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    Default Legion of Everblight - Army Numbers

    Hey there,

    We have been discussing the size of the Legion of Everblight over the last couple of weeks and I can't find any forum posts or RPG Book answers that might sate our curiosity .

    How big is the Army of Everblight? Considering there are 15.000 Nyss left and there weren't all that many to begin with, BUT Everblights Blight (<.<) making them, procreation wise, into rabbits, we estimated there are around 30.000 Nyss Soldiers and a couple of thousand Ogrun Warspears left in his army.

    This seems incredibly low compared to Cygnars Armies that range in the 800.000 people area. So is the Legion of Everblight actually a threat for most civilized nations or are they merely a fringe danger, that might grow to be a danger soon?

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    Everblight has basically no territory to defend, no civilian people to protect. And that little bit of territory that is important is well hidden and faaar away from anyone else.
    And -for now at least- he is not interested in conquering territory.
    So he does not need as much standing army.

    Plus, he's capable to recreate his beasts pretty quickly from the remainders of the last battles.

    If he decides he wants that Pyromalfic Athanc he can throw 90% of his might at it without concerning himself too much with any other thoughts.

    But yeah, I agree that in sheer numbers, his forces are probably inferior to all other factions and if he had to manage and defend, lets say the Territory of The Protectorate with them, that would be pretty difficult.

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