells 4x8 foot board for a very reasonable price but as with most all lumber the boards are actually about (1/8) - (1/16) of an inch short on each deminsion. I have looked and its difficult to find boards that are accurately cut to 4x8 and I was wondering how you all got around the issue.

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    Shorten the deployment zones and place objectives accordingly.
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    I hate to say this, but often the answer is to look the other way.

    The truth is, it is quite common for tables to be the wrong size. Most of the quality matts you can purchase, FAT mats, etc, are all a slightly different size than 4 x 4.

    At the end of the day most players don't know about, or it is accepted as within a reasonable margin of error.

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    You're absolutely correct that the standard when you buy wood is that measurements are overstated by 1/8" or so. That said, there are a number of craftsmen (particularly people doing shelving/cabinetry) that really do need the full measure, so there is hope.

    I managed it by finding a lumber shop in my area that carried 5'x5' boards, and then being VERY SPECIFIC with how I wanted it cut down into 4 2'x2' quarters that had full dimensions. It cost me more than other options, but it's accurate - and as a bonus, it's good wood! I have less trouble with warping than with the cheap stuff.
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    When I was shopping around for ply, I tripped across a rack in my local Lowe's that had stock cut to 2x4'. I measured it and it was astonishingly tight to the print dimensions (which was fine since the table hardware forced something close to a 1/16" gap between the pieces). I ended up with an almost 4x4' tabletop (it's off by 1/32" on each side).
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    I have a 120x120 cm table (that's 47,24 inches) and most of the time we play on it as is. Alternatively, we deploy within 6" and 9" respectively, if one or both players use fast mobile armies. Just in case.

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