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    Default Reason for Lynus and Edrea Change

    Lynus and Lucy changed a lot in Mk3. Edrea still has her true sight spell nuke which is always useful for ganking stuff like void spirits and gremlin swarms, but Lynus lost his really useful ability, the ability to give a single warrior model's next attack roll a boost. Instead now he allows a single warrior model to choose the column or spiral they apply damage too. In my eyes this took them from an incredibly versatile support that opened up a lot of new opportunities to a unit that is really only useful with a small handful of models (mostly eCaine). Before, he could do things like give a charging brigand or a slaughterhouser a decent chance at murdering Eiryss, or another high def solo. Additionally, it could help focus starved Warlocks like Helga play aggressively and use some of the awesome offensive spells that are sometimes considered too expensive/dangerous. Finally, it would help turn on combos like river raiders on Helga's feat turn. Right now they need 7's to hit a lot of heavy's which makes it a relatively unreliable tactic for threat extension. But being able to boost the attack roll would allow one to get the back strike on something like a warp wolf. Finally with their teacher, Pendrake, you got a very accurate, if short ranged, knock down module.

    Is there a reason why this model changed from such a ubiquitous support unit to a unit that is very hard to justify outside of a handful of casters? I am not salty, as we pigs got so many treats this edition, more just curious as to why they changed from what I personally think was a brilliant support unit to this. One thought I had is that artillery, in this case the farrow Razor Back and the Trencher Cannon Crew would be too strong with boosted to hit and boosted damage rolls, though, that doesn't seem entirely convincing, as jacks with gun still typically hit harder and more accurately, with the added bonus of additional mobility to walk and get angles past defensive screening models. Would PP consider a similar model in the future? Maybe one that just gave a warrior model +2 on it's next attack roll? Was the boost considered broken with some other model? Or was the current design just the way PP preferred to go? Would love to gain some insight into this decision.

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    Yeah, I totally agree on this one. I've used them in a couple of lists. They're cute, but I could have spent those points on models who do work instead. I was only just getting into them when Mark II ended, and I really feel the loss.

    They lost internal functionality as well with the loss of the attack roll boost. As a self-contained module they used to be really effective solo hunters. A boosted MA 7 True Sight shot was the bane of many low Arm Stealth solos in the meta. You could extend Edrea, drop a key enemy model, lose her to the counter strike and still have Lynus lurking in the back ranks giving free boosts to your Warlock or something.

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