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    Are the epic tokens single use, or once per chapter?

    I feel like you use them once, and they're gone, but that seems inconsistent with spending XP.
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    I'm starting to see proteus as the golden retriever/collie cross of the legion beast 'vean' family: he's very loyal if a little soft round the edges at times, likes to herd other dragonspawn, and is always dragging things back to his warlock's army line looking for praise.

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    I agree with you in every way. My reading of the rules makes it seem like you use them once and they're gone forever. If that's the case, 15 XP is a rip-off unless you've purchased every ability available to your character.

    So I would run it as they refill with each chapter. That might be RAI, and it makes the Epic tokens not be totally pathetic.

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