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    Default Scather Crew and Spawning Vessel?

    So, I never see either of those pieces used in ANY lists. Can anyone tell me why? The Scather Crew sounds a bit lack-luster, but the Spawning Vessel sounds fairly useful to me.

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    Our Lessers aren't really good. They are ok, but since you can only plan on getting one or maybe two, people spend the points elsewhere.

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    in MKI and MKII, I felt the problem with the spawning vessels was that it didn't give you enough lessers. Now, the problem is that it gives you lessers. *shrug*

    in tactical terms, I've always felt by the time you get the thing in position, and get tokens in it, and get a beast out of it, the game's already over. Most people seem to disagree, and got use from it. Nowadays, not sure, but lessers don't really seem to be in vogue.

    As far as the scather crew, the problem it has, in my opinion, is that it basically spends the game shooting into your front lines. If you're going to bring it, you probably want it with something like a Thagrosh Ogrun list. Otherwise, it won't have to spd/range to be able to put shots where you need them to be.
    And if you bring one, you probably want 2, and at least a ravagore. If you're going to do it, you might as well spam scather templates, and try to lock the board down as much as possible.
    Quote Originally Posted by sathoon View Post
    I'm starting to see proteus as the golden retriever/collie cross of the legion beast 'vean' family: he's very loyal if a little soft round the edges at times, likes to herd other dragonspawn, and is always dragging things back to his warlock's army line looking for praise.

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    The pot os really good still. Flexible.high threat range recursion.

    I've got it in my list for my games this week. I have a lot of bodies. I think I might get a second unit. Its alot of points in support though. Beast mistresses have great synergy too. Free charges are fun.

    The other thing artillery, I don't own. I might buy one just to have one, but I think they are better in pairs and they don't look like that much fun. People used to run double them, double ravagores and kallus for lots of aoe hazard doesn't sound that great to me.

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