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    Default Free rules + real book for a newbie

    Wanting to get into hordes as I love the trollbloods.
    I get I should get trollbloods command.
    But I'm confused as to why I would get the real book when I can get it for free???
    Does the real book contain anything different like background fluff and story? Or just rules so should I stick to the free download?
    Do I need the command book?

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    So, the trollblood command book isn't the base book with rules and all. It contain a bunch of additional models, rules, some lore, and a painting guide. He is still pretty much optional.

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    Yeah, everything you need is the core rulebook (comes with your battlebox, which is a good starting point anyway, or else just download) and the cards for your models (2016 faction decks, warroom 2, or wait for the free pdfs for self-print).

    No real need for any other books at this point.

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    They do sell copies of Prime/Primal that are bigger and better organized than the book included in the battlebox. However, the rules are still the same.
    War Room 2 is the app for the game, it also contains the free pdf copy of the rules, as well as the chance to buy all the cards.
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    Right now: spend more money on cool models. You don't need the books - they're cool, but optional. Same-same the cards on Warroom: they're nice to have, but you don't really need them.

    If you want an easy and free way to browse everything in the game, check out They're still updating their stats (used to be they couldn't give the exact stats - they're updating now), but you can get a really good overview.

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    You may want a physical book because you like physical books. But no, there is no game play reason to buy a physical book. The new Command Books do however contain some fluff. And the old Mk2 and Mk1 rulebooks and faction books did all contain good fluff. They're worth picking up for a read if you like that sort of thing.
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