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    Default Cortexes, 'jacks, and salvage

    All the various rules about 'jack cortexes and security aren't laid out as well as I'd wish so I figure asking here might give the best/fastest result:

    Situation: Your mercenary party includes both a field mechanik and a warcaster and you have your starting forager light laborjack. Through cunning stratagem and valiant force you've defeated a small Protectorate group before they could start the boiler to their Crusader. You want this Crusader for yourself. No one in the party speaks Sulese or knows how to get past the security placed on the cortex. How can this be done?

    Can the party members switch out the Crusader's cortex with their light laborjack's cortex? Besides the fact that their laborjack's cortex isn't the highest grade, are their any ill-effects of this?

    Would it be safe to assume that if we did something like this, if we encountered any more Protectorate forces in the future, they could lawfully demand the return of their military equipment?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I think you could theoretically use the laborjack's cortex, but you'd have to get that wiped first, since it's trained to move around the laborjack. Imagine you woke up and suddenly were twice your size and weight from one day to the other. You'd constantly run into things at the very least.
    I believe given the right know how and equipment you'd also be able to wipe the protectorate cortex, which could then be programmed to understand your language (must be possible, since many early Crusader cortizes were smuggled khadoran equipment). I'd imagine the safeguards on a military cortex would prevent unauthorized persons from controlling the jack, but not from basically just formatting it.
    That should be a service you can get done for coin if you couldn't do it yourself. Of course depending on where you try this the local authorities might learn of the foreign military equipment that has been brought to town and that might cause problems of it's own.

    Concerning the Protectorate wanting their toys back : If you encountered their military within the Protectorate I'd suppose they could, and the loss of your salvaged Crusader might then be the least of your problems. The theocracy will not make a habit of handing their military equipment out to outsiders, so there are no possible cases of somebody not in the military being authorized to own a Crusader. (This might be a different case talking about other nations that grant a bit more personal freedom to people where some mercenary might be able to get their hands on an old Ironclad that'd otherwise be scrapped. )
    If you encountered them anywhere else, well, they'd try to take it by force. They wouldn't try to rely on the legal system of a nation they are not allied with and are most likely just in the process of invading or at least trespassing into.

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    Oppi has great points there; just one minor clarification. You wouldn't have to wipe the cortex first, but he is correct in that there would be a learning curve as the 'jack got used to its new body. This was even mentioned quite some time ago by one of the PPS guys.
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    The case of upgrading and some degree migrating a cortex between chassis was discussed here:
    see that thread for some nice ideas, maybe it will answer some of your doubts.

    As for the "lawful return" of exquipement... well Oppi put it in a good perspective I think. But also if you wipe and re-program the cortex, tweak the looks and re-paint the chassis, how can someone prove this is THAT stolen Jack?

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    From Core Rules, pg. 304 on the sidenotes:

    Cortexes are also wiped if the cortex needs to be installed in a different chassis, such as if the cortex and ’jack are intended to perform an entirely different role, or if a military warjack needs to have its cortex locks reset and rebuilt. The same ability to learn and become skilled at certain tasks can make it difficult for an experienced cortex to master an unfamiliar chassis, weapons, or tasks. The degree to which this is necessary varies, particularly with cortex grades. The highest grade military cortexes have no issues adjusting to a change in weapons, for example. And in the case of a chassis that has been destroyed, if the cortex is salvaged, it can be placed into a similar new chassis and maintain its accumulated skills, personality, and quirks.
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