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    Default Hornets Nest and Overtake interaction.

    This came up in our group of players.

    Overtake allows a 1 inch move after attack is resolved. (Immediately)

    Hornets Nest (wasps) allow a 1 inch move and attack after attack is resolved.

    Is the player allowed to move 1 inch, then move another inch and attack.

    Is there something that prevents the second trigger? Like conditions for trigger no longer existing?

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    11. The attack is now resolved.
    12. Resolve active player effects that trigger “after the attack is resolved” that do not involve making another attack.
    13. Resolve all inactive player effects that trigger “after the attack is resolved.”
    14. Resolve active player effects that trigger “after the attack is resolved” that involve making an attack.
    Rulebook, timing chart.

    Since Overtake don't involve an attack, you trigger it first, and move 1 inch (or two ? didn't check how far it is). Then, Hornet Nest trigger, and you move 1 inch then attack. Nothing prevent that.

    Note that if you had somehow two rules that give you a move and an attack, like Hornest Nest and Killing Spree, you would have to choose one and only one, because you can't trigger several attack-creating effects on a single attack.

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    One thing to note since you stressed it in your post, "immediately" never actually means anything when figuring out how to resolve the rules.

    I agree with ohlmann in terms of the base question.

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