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    Default Rattlesuit/Flesh of Steel question

    I have a player playing a Gatorman Bone Grinder and he wants to know if he's wearing a Rattlesuit fetish does he still get the benefit from Flesh of Steel because it's not listed with the rest of the armor. Can anyone shed light on this?

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    I wouldn't think a rattlesuit and Flesh of Steel are compatible. The rattlesuit is armour, after all, even if unconventional and magical.
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    The Rattlesuit is specifically described as armor, even though the wording doesn't explicitly say that it provides an ARM value. Since Flesh of Steel does not function when the character wears armor, it will not function while wearing a Rattlesuit. Note that the protection afforded by a Rattlesuit may be high enough that it's more advantageous to wear it and forego the Flesh of Steel benefit.
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