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    Default List pairing for worldender invitational

    Hello everyone

    calaban 75/75

    mist speaker
    mist speaker
    rorsh & brine



    roesh & brine
    wrong eye & snapjaw
    lanyssa ryssyl

    bokor and swamp shamblers

    these are my 2 lists however i feel a bit unconformable with the 2, because i feel like they answer the same questions both have a 6 point armor swing and both can remove upkeep, this is where i really struggle is what i am missing what other situations come up that i cant solve, and how do i solve them. Some trouble match ups that i have run into are Circle and Cygnar. i rarely get to practice against ret so i feel like they can be a problem, gunbunnies i can also see a problem with. This is just my thoughts any advice is much appreciated, on the list or just generally how to play a match up


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    Hey it's Bill. PM me over Facebook and we can talk strategy if you like. Bounce minion idea off each other.
    Check out for strategy and hobby articles.

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