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    Default Free rules + real book for a newbie

    Wanting to get into hordes as I love the trollbloods.
    I get I should get trollbloods command.
    But I'm confused as to why I would get the real book when I can get it for free???
    Does the real book contain anything different like background fluff and story? Or just rules so should I stick to the free download?
    Do I need the command book?

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    So, the trollblood command book isn't the base book with rules and all. It contain a bunch of additional models, rules, some lore, and a painting guide. He is still pretty much optional.

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    Yeah, everything you need is the core rulebook (comes with your battlebox, which is a good starting point anyway, or else just download) and the cards for your models (2016 faction decks, warroom 2, or wait for the free pdfs for self-print).

    No real need for any other books at this point.

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