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    I have been collecting and painting for just over a year now, and when MKIII was announced I did not want to learn to play until it was released because I didn't want to get confused between the two rule sets and have to unlearn anything.
    Over the summer I read the new rules and got in one learning game at my game store. Then a couple weeks after the release the game store closed.
    I haven't had a chance to get to the other stores within a reasonable distance yet, and until I do I was hoping to find a podcast that would give me my warmachine fix. I commute a lot and it would be great to listen to on the way.

    Many podcasts seem to require more knowledge about the game than I have. Does anyone know of good beginner podcasts?
    All my searches return beginner podcasts that cover MKII (Chain-attack seemed a popular suggestion), and I was hoping for something with MKIII.

    The thing that may match closest so far is ScrumCast: Four New Gamers MK3

    Is that good? Any other suggestions?

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    Actually it seems that there is only one episode of Four New Gamers since MK3.

    Something with a little more content would be great.

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